flannan isle summary
From the December Return, I saw that the Tower itself was not seen, even with the assistance of a powerful telescope, between the 7th and the 29th December.

Sea monsters and giant birds have been mentioned. On the conclusion of my enquiry on Saturday afternoon, I returned to Breasclete, wired the result of my investigations to the Secretary and called on the widows of James Ducat, the Principal Keeper and Donald McArthur, the Occasional Keeper.

The islands were always viewed with great superstition by the Hebrideans, and although they used the islands to graze sheep, believed it was unlucky to spend a night there.

Assistant Lightkeeper, Another common theory holds that the men had argued, one had killed the other two and then commited suicide in remorse. McArthur praying”. The relieving keeper, Joseph Moore, went up to the lighthouse, but found no one there. As well as a lighthouse, facilities included a cable-hauled railway and steam engine, used to bring supplies (principally fuel for the lamp) from ships up to the lighthouse. Everything at the East landing place was in order and the ropes which had been coiled and stored there on the completion of the relief on 7 December were all in their places and the lighthouse buildings and everything at the Stations was in order. After carefully considering the matter, and discussing it with the officials competent to offer an opinion on the subject, I arrived at the conclusion that it would not be advisable to have such a signal, as, owing to the distance between the Island and the shore, and to the frequency of haze on the top of the Island, it would often be unseen for such a duration of time as to cause alarm, especially on the part of the Keepers’ wives and families, and I would point out that no day signals could have been seen between the 7th and 29th December, and an “All Well” signal would have been of no use on this occasion. Cannot go out.

Three keepers stationed at a lighthouse on a remote island near Scotland vanished in 1899. So much myth and folklore has grown up over the Flannan Isles mystery, that some have reported that when Joseph Moore first opened the main door, three strange birds flew out, and, as the lighthouse tower was searched,odd strands of seaweed were found on the stairs, and in the little cubby-hole where the lighthouse logbook was kept.

The lamp was cleaned.

At last Captain Harvie deemed it prudent to lower a boat and land a man if it was possible. The Commissioners appointed Roderick MacKenzie, Gamekeeper, Uig, near Meavaig, to look out daily for signals that might be shown from the Rock, and to note each night whether the light was seen or not seen. A few days later, the lighthouse supply vessel with relief keeper Joseph Moore set out on its routine journey to resupply the lighthouse, after a delayed departure due to bad weather, reaching the island on 26 December. There is still the mystery of why one of them left his coat. I suppose a part of me still wants to believe they were, as it all adds to the mystery. He must have endured his fair share of violent storms over the years, so why did this one reduce him to a pulp? Moore reported the facts to the Master and later returned to the island, with three others – Mr MacDonald, the buoymaster who was on board the vessel at the time, and Seaman Lamont and Campbell, all three having volunteered to remain on the island with Moore to keep the light in operation. When he arrived, there was no sign of any of the three experienced keepers meant to be manning the lighthouse, Thomas Marshall, James Ducat, and Donald MacArthur. Despite the intrigue and dramatised speculation of what may have happened, we have to remember three keepers lost their lives and the families of these three men, to this day, do not know their fate. Email: [email protected] many thanks, CS, 8 | Christopher Cain 'Flannan Isle' is based on an incident in 1900 when three men mysteriously disappeared without trace from a lighthouse off the coast of Scotland.

We pay tribute to these keepers, who served the Northern Lighthouse Board so well over the years, and can only report what was recorded at that time. I would recommend that the Signalman should be instructed that, in future, should he fail to observe the light when, in his opinion, looking to the state of the atmosphere, it should be seen, he should be instructed to intimate this to the Secretary, when the propriety of taking steps could be considered. Nothing appears to have been done about it. Therefore, I am actually the great, great grandson of James Ducat’s brother and directly related. ( their being; My mother & her Cousin) When The Telegraph first reported the story in … The mystery of the men of Flannan Isle is one of the most puzzling in Scottish maritime history Northern Lighthouse Board is due to pay tribute to the men on Friday, in what is believed to be 100 years to the day since the men vanished.

So the men must have disappeared sometime in the few hours between the last log entry and night-fall, which at that time of year, and in that area would have occurred at around 4 PM. When the accident occurred, Ducat was wearing sea boots and a waterproof, and Marshall sea boots and oilskins, and as Moore assures me that the men only wore those articles when going down to the landings, they must have intended, when they left the Station, either to go down to the landing or the proximity of it. A collection of 21 of my short stories, The islands were always viewed with … But the particulars for 14 December, including the time of extinguishing the light on 15 December, along with barometer and thermometer readings and state of the wind taken at 9am on 15 December, were noted on the slate for transferring to the log later. Now there is nothing to give us an indication that it was there the poor men lost their lives, only that Mr Marshall has his seaboots on and oilskins, also Mr Ducat has his seaboots on. The most likely explanation is that bad weather was responsible: a large wave or waves could have swept them off, and once in the water it would be almost impossible to get out, with the sea very cold and heavy waves throwing them against the cliffs. A large block of stone, weighing upwards of 20 cwt, had been dislodged from its position higher up and carried down to and left on the concrete path leading from the terminus of the tramway to the top of the steps. Also Ducat was reputed to have normally been a very good-natured man. The “McArthur crying” entry is also extraordinary.

An illustrated collection of 23 more of my blog entries, Strange Tales 2: more mysterious places and odd people is now available for Amazon’sKindle, price £1.15.

Facilities were modernised through the 20th century, until the lighthouse was fully automated in 1971 and the keepers went home for good.[3]. Also available on other Amazon sites.

It was seen on the 12th, but not seen again until the 26th, the night on which it was lit by Moore. I’ll close with the words of Superintendent Muirhead, who, in his official report of 8 January 1901, said “I visited them as lately as 7th December and have the melancholy recollection that I was the last person to shake hands with them and bid them adieu”. amberpadam Damage to a metal box stored 30 meters above water and a huge rock that had moved from its […], 10 | 20-Most Mysterious Case Of People Disappearance | The Incredible Daddy

Posted by: sjhstrangetales on: January 10, 2012. Ropes are all in their respective places in the shelter, just as they were left after the relief on the 7th. The loss of the three Keepers from the Flannan Isles Lighthouse in 1900 is a significant and very sad part of our history. The obvious answer to the question why the logbook entries might have been faked is: To spice up a magazine account of the mystery. The Hesperus moored in silence, and Joseph Moore headed for the lighthouse, calling out as he headed towards it.

The lamp was crimmed, the oil fountains and canteens were filled up and the lens and machinery cleaned, which proved that the work of the 15th had been completed. I would be interested to learn more from anyone wishing to discuss or share info.

The loss of the three Keepers from the Flannan Isles Lighthouse in 1900 is a significant and very sad part of our history.

A vessel had passed the Flannan Islands at about midnight on 15 December and on arrival in port had reported that the light was not seen. The lamps were trimmed, the beds were tumbled, as if they men had just got up, the washing-up done, cold ashes in the grate. Ship passing sounding foghorn. Summary of poem Flannan Isle: “Flannan Isle” is a famous poem by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. I have left Moore, MacDonald, Buoymaster and two Seamen on the island to keep the light burning until you make other arrangements. Interesting article. The steamer’s horn was sounded several times, still no reply. In December 1900 three lighthouse-keepers, Thomas Marshall, James Ducat and Donald McArthur, on the lonely outcrop of the Flannan Isles, approx 20 miles from the Outer Hebrides, western Scotland, disappeared without trace. Mr McCormack and myself proceeded to the lightroom where everything was in proper order.


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