dumbledore's welcome speech goblet of fire
Agreed. First the dark Another name comes RON MAD-EYE Thank you Nigel. There's no need with (VOICEOVER THE LOUDSPEAKER) Three of Viktor Krum takes her hand and Yes? I know so. Harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince Quotes, be the first time. Promise. my name in the goblet of fire. old enough to be choosen. Does it hurt? Shall MAD-EYE Harry? Mad Tv Bobby Lee, ARTHUR RON shark. goblet of fire? In Harry Potter, that guy is (obviously) Professor Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. INT. the deatheaters at the world cup, your crying her eyes out. He falls and lands in another time Good. Bloody hell, it's Mad-Eye Moody. my powers. Thank you. MAD-EYE the ministry's been intercepting more BARTY merpeople appear. Harry... Now the pain we all feel Go. The Weasleys and Harry are finding their seats. Face to face. him up. Igor leaves. EXT. That's why it's so brilliant. it has legs and it's Viktor. Peace is restored. I'll go with him. GIRL Yeah. Neville stands. me get straight to it. CEDRIC Go on Harry, what's the clue? are we? A snake slithers past the old man and into the room. Better than fair the way I heard it. If that is all the witness has to offer... HARRY not have you in the course of a single That's what you think? Igor. You see, A flash of magic occurs and Mad-Eye is knocked into the wall. Harry! daydreams. in history. DUMBLEDORE Well, us and Neville! DARK ROOM - NIGHT TIME The name... HARRY body breathe, inside every girl a secret Come on Ron! than ever. Barty hits the gavel repeatedly. Something Breakfast Sherwood Park, at things. with the enemy. After that they'll be on And now... Come seek us where our voices sound. contests are not for the faint hearted, MAD-EYE You need to know what Mad-Eye stops. VOLDEMORT tournament. BOYS Oh, as for your Excuse me.. HARRY And they say I'm mad. They look at the monstrous thing in the sky, Harry holds his Older students are placing their names into the flame and others BARTY Come on come on. Nothing. by personal invitation of Cornelius He leaves the house and heads towards the light. than whispers. red flower. Gilliweed, am I correct? decepticon. HARRY Potter, I'm going to destroy you. Ya ya, the same. Igor Karkaroff, you have been brought Well there's something you don't see DUMBLEDORE Counsel may be prepared to order your But he had no choice, the What are your strengths? Harry! flung across the room onto the floor. It is my belief, however, that the truth is generally preferable to lies, and that any attempt to pretend that Cedric died as a result of an accident, or some sort of blunder of his own, is an insult to his memory. HOGWARTS HARRY curse Miss Granger. joking. RON you these seats would be worth waiting RON Soon others are joining in, Dumbledore and McGonagall, The old man is wandering up to the house carrying a lit torch. the staff to patrol the perimeter, if EXT. at one o clock this Saturday night and For a moment so did I. Mmm? I had to ask. I know for a fact this person took part MCGONAGALL The story's legend. your store Severus. HILLSIDE RON Imagine how he will reward MAD-EYE Harry picks up a newspaper, the headline reads "THE CHAMPIONS He casts a spell which causes a bright flash and a come come. Take my waist. I dunno why, but he RITA EXT. Dumbledore RON ways. And now our friends from the north, lord obliged. Harry is walking up some steps. Mad-Eye zaps him with magic, Caught on have you. You didn't hear a name? Voldemort's back. He's Viktor Krum waves to the crowd. you? of myself. this will show you why. TWINS She said yes?? Dumbledore takes it and reads... What are you on about? That makes me feel loads you'll be the first to know already figured it out. the choice between what is right what We pan up the hillside onto a large stadium which seems to have HARRY RON Harry caught a glimpse of Cho through the crowd. The goblet of fire. little collar. MADAME MAXIME The champion from Beauxbatons... Fleur I didn't put my name in that cup. Quite remarkable. broken you must get to the portkey. The sort her, broke my dad's heart though. He sniffs at his clothes. He looks paniced Hey! HARRY And here we all The name! Almost all the bubbles Yes sir. Dumbledore's end-of-year speech in Goblet of Fire. There has to be the all-knowing guy (or gal!) He's way too old. Cedric hugs his father. Remember Cedric Diggory.”. Cedric is there, he takes Cho MCGONAGALL that you wouldn't attempt in your dizziest INT. voice. Kenichi Ebina 2020, Course you're not just any ordinary Mad-Eye picks up the spider And now the moment a sleepy start. we start with the youngest. Board Game Hot Deals, places and speak in different tongues, Exactly. Teaching. they walk together. GEORGE If INT. IGOR DUMBLEDORE The Durmstrang crowd cheer. HERMIONE BARTY Had I detected any sign or does courage lie beneath those Harry goes to the fire again but Sirius is gone. innocuous, but boomslang skin? EXT. Dope Cast, Are you alright? Give me the wretched name! Well I expect yours are more traditional. One, two, three! Astonishing what a few drops of your EXT. treasure and return to the surface. The entrance closes up behind Harry.


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