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She is a big fan of the McDuck family, and is very knowledgeable on many aspects of their genealogy and always enjoys studying their exciting and mysterious family. She hadn't even known Lena that long, or very well, what with all the lying and everything. “Yeah, left.”, “No problem. “Is Lena doing this?” Violet asked, bewildered. Synopsis: Dewey writes his hidden feelings for Webby down in his blue notebook, but when his brothers Louie and Huey get ahold of it one morning, something happens that could change Dewey and Webby's feelings for each other forever. Dewey wishes to quit the conspiracy hunt of Della Duck. Comments: A cute second-person Webby fic where she realizes her feelings for Lena during a sleepover. 9. “Honestly, it’s—”, He was cut off when a vase was hurled at him, and he barely ducked to avoid it. “Help me get my family back, and you'll have a place in it.”. The heart (and the fists) of the team. The group ducked as a door was ripped off its hinges and thrown at them. Stick around, and maybe you'll find love with the one you're meant to be with. “Fine. Donald walked over to Him and Scrooge almost fell over, Donald helped Him up. Ducktales webby as dewey aliciatob 7 6 Ducktales (2017) Webby Fly Kick Transparent CouncillorMoron 5 4 Webby Gal spongefox 111 6 Webby Vanderquack...duhduhduh hailrobloxia 4 0 We start with stars in our eyes Miles-Bow 13 1 Webby \( . He opened his eyes with a gasp, back home, safe in his hammock and the warmth of his boat, the sway as comforting as it had always been. Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks! “Come on, nobody blames you for anything, and we’re all happy to have you back. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Though, Gizmoduck isn't particularly impressed with his attitude, so at least they're even.).

Darkest Secret Trying To Understand “Yeah.” Lena scrubbed her eyes again, standing up. She is smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies, brave and clever, with lust for adventure, for adrenaline, for making herself into something more. Divine Intervention A series of groupchat-themed drabbles for Ducktales! Bentina Beakley (granny) “Wait, wait, Cynthia, you just can’t do that-” Curt protested, not feeling like being left alone with a sentient doll.

Lena shivered, trying to scrub her stinging eyes. “No adults allowed!”, “Oh come on, I’m a mom. So they follow him one day and find out about a huge secret Huey's been keeping from them. This leads them to argue but they would put their arguing aside and help each other. )/ UP1TER 53 2. They had the room below the loft to themselves — the adults and ghosts of the house had agreed to leave them alone no matter how much screaming they heard. Thankfully, she's got a better family out of the deal. Summary: 1987 Webby Vanderquack is in for a surprise when she walks through an antique mirror and finds herself in another McDuck Manor, this time confronted by another version of herself and the boys. *grin* Worse Ways to Die: A plotless, fluffy, smutty wonder, starring Angel, Buffy, a can of whipped cream, and a pair of silk thigh-highs. “Look at me,” the voice prompted gently. 23. Della went upstairs to look in on the kids before returning to bed. The video game tournament was already in full swing when they got to the rec room. "Ok I'll be right back with some juice and toast"He said "You three stay in Bed". And no one is being kicked out of the house.”, Della nodded slowly, crossing her arms. She tried to look natural as she hurried into the hallway. Cover by: @kara-raine Check her out! It wasn’t very good when, exactly forty years to the day Wally had visited, Tom called her from the hospital, nearly in tears over a car crash and a small “Jane’s dead, Mom.”. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”, “Hey, hey, hey.” Della knelt down next to Lena, sliding her goggles up her head. However, Uncle Donald has some news that will shake their world.

Everything always felt a little too bright and a little too loud after being trapped in the shadow realm for six months. A companion piece to a longer fic I’m developing, I had this idea for a cotton candy one shot (it’s sweet AND fluffy, y’all) featuring my OTP, Daisy and Donald Duck. Synopsis: After Fenton and Drake almost hook up, they try for a relationship. “That’s not true.

where Louie seeks out to manipulate situations to his own benefit. A lot of Scrooge/Goldie content, with random other ships sprinkled in. "I'm going to work"He said "What does it look like?". "I can't miss a day of school"Huey said "We have a test today". “No wonder she’s always miserable.”, “She’s rather good at hiding it, though,” Scrooge said. Debbigail friendship, but can be seen as romance if you want.

A series of one-shots in which Louie is definitely, absolutely, positively not crushing on June and she's definitely not feeling the same way. Comment: A well developed, in character, bittersweet story that focuses on the triplets trying to find their missing uncle. "Nephew I'm a grown man, You can't tell me what to do"He said.

