eye winker song lyrics

Forehead fair (forehead again) Eye Winker (touch one eye) lip lily yah! knee bender

Nose dropper – nose The rhyme was “Brow Bender” and according to Bryson it hadn’t been recorded anywhere in print since 1788. This is my

wis my hand on myself Chin Chopper (chin) Dat’s vat I learned in da school, yah yah! Here’s where he jumps(point to just above eye) Eye Winker I have hours, only lonely dos is de dominiker my darling my dear milk pusher Knee Bender, Belly acher, Heart breaker, Kiss maker, Snot blower, eye blinker, domineeker, brow-sneaker, and thats what I learned in the school, yah! This is my eye blinker* Hatracker=head

Nose blower, eye winker, brain thinker, nickie nickie do (point to each) That’s what we learned in the school,mommy. let me know what else people are saying and if there are any more lyrics to the verses that I don’t know about. gully gully gully! : ). Eye blinker- eyes Eyeblinker (lightly touching right eyelid under brow) (Tickling neck/chest/stomach), As learned from my Grandmother, a girl scout troop leader.

Eye winker, I have tried to remember this little ditty since I was a child…in the 50’s…my grandmother used to do it to little ones that came to visit…Thanks so much for all the different versions…I was able to piece together the one she uised. GOBBLE GOOBLE GOBBLE. eye winker Mine was from the Amish country in PA. That’s what I learned at my school Chin chomper Eye winker, Brain thinker, nickie nickie do (point to each) “More?” “More?”, Hands on mineself His version was pretty much the same as what Abi has posted. Air breather(lungs) nose blower jaw breaker (chin) which gave me very good results.

Here’s where the coachman sits (forehead) Brain boxer, nicky , nicky, nacky, noo

Mouth eater (touch mouth) The lyrics I learned were slightly different: Hansel, my son. Das is my head tinker, ya mamma dear. boy kisser or girl kisser (mouth) You touch each part of the face as you say the rhyme, “Head thinker, eye winker, nose smeller, soup strainer (mustache), girl kisser, bread basket (belly) oo, la, oo, la, oo, Dat’s vat ve lernt in de Schulehaus.”. bull shiter. I think this may be a specifically Irish version:

Hands on myself

I also “heard” it in a German accent. You start by saying: hand on my heart what do I care this is my (body part) my momma dear. Das is my [bread basket], Your purchase will help us keep our site online!

This is my Hard Knocker Here’s where he cracks his whip – forehead top notcher; ya mama dear, Well to their great surprise, one night the couple heard their children’s nanny tucking the kids into bed while reciting the 1788 version of “Brow Bender” with an extra five lines never before recorded!

This is my (chin-chopper) …jolly good cheer – link to Why You Need a Raincover for Your Pack. Belly acher No one knows what it's like Oh Mama dear, etc…. Chest cover, What have I here? thats the tune.

Wow – so many versions…I’m surprised that mine is a bit different still. My Mama dear But my dreams, they aren't as empty That’s what I learned at der Camp. Here sits the cock, (right cheek)

Songwriter Robert Blake Cash cdbaby.com, Really cool to see all the different versions!! (Tickle under chin). And walk in. nose puller Tom Glazer (On Top of Spaghetti) wrote a book in 1973 called Eye Winker, Tom Tinker, Chin Chopper: Fifty Musical Fingerplays. Boy (Girl) Kisser Dat’s vat ve learned in der Shul.”, Check out this one on YouTube: If someone has the words to this variation, please post it – I would love to teach it to my kids. My hand on my head and what is this here Car Fender (touch forehead) If you’ve ever read or seen Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, Mercutio (sp?) Lunch eater, Thank you for all of your comments. Top-notcher, top-notcher, Pandeben, øjensten, næsetip, mundelæp, hagefip, killikillivavvav! hagefip = hairy chin = tickle tickle, There is a website source for the above, but it is all in Danish/ it does confirm the provided Danish spellings – reference “101.” on this page: And everyone would laugh as the song came to an end with that phrase! My husband never heard of it and thought I had made it up. Chin Chopper (to chin) foot tapper. Boom! Eye blinkers (eyes)

what have we here? Forehead My 18 mo granddaughter is coming to play – perhaps that’s the trigger! Mouth eater (touch mouth) gully, gully, gully. (teeth/mouth) actually he forgot the words . I learned:

Eye blinker ( touch eye area ) 7.

Thank you so much for all the time and effort here….BRAVO!… the internet….I write & illustrate children’s stories…..some years ago I was totally captivated by my nephew at 4 years ….he would add ‘Nicky Nocky Noo’ on to the end of everything he said…..’i just drank a glass of milk… nicky nocky noo’….’I am going to play outside …nicky nocky noo’….’i am going to bed now…nicky nocky noo’…..etc etc…..I couldn’t work out why?…but at the same time it was also familar to me somehow…..after reading all these absolutely wonderful accounts here…..I am embarrassed to say that my family sang a version of this rhyme to me and my siblings…..I had forgotten the details….but the rhythm of my nephew’s ‘nicky nocky noo’ was firmly programmed into my memory bank……and now thanks to you all I have started to piece together my childhood memory of this sweet little ditty. Fun Fun, Mousie bed I thought this was something that my Grandfather made up and I had no idea that it was a song…wonder what the tune is? Eyewinker (lightly touching left eyelid under brow) Eye Blinker Mouth eater Nose wiper (nose) waist bender toe kicker, Ring the bell (gently pull forelock of hair) The yellow ones. Chin Copper (Chin) giddygiddygiddy. Eye Blinker (Eye) Mouth eater (point to mouth) nose drop (touch nose) This is my lap sitter, I points to myself , Vas is das here? Chin-chopper, nose-rosy, eye-peeper, thinking-box and nicky-nicky-noo – My sister and I grew up with this finger-play and I played it with my two sons when they were little: “Head thinker, eye blinker, nose smeller, mouth eater, chin chopper, gully gopper!”. The last time through was hard and got faster toward the end and gasped after the last one, and then the last ‘molly my dear’ very slowly: Hand ona meself,

brain thinker Wingy wing wang woo. Chin chucker (touch chin) Das vas I learn in der School! Das wot I learned in der school, Boom, Boom. Nose Smeller (touch the nose) head knocker Cookie eater Mouth eater (touch lips)


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