ferret poop chart

Hi Amy Hello, I have a boy ferret milo and he is having some runny poop issues. Try to make sure she doesn’t get terribly dehydrated as that could cause more problems …, https://www.all-about-ferrets.com/dehydration-in-ferrets.html, If it’s not cystic kidneys then the only other disease which produces dark poop is proliferative colitis but you didn’t mention anything about her making noises when pooping. You’re truly a wonderful ferret mom to care so much about her ~Nona. because it only started today and im not sure what to think . My husband and I have lived here for 40 years now and have our kids and grandchildren around us so life is wonderful! my ferret male ferret has the runs it only started today and he only had raw meat and hes poohs are so bad. There’s nothing more worrying than having a sick furbaby and I feel for you. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Then my 2nd ferret developed adrenal symptoms so I booked her in to get her implant but the one the vet got for me was used by another vet and then she heard they were out of stock so poor old Mojo never got hers. Theresa. Stop when ferret no longer evacuates foreign matter. If you give your ferret a cheap supermarket-bought cat food like Whiskas, you’ll notice that when your ferret poops, it comes out a red color because of the dyes and artificial colors used. Tries but nothing comes out. I had a shock just before this Easter when my boy Dash suddenly got ill. I know when Snoopy had that olive pit in her gut, her poop was a darkish green as well as being stringy. If worried, please take her to your vet! Still having the lethargy, lack of interest in eating/drinking and she is hardly defecating like she is constipated. This is what is suggested by a vet … The only difficulty is if the tumor is on her right adrenal, which is next to the vena cava, but if not then the operation is usually very successful. I hope you’ll be able to give Samy something to make her feel better! Perhaps it’d be a good idea to give him probiotics to help settle his stomach? Make sure you don’t get pumpkin pie filling in a can – it has to be PURE pumpkin and from what I’ve read, Libbys is the best brand for pure pumpkin. Ibs is irritable bowel syndrome a functioning gut disorder. Normal Ferret Poop: This is what you want to see. The vet decided to give her a lupron vaccine instead. I went online to see what herbs were good for “shrinking” swollen glands and found a tincture called Mr Morse’s Lymph Nodes V Tincture and I was really amazed at how good it made her look. I will talk to her vet tomorrow about the implants. “A complete blood count or CBC may show a regenerative anemia (an anemia in which the body shows signs of attempting to replace the blood loss) resulting from blood loss and microcytosis (small red blood cells). Why is it that our animals wait until there are holidays to get sick ‍♀️ Maybe it still hurts and that’s why he’s lethargic and not himself? However still take him to the vet as it might be something serious which is troubling him and causing his poop to be bad! I also put triple antibiotic ointment on his bum and today it isn’t quite as red but he is still dragging his butt. Normal Ferret Poop. ~Nona. Do you remember if she might have eaten anything different beforehand? Please keep an eye on your guy and if he doesn’t look like he’s improving after the pumpkin, rush him to a (ferret) vet asap!! If you don’t want to do that, this article which was posted by a reader years ago might help …, Hope that the pure pumpkin helps to clean out his gut! Cheers

~Nona. ~Nona, I also wanted to add she just recently got her shots (distemper and rabies) not sure if that affects anything. Oh Grace – I hope your little guy doesn’t have a blockage which is causing the problem She hardly goes in the litter pan and now refuses to eat or drink. More information about Ferret Poop can be found on the following sites …, Ferrets with Black, Tarry Feces due to Presence of Blood — Melena in Ferrets (PetMD), The Complete Scoop On Ferret Poop by Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP. Wishing you all the best Sucralfate and a histamine (H2) blocker such as ranitidine or famotidine may also be used to decrease production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and to aid in the repair of the gastric ulcers.” Anja is a civil engineering student from Zagreb who wants to share her love towards ferrets because they are the most amazing animals in the world for her. My guys love their smoothie but I know some friends who say their ferrets aren’t keen so maybe your girl won’t like it. Hi Theresa