There's just something there.... idk but it's fun. During the sleepover, they bond over their knowledge and even have a makeover but during a séance, Lena accidentally brings them to the shadow realm so she and Violet worked together to save Webby from creatures known as Tulpas. Dewey is one of Webby's friends. This deals with a solid point of connection the two would have between them and is well handled. Oh and how old is Lena? The two rich uncles that Huey had hidden about from the twins their whole ten years of life. It is really dark and really, really quiet on the moon. For six months, Webby has endlessly researched everything there is to know about the Shadow Realm, refusing to believe that Lena is gone. "Shh It's ok webby just rest"He said. BF110C4, Bonsly24, P3rs0n, Agentcathams, Wolf_Claire, girlwolf103, Fyrefox666, annaki, mostlycomicbookfics, AvalonOfCeles, Nooppi5, CC5H, The_unicorn_eating_cake, SusanaR, VioletEclipse1314, TerminalMiraculosis, ShadowMP, Monte260, Hawkwrench, sunkenpirateship, elevenredpandas, HotdogPunch, Alittlecaughtinthemiddle, Kamula7, Kiwicanard, Zeanoth, Mathcat2, condonzack, snaredrum, bellringer53, thatlesbiannerd, Bigou, Tired_VWORP, Kirbuu, Aknolan, Katherine_Vanderquack, LunaMoonSystem, uforock, Vacantuser, unvampiregirl13, alphiesthecat, CommanderMark, Chess_Blackfyre, NightOfNetter, Cyberwraith9, Rotom310, Wolfskater63, Lady_Dominator, hellchild, owlipoppen, Robotmonkeygirl91, Jarjaxle, yurigirl1999, BiblioMatsuri, AshTreeHollow, Spiderlass, MarsAttacks, AgentofSciFi, jedssm, Bookkeepper, luke_son_of_ander, ohthewhomanity, wonderland_lost, Starlightchaser96, phantomess92, KindofSoundsLikeAlien, Give_Me_A_Karking_KitKat, Kalon_Dern, shootingcookielover, AccordantAuthor, dandy_dendy, Heleentje, pitterpatterpot, Bookworm120, y2kpop, Numquam, soulfulsin, Krissa_Nova13, Frozen_Fox_Zero, nightmaster000, VioletRoseLily, BlackRoseAki, Leathebluedrgon, waffle69, Overly_Obsessive_Band_Geek, NoblegasXenon, Neik, Smashet, wiznearbi, dah884, ForestOfRavens, DarkwingWolf8, HarlequinBlu, Grundpfeiler, Blue_Gold20, Blazerbob, Undertrash12, Owlnonymous, Star_Tsar, Corvifae, Lemon_Rock, Zamietka, chiropter36, TTGAO3, Laissez_Fairy, sylph_of_eons, DontKillBugs, analyticamethyst, Quadrell, abbygaby005, raysgal, PlentifulLies, AiHigurashi, A_Small_Collection_Of_Nonsense, CureDigiQueen, minuseven, Spuddles, SandrC, aestheticsapphic, AnachronisticSolecism, stainedglassbirds, void_glitter, Raficha, TerraYoung, VioletThePorama and LoreWitch

Synopsis: After suffering an animal bite in Europe, Webby wakes up having become a Vampire in the night. Comments: Takes place after "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!". As Lena found Webby to also be interesting with her multi-talents, she invited Lena to venture alongside her and the others. Please consider turning it on! Della smiled softly when she saw the look of utter peace on Lena’s face. Her eyes wandered to Lena, who was still sitting on the edge of the couch. The official merchandise for Webby includes Figurines, T-shirts, Plushies, and action figures.

FanFiction | unleash ... Cartoons DuckTales. Or not, hey whatever! It was Lena-shaped…, “Sh-She had a nightmare, I think?” Webby sounded hopelessly confused. Fenton begins to have these weird and strange nightmares, it started when he's pet cat, storm died. Lena turned against her will, surprised to see Dewey standing in front of her, arms crossed. From the high-stakes drama to the dangerous action (fans of Dewey and Webby be warned - they get smacked around quite a bit, emotionally and physically), everything in this story pays off with catharsis. Yet, despite their differences, they help each other in times of need. "Don't even try Huebert you know as well as I do that Uncle Donald doesn't want us out of bed"Dewey said "I guess we'll have to deal". !” Scrooge demanded as he hobbled out of his room. Voiced By “We trusted you.”. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

Synopsis: Taking place right after the end of episode 3, Webby is concerned about Dewey after the discovery of the room dedicated completely to his Mother and asks if he's alright. Comments: An enjoyable story that successfully crosses over the two shows. Summary: A collection of fun, embarrassing, silly and hearwarming snapshots of the triplets' life before and after meeting Scrooge, with the theme of Huey meticulously listing all the things he loves about his brothers. Ducktales webby as dewey aliciatob 7 6 Ducktales (2017) Webby Fly Kick Transparent CouncillorMoron 5 4 Webby Gal spongefox 111 6 Webby Vanderquack...duhduhduh hailrobloxia 4 0 We start with stars in our eyes Miles-Bow 13 1 Webby \( . This is shown in "Woo-oo!" Launchpad is one of Webby's friends, though they don't have a lot of moments together. “I don't even think it comes in my size.”. Huey angrily blows up at his great-uncle (offscreen) then runs away. Synopsis: As Dewey is backed up against a tree by his brothers for taking the last chocolate chip cookie, he's suddenly rescued by Webby who was hanging out in the tree branches above. anyway if you have some one-Shot ideas let me know and also stay cool and don't drink caffeine after midnight I know this by personal experience. "He asked. You didn’t launch our mother into the moon.” Lena raised an eyebrow at him. Lena sighed, looking down at her hand. Pg2 - com PumpkinHipHop 9 2 scrooge + goldie // oh no 2 neopuff 5 1 Ducktales Show-Off. As in "The Shadow War! Webby originally tries to act normal with Violet during a sleepover out of worry that her daily life of supernatural lifestyle, research, and adventures would drive her away from making a new friend.


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