fake sitka gear
Ain't pretty but made in America. Are there any american made garments that are high quality and custom made? I bet if you went down to the unemployment line and offered a 40hr week job moving sprinkler pipe, people would look at you like you had 3 heads!

13 comments. Think those are all made here? Made in the USA. I check out the tag later. We will separately list the replica wholesalers who purchase wholesale fake bag, fake clothes and fake shoes. And of course, you can also find more replica products on these sites. For most of us, NOT! That said....it's usually the middle man who is making the biggest money on stuff coming from asia, not the companies whose label you see. My main problem with paying top dollar for Chinese-made goods is it's 1) supporting a totalitarian government, and 2)trade deficit. Then just the other day I went to a new Shooters store and found Swiss Gear versions of the Sitka and another companies clone of the Maxpedition Monsoon. I am in the process of working with many different factories in China on a product I developed. Take me back to the good old days! However, for early season hunting or casual hanging out, this hoodie is a total bargain. :).

"So every factory in China lacks quality control and produces cheap quality versus American made???". Does Sitka gear ever go on sale? JLBSparks....many of Red Wings boots are made in the U.S. although I have noticed a shift toward more products being made overseas.

"So, don't worry.

For extremists, maybe paying triple to have "the best" is worth it. The Chinese are not the ones marking things up 200% ... that's the importer and the retailers.

Oh man, hunting/outdoor gear! Only 11 left in stock - order soon. A bit. While some of their gear leans on the heavy side, their Stalker camo hunting pants are surprisingly light. What hunting style are you after?

They kept the price the same and are having the products made in a plant where there is no way the quality control is there. hide. I sent my product specs to 6 US manufactures. 3. DIY & Home Improvement Tools You might need to size up with some of their gear depending on the cut/garment used.

Makes sense to me????? One point a lot of people are trying to make is it's possible, especially with higher-end items, to find equivalent items to Chinese-made goods that are made in the US. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There are very few options if you insist on purchasing clothing made in the US, especially if you think outdoor clothing should be priced cheaply. Sitka Gear. Camo gear is nothing more than brilliant Marketing! A pair of Alaios pants is great for early spring hunting for example. Are you going to stay in China to oversee the production to be sure they are not cutting corners when you are not there?

Things like hunting style (treestand, western big game), weather conditions (cool, cold or extremely cold, rain or no rain) or your budget are of huge importance. Also, remember the first rule of hunting equipment: you don’t need to stick to only one brand. $32.99 #32. Outdoor Fun . Their merino wool is simply amazing. If we were talking about cheaper tier or at least reasonably priced products then you have a case, but I have not seen any dip in the price of Sitka gear. Sort by: Sitka beanie Cap . However, most of their accessories – beanies, gloves etc. Because holy shit thats a good discount. I picked up some of their pants and fell in love. A lot of animals where killed way before camo was invented! If your wife wants to store running gear in the bag, then the Sitka and Malaga will probably be too small. Mossy Oak, Realtree, Sitka, Drake Old School. » Sitka Gear; 29 products in this category, displaying products 1 to 29.

Most of your money went to an American, just not one of the people who made the garment. If you want in-depth reviews, just scroll down! Funny how those who are complaining did so using their computer that was almost certainly manufactured overseas!

Bilstein 4600 vs 5100: In-depth comparison, Best Brake Pads for Audi: A4, A6 & Others, Wahl Magic Clip vs 5 Star Senior: A Surprise, Andis Slimline Pro Li vs Slimline 2, T Outliner & Wahl Detailer, Clipper Combs for Dogs: How & When to Use Them. From: Toby. if you don't like were it's made, don't by it. Using the comparison chart I posted above, let me go a bit more into detail for each of these three hunting/outdoor brands. Here’s a video on the topic, actually: The Aerowool line – and especially the underwear, are what I absolutely recommend to any hunter. If they ever had a BOGO or 50% off sale I’d back up the truck. I sent the same specs to 15 Chinese manufactures.