Required fields are marked *, Hi my name is Anja, I live in Zagreb. Your email address will not be published. ~Nona. Could be because of a blockage or hairballs. However if most of the symptoms do match, then you can at least tell the vet that’s what you think is the problem and then just keep all fingers and toes crossed that it’s only one kidney which is affected I saw him try to go poop and get into the stance but he couldn’t go. Guests are limited to images that are no larger than 250KB, and to only jpeg, pjpeg, png file types. But they dont have much ferrets at all just mostly dogs and cats at the vet. FACT's Federal Identification Number (EIN) is 061386567. If it is food related, perhaps go back to her old diet and see how things go. Hope that gives you some ideas on how to improve your little one’s condition! ~Nona, Your email address will not be published. Of course, being the weekend, you might have to wait to see a vet so read this article and it might help him if you get a can of pure pumpkin to give him to try and settle his stomach. How long after he passes the foreign object should it take for him to be back to his spunky self he was alert this morning and wanting out of the cage to roam and his tummy is nice and full can I be causing harm by making sure he is eating? She doesn’t whimper when she uses the restroom or anything. When I took Snoops to the vet (not my regular ferret-knowledgeable one) and showed him a sample of her poop, he misdiagnosed it as a gastric problem so we wasted a couple of vital days of treatment. It is a great thing to look at that chart because if this happens to your ferret, you can react on time. Cheers I’d suggest the best thing to do is to take him to a ferret vet to be checked over.

Hi my fuzz ball has liquidy poops I’m pretty sure. I don’t know if her poop has changed because you put her on wet food (please be aware that wet food can cause a ferret’s teeth to rot so you must check her teeth regularly and if they go brown, then take her to get her teeth cleaned otherwise it could be detrimental to her health), however the black poop might be because of something going on inside! Hello, my ferrets poop isnt on the chart, its dark brown and very wet but keeps shape. Please let me know if the pumpkin helps Milo! ~Nona. <3 Read More, Yoda is named after one of the most powerful characters in Star Wars. Is his poop still runny? It *could* be that the food you’re giving him has caused his poop to look strange, or his poop might look like that because he’s got a bug or an illness! While looking around on the internet I saw that vaccine infection can occur. The test was 0.73 and the range máximum is 0.80.Samy has 0.73 .She told me that is the start but in 6 month it will be worse .Every day I have to give her melatonin .The problem is that Samy does not eat except only few things. I would really appreciate the help! She wants to show people how amusing and adorable they are and how they can be perfect pets. Fingers crossed it does . can it be because hes drink alot off water because off the summer . . <3 Read More. Another thing you might want to consider is getting some electrolytes to add to his water so that he’ll keep hydrated by having that. But as of now I hope the newer food could help him get normal again but I just wanted to contact you and see if you have any suggestions becuase the vet says the next step will be an 150$ test for a blood panel which is hard after getting laid off a few weeks ago. God blessed you Nona. The normal brown color seen in feces is the end product of breakdown of old red … Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I hope you can stop his diarrhea and I also hope there is nothing seriously wrong with him! Hopefully there’s nothing sinister about Milo’s condition but as I said, please don’t wait too long before getting him checked out by a (ferret) vet if possible. It might be worth printing this out for your vet to see if that is what’s wrong with Simon. What treatment should I do. Can you get your hands on pure pureed pumpkin in a can? I’m not sure if anyone can get back to me on this but I’m having an emergency with my little girl. I am a type of person who will worry for nothing, especially when I am talking about my favorite furball. Could you give any advice for Samy?Sincerily Hugs to Penelope from her new friends down under ❤ I will make sure to update you with the progress Samy has made in the future. Apart from those two suggestions, I think you did a wonderful job in looking after your little guy! It first started a few months ago around november or december. I do know of a ferret which had a bad virus and had to be put on antibiotics for 10 days to get him back to normal, but that was in the UK. Although you shouldn’t get completely paranoid about what your ferret’s poop looks like, it is always good to be aware of what colour, shape and texture it generally is. Big hugs for your little girl Did you change her diet or give her something different to eat? White Colored Poop She hasn’t become lethargic she’s still very playful. , Your email address will not be published. It first started or light when I took him to the vet which the did a fecal test and found nothing so paracites were ruled out. ECE isn’t fatal in most cases, but it can really make your ferret’s life and yours nightmare for some time. I tried giving her liquid pumpkin (suggested by our regular pet store where we bought her at.) Oh Margarita, you’re more than welcome! If he still has diarrhea then please take him to the vet to be checked out in case it’s due to proliferative colitis. It was a very very very tiny poop. Read More, Frida is a sable ferret and my first ferret. When I bought him his stomach was bloated , the vet of the store told me he had gas, his poops where like the kibble type like the first picture, when I switched him to raw it started to look mocousy, is it because if the food, must I change something or wait for him to get used to it. Simon has been on antibiotics and Pepcid for 1 week and although I am seeing major improvements in his poop he is lethargic and prefers to sleep.


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