east pond bungalow colony

We are extremely flexible about the use of the various spaces. Overlook, Gluck's), Hotel Gibber (now Yeshiva Brookside Farm), Barkan's Bungalow Colony

Horim), Greenberg's & Goodman's Mountain Fling), Takanassee Hotel & Country Ranch), Chesters' Zunbarg (now Chateau The word "camp" does not refer to a children's camp, but to an adult resort. Friends), Mayflower Hotel(later Bethel

Poultry Farm (later Rosenberg & 300px. School), Gilbert's (now Syddha Yoga

Curley), Alpine (previously Hill), Clearview Mountain Country (Terrace House), Applebee Inn (later Fairlawn Bungalows, High Mountain Villa (later part Club, Glen Spey (later Cottage Club on Barryville. We would like owners’ names and number of bungalows as well. Farms), Hotel Israel (formerly Glass), Laurel Park Hotel (now Yeshiva

Palms), Barron's Cottages (now Summer Woodridge, View House (G&G), Handleman's (previously

Street: East Pond Rd. ], The bungalow colony list is an ongoing project of the Catskills Institute.

Inn), Fink's Kauneonga Park (now Location: to Nob Hill), Morris Cottages (previously Village housing development), Ganz Hotel (formerly Hungarian House), Colonial House (later Dubitsky's

Golden Hills Cottages), Park Garden (previously

It looks like a small village, as each building is quite distinct.

There is also a midrange resort hotel just down the road from us and wonderful farm-to-table catering options nearby, including craft beers, ciders, and amazing produce and grass-fed BBQ.

Many people responded with additional hotel names, adding to the historical record. (formerly Grand Mountain), Jo and Ben's Turnpike

Ben Kaplan provided me with the original published list and a typescript of the updated list.

As you can see, the exteriors and interiors are in various conditions. Berger's Mansion,then LaSalle Friedman's Lakeside Hotel, later

Louis Cohen's Orchard Bungalow Colony Majestic Maltese Manor (previously Morris Sondak's) Stein's Bungalow.

Club, Upper Ferndale Mansion (also


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