fgo archer tier list
His baseline performance can already give most of his Rider peers a run for their money, but he becomes truly ridiculous when properly supported, capable of looping his Noble Phantasm with proper support. For starters, her chance-based Imperial Privilege is heavily dependent on RNG, making her performance less consistent.

With a 50% NP Charge, a powerful targetable steroid, 2 Buster cards, high NP Gain, and multiple steroids to buff herself with, Nero Claudius has all the essential components for an ideal farming Servant. Check out the Tier List Explanation for a summary on each tier list placement! Skadi arguably introduces a new meta change, greatly increasing the viability of Quick Servants across the board with her targetable 50% Quick buff and Quick Card Critical Damage boost. Her Noble Phantasm is also fantastic against bosses thanks to its high damage and guaranteed stun, making her a prominent boss killer.

Regardless, Nero Claudius (Caster) adds great quality of life to any Master. Billings Weather, Alex Laferriere Wikipedia, By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. While his lack of NP Charge lessens his potential as a farming unit, the damage and utility the Emperor of Lightning provides are more than enough to make up for it. While an instant 50% NP gauge charge is incredibly useful for farming, it is not enough to propel her to even higher tiers. Her base stats are also decent for a Saber, but both her generation stats and her skillset are extremely vanilla and often do not offer her prolonged effectiveness on the battlefield. Although this is a rare ability among the cast, and has usage in a select few encounters, it is not quite enough to push her to the higher tiers. As a result, he is quite useful for day-to-day and event farming. Kitchen Storage Containers, Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Professional Engineer Application, Your email address will not be published. Currently, the Best Locket is Angel Locket and Agile Locket. Each tier is based on actual player’s vote, stat data, and average condition (Update Version 2.3.1). While they are a good generalist, and are quite self-sufficient, in most circumstances they get overshadowed by other premium Lancers who specialize in one thing. Altria’s base skill set is rather vanilla, being quite similar to Iskander in terms of skills and stats, except her skills are all slightly worse value-wise. With her Interlude available, Jeanne's biggest weakness has been removed and she becomes a powerhouse for any stalling team. Ozymandias’s ability to support his team with two team-wide buffs is both extremely unique and powerful at the same time.


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