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Victor Fabian is a musical genius whose eccentricities are kept in check by his wife, until she discovers him "auditioning" a sultry young pianist. Strange has the potential to become Lindmer's successor by virtue of abilities and items inherited by from his father, including a signet ring.

[2] Dr. He goes to see Lindmer and rejects the reality of magic despite his recent experiences. She confesses to being attracted to him, and the demon threatens to make her suffer eternity as an old woman. A young woman's search for love and affection brings her nothing but trouble. Boy (as Dewey Alexander) Bob Bernharding. 5.7/10 115. He protests that only Lindmer can remove it, but she counters that he can do it if he tries. Wherever you are. He agrees.

I was pleased with Dr. What's your favorite kind of poll on IMDb? Those are the only experiences I've had with live action television. A young woman's search for love and affection brings her nothing but trouble.

In the second feature, "Baxter's Beauties of 1933" a Broadway impresario hears he has only a month to live and is determined to mount one more hit on the boards. Chirara, interviewed in 2016, said that DeGuere had had high hopes for the film, and that he was crushed when it "tanked"[4] in the Nielsen ratings. He leaves with Lake, who seems to have no memory of what happened, other than as a bad dream. This movie was my favorite Porn movie when it came out. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

From new directors to award-winners.

The music and lyrics are just OK but this is lots of fun--beautiful sets, great singing and dancing, impressive production numbers and full of fun.As said before, George C. Scott is in both but is (surprisingly) bad--he looks bored and unsure of his lines.

Strange and The [Incredible] HULK.

She attempts to seduce him, and on the verge of success, asks him to remove his ring. Strange, compared with the other live-action Marvel Comics adaptations under the publisher's development deal with CBS and Universal in the late 1970s, saying, "I probably had the most input into that one.

Adult, Drama. I've become good friends with the writer/producer Phil DeGuere. Richard Pacheco. Kate:

80 .

She attacks him, but he defeats her, rescues Lindmer, and returns them both to the earthly realm where he also revives Wong.

", This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 19:17. Critic Reviews. Strange and Lake return to the physical world. The criminal exploits of Public Enemy number 1, George 'Machine-Gun' Kelly, during the 1930s. His friend, Wong, looks after him and locates Lake for him. Buttons is great in both but Trish Van Devere is just terrible.

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Dr. George C. Scott movies: 15 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Patton,’ ‘Dr.

Lindmer tells Strange that his ignorance is a form of protection, and asks him whether he wants to know the truth or remain ignorant.

72 . Directed by Stanley Donen. Barry Bostwick is in it and he's just "swell" as a Dick Powell type and Rebecca York is just great as a Ruby Keeler type. STRANGE - the 1978 TV Movie Promos, Design Art and Swag", "Strange Visions: ComicsAlliance Reviews The 1978 Made-For-TV 'Doctor Strange' Movie", "The Bizarre Case of the 1978 'Doctor Strange' Movie", "DR. Factory. Download to watch Offline. Rate. Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s, Mama Popchik (segment "Dynamite Hands") /

View production, box office, & company info. Le Fay sees an opportunity to kill Strange, but hesitates, and he survives. Strange stars Peter Hooten in the title role, along with Jessica Walter, Eddie Benton, Clyde Kusatsu, Philip Sterling and John Mills. She offers him love, wealth, power, and knowledge.

It was in black and white up the theatres in 1978, but it's in color on cable. It's not half as clever as it thinks it is but it still works.

Strange is dispatched to the astral plane and confronts and defeats the demon Balzaroth, who had been sent by le Fay to stop Strange from rescuing Lake. Jesie St. James. 80 min Ever. I disagree with the reviewer's statements above about her not being realistic in the movie. Desiree Cousteau. Mike Ryan found the film "boring," complaining that the first two-thirds of the film played like a medical procedural.

Jessie St James was HOT and was very good in this film. Mrs. Updike (segment "Baxter's Beauties of 1933"), Barney Keegle (segment "Dynamite Hands") This movie was enjoyable and for porn lovers is a MUST-SEE in my book.

Meanwhile, le Fay possesses a cat and tries to have it enter Lindmer's house, but magical barriers repel it. Later, however, he turns his back on his father-figure manager and librarian girlfriend when he is distracted by a flashy gangster and sexy night club diva. Start your free 7 day trial now. Strange demands to know the truth, and Lindmer says that he knows about how Strange's parents died when he was eighteen. Added to Watchlist. Looking for something to watch? [1], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "MARVEL IN THE 1970'S: DR STRANGE AND CAPTAIN AMERICA", "The "Magic" of Video - Part I-A: DR. DeGuere's friend, composer Paul Chiraha, was encouraged to produce an electronic score.


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