eu4 castile ideas
This will keep them in check while not accruing a lot of AE. The Castilian Nobles and the local Cortes of the various constituent kingdoms still hold a large degree of power and many Trastámara kings have found themselves at the mercy of the estates of their kingdoms. This is great, because it means you’ll get the iberian wedding relatively soon, and the consort is almost guaranteed to be better than your starting king, You shouldn’t need to worry about occupying more than just greece, but if you get the opportunity to cross to anatolia occupy what you can, but try to finish the war by 1451 if possible, Try to restore all of Byzantium’s cores, but it’s ok to miss one or two of the less important ones in order to end the war faster and get war reps. They’ll be set free by the wedding a lot of the time for whatever reason. Spain has all the castilian missions plus some Spanish missions(if you own Golden Century). That’s 166 plus years! This gives Castile free claims on all three of Granada's provinces. The ones that I think would be most useful would be … Genoa trade node is a very important target here. Keep up the good work! Improve relations to keep down AE. They will have some small ally, shouldn’t be a difficult war. If Aragon is in a personal union with Castile, integrating them into Castile and forming, Further colonization and conquest in either the New or Old World, to continue bringing foreign. Instead of fighting battles with Portugal directly the player just needs to focus on sieging provinces and fighting Portugal's allies, Aragon usually could compete Portugal in the size of army itself. If you can call someone in on promise of land, do so since you’re gonna end the war via event and not in a way that requires you to share your winnings, Now that you have two Personal Unions, you’re gonna want to start banking up relations and LD to Siphon Income. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Reconquista Events– There are few events associated with conquering Granada. Build spy network on Granada and their ally while at war. 50 prestige hit is better than decades years of 0, 0, 0 ruler and a potential civil war event. If that's not the case, Navarra can be released - it has some nice missions with claims in Ireland and Canada which can be completed by its overlord.

Castile gains a permanent claim on North Morocco Area. Demand mil. If your ruler is 50+ and Enrique is still alive, disinherit him. If Golden Century is enabled, Sunni provinces can be avoided by expelling minorities to your colonies.Finishing the Reclaim Andalucia mission will cause the Fate of the Kingdom of Granada event to happen. Otherwise, you’ll surely get one before your king dies anyway, Once that’s out of the way, occupy all of Byzantium’s provinces including athens but NOT Constantinople.


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