famous female sidekicks
If a romance forms, it has to be after the detective-sidekick dynamic has already been established. After they marry, she helps him solve crimes, but she also helps him grow spiritually. The spy genre is just too distinct. From: the Dupin stores by Edgar Allan Poe. From: The Kogoro Akechi books by Edogawa Ranpo. He is sometimes helped in solving cases by none other than his father, Rocky, a retired truck driver. They have been best friends since they were kids, and worked together at various odd jobs throughout the years. Trusted sidekicks in a famous film franchise also become some of the most beloved characters of all time because the audience identifies with them more than the hero. While main heroes usually get top-billing, but they can often be too boring, too troubled, or even too dumb to save the day. Meanwhile, Scott is basically spazzing out. Based on what I remember from the 56 yellow-spined Nancy Drew books on the bookshelf in my childhood bedroom, George might be more helpful than Bess when it comes to some of the more extreme parts of crime solving? Same with Maddie Hayes and David Addison (if all those names don’t ring a bell, go watch Terriers, Psych, and Moonlighting, respectively. Dupin’s unnamed narrator is (like many great sidekicks) also his roommate. In the TV show adaptation, Kato was played by Bruce Lee, whose fighting skills made Kato an icon. Lovely. She is what she wants to be, and doesn’t have to sacrifice anything to be it. A skilled photographer who keeps state-of-the-art equipment, he also has a spy camera in his pocket at all times. As the (former) bodyguard to Doc Venture and his sons Hank and Dean, Brock is kind of the sidekick to the entire family. He’s extremely impatient and often prefers to bend rules or take easy ways out, which can put the investigations at risk. And she also provides some necessary strong female friendship to our girl Veronica, who basically always has to deal with men. They first encountered one another oppositionally, with Father Brown foiling Flambeau’s thievery attempts. Here we go. The best friend of gritty, depressive, widowed and recovering alcoholic ex-New Orleans police officer Dave Robicheaux, an investigator who absolutely never plays by the rules, is an equally never-plays-by-the-rules guy, Cletus Purcel, who is also an alcoholic ex-police officer turned PI and bail-bondsman. The narrator does very little other than marvel at Dupin and tell his story, but those are not unworthy qualities. Who Are the Most Iconic Sidekicks in History? This rules out all the Law and Orders, NCISes, CSIs, True Detectives, Leverages, and procedurals of this general ilk.

Dr. Dawson is the friend and companion of the greatest detective in all the mouse world, Basil of Baker Street. But Kato chooses to accompany Ried in his crimefighting and detection.

Henry, a bar owner and member of the Cheyenne reservation, is Longmire’s trusted friend and assistant, but he’s also a crime-fighter (who protects the Cheyenne people) in his own right. Pulling the strings of a giant female were-rabbit, Gromit's told to be "more alluring". No spies or secret agents, alas. Which is not great. From: the Inspector George Gently TV series. And remember folks, we’re not ranking the “best” sidekicks, but the “most iconic” ones,” because there are ultimately too many to do an all-inclusive list. He’s also a kind of boring character in the (somewhat Orientalist, what’d you expect, it’s Victorian) book, but subsequent film adaptations, in which he is played by the Mexican comedian Cantinflas and Jackie Chan, make him significantly more memorable. A list of the most memorable movie sidekicks of all time. Happy Birthday Joe!

white, wire-haired fox terrier Snowy, whose name in the original French is actually “Milou.” He is an expert tracker and constant defender, but the most important part is that he never leaves Tintin’s side. Sergeant James Hathaway is a brooding, Cambridge-educated know-it-all and former seminarian, and for this he can be annoying (plus he has terrible, terrible hair) but he refuses to define his sexuality when Lewis, his superior asks him to, and he chastises Lewis for small-mindedly trying to break down sexualities according to binding, stereotypical characteristics. Hawk is the right-hand-man to the PI Spenser; the brawn to Spenser’s brains (and brawn). Nancy Drew and no one the hell else. Last updated by Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring on Sep 22, 2015 07:29 AM Take a look at these famous sidekicks from comics, television, games, and more. Simple. The collection of colorful and unique characters in the list below represent some of the greatest roles ever played on the big screen. It’s easy for Riza Hawkeye to be more competent than her boss when her boss is so phenomenally lazy; whether Lt. In Alan Moore’s seminal take on the classic characters in the early ‘80s, after Kid Miracleman — who has Shazam-like powers that come and go when he says the word “Miracleman” — escapes from the alien-tech-created, virtual reality program designed by the British government, he stays in his powerful superhuman form for years, not only gaining in power, but going insane.

Harriet Vane, for example, is not a sidekick to Lord Peter Wimsey, and don’t ever let anyone call her that. So let us define the qualifications for sidekicking. From: the Hilda Wade stories by Grant Allen. Bobby Crocker is the favorite assistant of Theo Kojak, the tough, lollipop-sucking commander of Manhattan’s South Precinct detective squad. Okay, that was a lot.

From: Foyle’s War TV series. Roy mustang may be a star, but Riza Hawkeye is the real hero. I, mean, wow. It’s fortunate that Dr. Sloan has Steve to help him out when he suspects that yet another person at the hospital has died of not-so-natural causes. The car is the sidekick. Sure this — along with the murder of her partner Tara — leads her down a dark path to evil and becoming season 6’s Big Bad, but it’s a much more legitimate and compelling story than all of Buffy’s nonsense. Three very different shows, all excellent for very different reasons.). No clue. The adventures of a laid back ex-con-turned-PI who lives in a trailer along the beach in Malibu and drives a Pontiac Firebird, our hero, Jim Rockford, focuses on helping the downtrodden.

Jack has no idea what’s going on, is obsessed with his truck, and manages to knock himself unconscious by shooting the ceiling and having a chunk of it fall on his head during the climatic battle. When we meet him, he’s fairly insecure, always getting into arguments with his superior, Steve McGarrett.

From: The Spenser series by Robert B. Parker. So. Okay, it’s not like anyone in the 1997 movie based on the DC comics superhero Steel is going to come off as a masterpiece of characterization. ), but he mostly stands around scratching his head and looking cuddly. Why do I seem to remember that Bess really only cared about eating? From: the Cam Jansen books by David A. Adler. But still, Mrs. Bucket helps her husband solve crimes, and when she’s not there to help him in the field, he imagines she is.


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