early adulthood development essay

Physical and Cognitive Development Early adulthood is the period between 20 to 40 years old.

feeding by sucking. Each process can be accessed individual but are always working together in the development process.

People view development as the growth of humans throughout the lifespan (Kendra, C.). Participating in habits that strengthen the individual’s physical being, eating healthy foods, and enjoying cordial correlation with the society could lead to healthy personal relationships with the people and the community, which then strengthens the position of that person during middle adulthood. This is the stage when a person usually separates from the parents and becomes independent. In discussing the issue of intimate relations and social lives of people in the early and middle adulthood, ideologies postulated by Erik Erickson in his stages of human development become applicable. As he goes through these trials, he will need the strong support of family, his intimate partner and his peers. Early adulthood tends to be a time of relatively good health. There are several periods of development that we go through during, Cognitive Development In Middle Childhood. In the first several days of life, most newborns lose 5 to 7 percent of their body weight before they adjust to 

This stage has been associated with the need for a balance between isolation and intimacy. During early adulthood, one is transitioning from a teenager to an adult. Therefore, the success of the next stage is dependent on the completion of the previous stages, and in the event one stage fails to be successful, the challenges may reappear in future stages. An individual will continue to respond and act on their background, Development initially begins at conception and continues until death. The kinds of foods and lifestyle including participation in sports and other physical exercise could help a person stay longer. (Crandell, et al. Explain Piaget’s stage of preoperational thought. After early childhood, a person quickly drifts into middle adulthood where it has been observed as a general trend that people tend to resist the feeling of isolation as they embrace the feeling of intimacy (Crain, 2011).

As a result, they end up being into relationships that are mutually satisfying through friendship and even marriages. Labouvie-Vief’s theory is based on Piaget’s cognitive stages.

However, early adulthood seems to be a particularly risky time for violent deaths (rates vary by gender, race, and ethnicity). Erick Erickson’s psychosocial theory on the 8 developmental stages insists that there are stages throughout life where a person has a chance to pass successfully through a stage verses failing a stage. Contrast physical growth rates in infancy with that during the early childhood period. By becoming intimate, an up-close relationship is ignited which initiates a period where the adults need to balance between their lives and that of their partners. New York: Simon & Schuster. Middle adulthood begins at 40 and proceeds into 64 years where a person enters old age. Psychologists have conducted researches to ascertain that personality is triggered by emotional needs and the age of individuals. Base on my assessment, I classify myself in early adulthood. There is also the search for love and long term social affiliations. As a result, researchers such as Erik Erikson and David Lewinson dedicated themselves to the study of changes by focusing on the mean level and rank order changes (Sommers, 2010). Completing each stage marks the beginning of the other stage which is coupled with myriad challenges that need to be handled, adapted to, or learnt. Development initially begins at conception and continues until death. To begin with the early adulthood, there is the outcome on development of ego which is associated with the need for intimacy and solidarity in social interactions. Human development domains and periods will be identified and contemporary concerns as related to lifespan development will be identified. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

During early adulthood, people begin make important life decisions in three areas: career, family, and health. Early adulthood. Basically, the stage is supportive of the early childhood as it marks a transition into late adulthood.

Berger, K. S. (2010). On the side of role changes, early adulthood is affected by the completion of school and the start of full time employment. This is the stage when a person usually separates from the parents and becomes independent. This is the time when the body changes physically. As opposed to the needs during early adulthood, middle aged persons have to face the problem of stagnation which initiates the stage of diminished psychological development (Sommers, 2010). The basic indicators of this stage are generativist and self-absorption, which is also referred to as stagnation. The book… During this stage, the adolescents need to be properly guided so as to accept whatever psychological, biological, and physical changes they are going through. In case a person fails to achieve the desired goal of becoming social or intimate, they tend to isolate themselves from other people, and keep personal distance. The postformal stage, THE CORRELATION BETWEEN EARLY CHILDHOOD AND THEORIES OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT There are many characteristics that describe what human development is. Negative affect appears to decrease steadily from early adulthood to older adulthood, but this decline may taper off in the oldest years” (Mroczek 87-90).

Knowing that changes occur in every stage of development and these changes that are taking place must be looked at as a result of the specific situation surrounding them.

The general goal of a person in the middle adulthood should be focused on bettering the society in a process that Erikson refers to as generativity. Daniel Levinson observes that early adulthood ends at the age of 28 to 30, which then ushers in the middle adulthood. Lifespan is the period of time from conception extending to death. Erikson states the stages of psychological development by explaining eight, of which adulthood is part. During the middle adulthood stage, work becomes very crucial.

The process of development begins with conception and ends with death. Middle adulthood begins at 40 and proceeds into 64 years where a person enters old age. 2012) Invitation to the lifespan. In the course of this turning point, the young adult goes through voluminous challenges and trials. Erikson refers to this process as shrinking the social circle in defense of their dwindling ego and self-esteem.

Specifically, the work of Erik Erikson, Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget all, in their different schemes of development, note the importance of early childhood experiences. Developmental psychologists usually consider early adulthood to cover approximately age 20 to age 40 and middle adulthood approximately 40 to 65. Adolescence also includes three stages within it, early adolescence, middle adolescence, and late adolescence. is one of the most important parts of aging. All major theories of human development stress the movement from grasping concrete things, which the child perceives as symbols, their environment. This process is a path towards formation of personality. This is when an individual settles down and starts his own family.

Many individuals are anxious to reach this moment in life due to, The study of lifespan development was drawn out of Darwin’s want to understand evolution. The stage of development that I am currently in is early adulthood.

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This brings in the issue of psychological development and adulthood.

When my mom was pregnant with me she used drugs. In the beginning of early adulthood individuals tend to be healthier and more selective about diet and exercise. The decision of setting up a strong united family is helpful to people at this stage because it prevents them from health disorders associated with stubborn children, especially during their old age. According to Erik Erickson, early adulthood begins at 20 and extends towards 40 years of age. In this period adults go through many changes transitioning from the teenage phase to adulthood. However, one of the most unique stages of development is early adulthood. They also begin to make decisions about what career path to follow. As human beings develop and grow, their bodies become old and so does their psychology. Erikson further emphasizes that it is during adolescence that people begin to familiarize with their identity. All possible types of assignments.

The mid-life crisis begins as people struggle to find new purpose and meaning for life.


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