family feud answers
Name a place where you have to keep quiet.

Name a christmas gift a plumber might appreciate. Name a way that people show support for a political candidate.

Name something adults can do on halloween that children cannot. Name something that can make traveling a pain.

Name something that a person on a diet probably couldn’t eat. Whose advice do people seek when choosing a gift for mom?

Name something slimy that kids pick up off of the ground.

Name a specific reason why students visit the school nurse. Tell me a happy occasion that might make you cry. Name something that might be part of a mom's morning routine.

Name a place where kids might not be allowed to skateboard. Name something a person might wish they did not have to take on vacation with them. Besides medicine, name something people keep in their medicine cabinet.

Name a christmas gift that might be even worse than coal. ("Furniture" is not an answer. Name something associated with Prince Charles. Name a way parents keep their kids busy over spring break. Other than home, name a place a student might go to do their homework. Family Feud Questions for Kids: Kid friendly and fun for the whole family! Name an animal a man sounds like when he gets excited.

Name a kind of place where people let their attention wander. Name a body part that many love songs mention. Tell me something that is always in poor taste to brag about. Besides the ghostbusters, who else do new yorkers cheer for. Name a crop that requires a lot of water to produce.

Name an artist whose music is perfect for halloween. Name a snack commonly packed in school lunches. Name a reason why a house might be built with gold walls. Name a job that a school teacher may take during the summer. Name a famous person whose first or last name starts with the letter "U". Name an animal that might try to catch the Easter Bunny. Name something a couple might fight about. Name a movie people like to watch at christmas. Name something people go to that might be sold out. Name something you wear that might leave a mark when you take it off.

Name something about a supervillain that might make it hard to take them seriously. Name an activity during which you get bored and sleepy. Name a North American city you would not like to drive in. Name something you look for in a potential spouse. Name a public place you might hear someone snoring. Name somewhere you would move to when you retire. Name something a student might show to their friends on the first day of school.

Name something that might wash up on a beach. Name a tv personality you wish would just shut up. Besides "Easter Sunday" name a specific day that is part of the Easter season. Name something pirates might have considered to be a bad omen.

Name something you might see at a high school pep rally. Name a place people work that starts with the letter "I".

Name something a pirate would not want to get on the inside of their eyepatch. Name something in your house that you hate cleaning. Name an exercise high school gym teachers make you do.

Name a country that gets a lot of tourists. Name an article of clothing it would be funny to hide an Easter egg in. Name a sport where you see players behaving badly. Name something that siblings compete over. Name something specific santa should try doing if he wanted to lose weight. Name a place where you would not want to be trapped with a stranger. Name the least likeable member of the avengers. Name a sport that soldiers might play to pass the time.

We asked 100 people: name something you bring to a convention. Tell me something you do when meeting someone for the first time. Tell me a job most kids dream about having when they're older. Name a recording artist parents might consider to be a bad influence. Name something you associate with storms. Name an annoying bug a person might find in their house.

Complete the statement: "all college students should learn how to _____.". It came in handy after classroom testing. Other than school, name a place where many teens meet their first love. Where might a secret admirer leave a gift for their crush? Name something people rely on too much these days. What's the favorite food of most people in this country. Name something a child might throw during a tantrum. We asked 100 people: name your favorite muppet character. Name something you could do to anger a superhero.

Tell me something you wouldn't want to lose at the beach. What is the first thing a person might do after a long flight? Tell me something you would like to do instead of spending thanksgiving with family. Name something parents wouldn’t let their kids go outside without in the winter. What sport would be the most boring to play as a video game? Name a celebrity you would be embarrassed to see your parent dress like. Name something you might find under people's beds. Name something a couple might receive as a wedding present. Name a place that begins with the word "South". Name something you might need if you were trying to give a dog a bath. Name something people do not like about the day after july 4th parties. When people break up, name something of their ex’s that they think of destroying. Besides blueberry, name a kind of muffin people eat at breakfast. Name a way dad might want to spend father's day. Name a gift for mom that siblings might chip in to buy. Name something you eat that comes in a shell. Name a superpower that would give you the edge in an Easter Egg hunt.

Name a place where it would be easy to lose an invisible jet. Name something that will be different about dating now. Name something about st. patrick’s day that pets might love. Name something you associate with the sopranos. Name something you might try to trick on halloween. What do people do in their yards at Springtime? Name something people tell themselves when they are scared. Name something that bites people in horror movies. Name something commonly associated with New Year's Eve. Name something your home smells like after spring cleaning?

Name something pirates had to be able to do quickly. Name a beverage that is served at kids birthday party. Name a place you would not want to be on christmas. Name a reason people move from the city to live in the suburbs. Name something or someone that has fangs. Name something a doctor might tell a patient to avoid around thanksgiving.

Name something people buy just to use in the summer.

Name something men often carry in their pockets.

Until what time does the average kid sleep in, during summer vacation?

What is something people miss about winter, once it is over? Name something people bring inside before it starts to rain.

Name something that makes Easter unique from other holidays. - Answers. Name something people are less concerned about once they are in a relationship.

Name something on your body that shows you've been hurt? So yeah, This app is so playful i love being Steve haivy to my famliy. Name something a family might do together on a snowy day.

Name something some people fear that starts with the letter "s". Name a game that is associated with money or currency. Name something the power of patty might compel you to do.

Name something that might get passed around. Name something you might buy because it's warm outside. Name a popular animal for sports mascots. Name a chain restaurant that serves coffee you do not want to drink. Tell me something you would take with you if you were forced to evacuate your home. Name something only a best friend would ask to borrow. Name something people reach for once they are in bed. Besides plastic surgery, name something women can do to dramatically change her appearance. Name a food served in a high school cafeteria. If you had the power to shapeshift, who would you turn yourself into? Name a beverage that might be served at a 4th of july party. Name a time-honored tradition that fans observe at baseball games. Name something you might only wear on special occasions. Name your favorite character on Modern Family.

At what age do children start to appreciate what their parents do for them? Name something that overly protective parents may pack in a diaper bag. Name something people associate with Sesame Street. Name a machine that people use at the gym. Name something embarrassing that might happen while you are laughing.

Name something you might complain about living next to the ghostbusters. Name a us state that gets a lot of sunshine. Name something people do not want to be late for. Name a fruit a pirate might find on a tropical island. All the answers for your Family Feud questions!

Name a job you would not want to have if you were afraid of heights. Name something people do to keep in shape. Name a job that people are proud to be doing on the 4th of july. Tell me something that reminds you of spring.

Give me a female celebrity who's a good role model.

At what age do kids lose interest in hunting Easter eggs? Name something kids write about in their journals. Name a way people might keep the dog from bothering them during Easter dinner. Name a real-life situation where people might spontaneously break into song. Name something a teenage boy might borrow from his father. Which U.S. state do you think has the most beautiful women?

Name a slang expression for eating a lot. Besides fish, name a creature you'd find in a pond. Name something you think of when you think of France. Name an animal we eat that would never eat us.

Name a profession that you would hate your neighbor to have.

Name a famous person whose first or last name starts with the letter "E". Name a comedian who is known for his funny monologues. What would you expect to see in an ad for a resort? Name a place where women make their boyfriends accompany them. Name something that you might put cream on or in.

Besides rudolph, name one of santa's reindeer. Give me a man's name that starts with the letter "e". Where might leprechauns hide their gold if they gave up on using rainbows? Name something you see in the lobby of most office buildings. Name something that people try to sell before throwing it away.


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