flight 7500 movie ending explained

Not to mention, two of those times occur within the bathroom for poor Raquel (played by Christian Serratos btw). Other movies. COLLIDER participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COLLIDER gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. The plane, being on autopilot, is expected to land just not the same way most planes do.

And how could I leave out the final scene where we see Nicky Whelan attacked by a trash bin hand… does this mean she is now “infected” with the shinigami and somehow survived the plane’s cabin pressure issue AND the crash? As Vedat stands behind the injured Tobias, now sitting in the captain's seat trying to talk the hijacker down, the police are given a clear line of sight into the cockpit. The bright light glowing from the outside through the plane windows also leads to the idea that the plane and all in it, except her, has crossed over. I know this isn’t something that happens often (MedAire released a statistic in 2010 saying of their 40 million commercial flights they only had 94 in-air medical emergency deaths), but I am not trying to see a dead body on a plane. The movie pretty much revolves Tobias Ellis who is played by Joseph and the movie is based on the Plane hijacking. Flight 7500 Ratings & Reviews Explanation.

After two years, this film is finally released!!

1995- Apollo 13- Another great, iconic movie that was nominated for Best Picture. The twist ending sucks and made no sense compared to the rest of the movie. Laura leaves the cheating husband/pilot, Suzy gets rid of her engagement ring, Jacinta meets with a darker version of her self, and others deal with their own mental barriers.

In his spare time, he likes playing video games when he is not working full-time or reading the newest books. He takes a personal call and finally snaps.

I will agree. Finding out other new things and experiencing weird events, each of the passengers feel the need to let go of something that is stopping them from moving forward. Usually Japanese Horrors are up there with the top horror movies I have seen (The Ring, Grudge, etc) so when I saw this was Japanese production I had I hopes for a thrill. Other movies. Have the filmmakers no shame? In a few split seconds, Kenan manages to deal the captain a lethal blow and stab Tobias in the arm. It is described as, “a being who collects peoples souls after they die, but only if they let go of whatever is holding them to this world.” Essentially, he took this badass god of death and turned it into a measly spirit that collects souls by tormenting people into realizing they need to let go of whatever is holding them to this earth. But at the end of the day, this movie gets a 4/10 from me. Soon weird things happen in the plane and Brad, Rick, Jacinta, Pia and Liz decide to investigate who Lace was.

I don’t fly very often, but when I do I typically have no issues with it. Later on, there is a loss of air pressure on the plane, but they soon stabilize. Why exactly did Vollrath choose to make that move at that particular moment? From OCD Liz, to Goth Jacinta, to kleptomaniac Jake, every passenger has a secret and a different origin story varying in personality. Awards |

Once again - Do not waste your time and money. I am usually very tense while watching a scary movie, but not with this one.

Director Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge 2004, The Grudge 2 2006) took us on a suspenseful plane ride with 2014’s Supernatural Horror film Flight 7500.

Vedat is hit in the shoulder and falls to the ground as Tobias gets up to help the man while demanding medical care as the police enter the cockpit. Next up is the death of a passenger, or more specifically the death of a pilot in the middle of a flight. !The paranormal stuff were okay i think, it sure reminded me a bit of The Grudge but nothing too special.I think that the delay of this movie, made the movie more interesting than it really was, like it was a marketing thing..My major complaint was the end, it was so quick and random, i mean give us a little more clues here, don't just do a quick wrap, work it a little,develop it,if u know what i mean!Oh,one last observation,76 minutes is a little time to do a good complete film,nevertheless i recommend it for a one time watch but don't expect miracles!!! As the overnight flight makes its way over the Pacific Ocean, the passengers encounter what appears to be a supernatural force in the cabin. It came off feeling like a made-for-TV production in many parts, smacking of Wes Craven’s Red Eye mixed with bits of the Ray Liotta shocker Turbulence …though both of those films were far better. Save yourself from this cheap film. My take away wasn’t monsters or so coming after them, but their doppelgängers or shinigami and fear of death that some of them had.

G. A. is an avid fan of writing. 7500 is the story of a skyjacking told from the perspective of the airplane's cockpit.

5 stars out of 10 would mean I did not enjoy the movie at all. | Laura is having a love affair with the Captain Pete Haining (Johnathon Schaech) that is married and her behavior is questioned by Suzy.

Still from Flight 7500 Having graduated with a Psychology Degree and having finished his first novel, he spends his days writing and reviewing Horror movies and TV Shows. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. That is, until the cockpit is breached by Vedat (Omid Memar), Kenan’s 18-year-old accomplice on a suicide mission he doesn’t fully understand. Not very scary either, but entertaining. Needless to say, the great, experienced actors were not enough to keep this film in the air; no pun intended. I had high hopes for this movie because the story was intriguing and I love a good airplane scare. Gordon-Levitt takes “7500” as far as he can, but the film still stalls on the runway, unable to turn its limited perspective into something thrilling or insightful. The turbulence is a big one for most people, which is understandable because the jolting of the plane can lead to structural damage. After doing a little bit of research, I found that these creatures are actually extremely interesting. well you will never guess what aircraft this is on...yeah a 747, 7500 is a good idea of a film and to be fair it actually works and is a good film with a interesting hint of horror and plenty of twists. | This film was destined to crash land upon release. Was it the Bermuda triangle, was it aliens, was it a haunted plane? It had tons of room for improvement, and the ending made it drop a few points, but overall it isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen. VOLLRATH: I think it was important to leave the cockpit at the end, not just for Tobias, but also for the audience. 7500 is a 2019 action-thriller film written and directed by Patrick Vollrath in his directorial feature-length film debut. The oxygen bags are not enough to help them breathe through a mysterious, thick smoke emanating from below the seats.


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