NO! If they don't follow the specs, they know the consequences. Are we as a country in about 18 trillion in debt, and i think most of it to china. Durable and comfortable. Sitka Fleece Neck Gaiter . report. Mike, Well....I am serious and I have been accused of being an idiot most recently by my wife. mike/ky - it is one thing to complain on a forum, but make sure you call sitka and tell them what you are telling us. Mixing them isn’t a sin. Not a late season solution. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. £35.00. I always check the labels on clothing. So we are ok with our Government borrowing money from the chinese to fund our country. Sitka Subalphine Beanie . If it is overseas than the good old USA better get it figured out, the older I get, the more stubborn I get about buying USA only. If they ever had a BOGO or 50% off sale I’d back up the truck. The main drawback here…I don’t really think their rain or late season gear is as great as other brands’ offers. any stuff Kryptek or First Lite can even dream to offer. I wonder how many self righteous homers are typing their indignation on foreign built computers??? Instead we are blaming illiterate poor people that voted based on skin color....not hatin, just sayin. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Stealthy, unfortunately the older I get the less I care. Their gear generally focuses on stand hunting and tough, weather-resistant outerwear. You will get to know about some of the best replica clothing sites in 2018 and also the top replica designer clothing sites for wholesale in UK and China in this article. ", I don't buy the "its made in America makes it better quality then the stuff made in china". I love seeing "made in US" threads debated on imported computers and phones. Grooming Tools Yes, their gear is more expensive. Do you really want to have anything to do with those amoral bastards?


unfortunately some of you don't understand that the best quality sewing/production and most up to date and modern quality sewing/production machines are in China, viet nam and some other south asian nations. And how many US textile companies where there 50 to 60 years ago? Sitka Optifade Cap . When was the last time you saw a young American out in a field picking onions or moving sprinkler pipe in 90 degree weather. My head swells everytime I think about being the "king"! The Stratus and Fanatic line use OptiFade camo patterns to blend in and are extremely silent. The same can be said for the farming industry. £29.95. Just because it made in China does not make it crap. ", Remember hunting in an old pair of jeans and a red plaid shirt? Too funny.

Also, no other brand is as great as Sitka when it comes to treestands. NEET Br &Nameinternal Br &Nameinternal DG-1 Deerskin Glove Large, Tan 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 6.

I just see it as American companies trying to be competitive in bringing us quality goods at low prices. so sad, so true! Try buying U,S.A. Not based on what it would cost me to manufacture here in the states. No, but when you pay above average market pricing for the "best" you don't expect it to be made in China. It’s merino for hunting, not just outdoors compared to the merino I discussed in my Woolx/Smartwool etc. Freeze you butt off or be comfortable, choice is yours. As an overnight bag or messenger bag, these can work perfectly. And if you can have your product made in China and shipped to the states for say $20 and sell it for $200, that either makes you a great marketer or us suckers.

Maybe China is the way to go. Sitka For Sale has 5,368 members. ➥➥ Kryptek are best suited for the early to mid-season and offer the best variety of patterns. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who wants to work and who doesn't.

The secret? Am on my second pair, again got on sale for less than $100 and 2 years in is holding up nicely. Just bought a Pendelton shirt - fabric from the US, manufactured in Mexico. buy foreign made stuff and complain about the US economy... make sense... News flash...the US textile industry pretty much shut down a long, long time ago because it could not remain price competitive with imports. This also depends on your body type, endurance and personal preferences, though. I have some Cabelas packable/quiet raingear that I got for less than $100 per piece (clearance) that served me for 8 years. Something just doesn't sit well we me knowing I shelled out a lot for something that cost next to nothing to manufacture.

So every factory in China lacks quality control and produces cheap quality versus American made??? The Monsoon clone was probably the cheapest looking and feeling and was selling for $20. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

We can talk about a single brand for hours, and here I am – writing about three of them. I got a response from ONE!.

Great for casual/daily wear too. Anyways – now that we know the questions, let’s see their answers. I picked up some of their pants and fell in love. This is the only hunting jacket that is insulated with a warm-when-wet blend. are more accessible. The quality of Sitka gear greatly exceeds all the other outdoor clothing that I see. Welcome to my world my friend, my wife REALLY respects me; says I'm the "king of idiots". Well, as long as you keep the same camo pattern jacket and pants, that is!

I can have the product developed here in the states for $68 or in China for $14.

Welcome to the 21 Century Business environment.

A search turned up 106. Lots of patterns, comfy and warm enough. If it is made in China, I expect to pay less too, simply because of manufacturing cost. I'm not sure about garments, but I'd bet it's similar to an iPhone ... for a 2010 iPhone, which was then around $600, only about $6 stayed in China.


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