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Said that, she headed toward the door without looking at him. Louie ignored his brothers as he continued his way, In minutes he was outside the old mahogany door entrance leading into the guest rooms Donald had lived in since Mrs Beakley sank his boat three weeks ago. Or being a rock to hold up, a shoulder to cry on, like Goofy was (he still is, through phone calls now) after been dismissed for the day, Bloom told him to rest and if he felt better come back tomorrow. Your review has been posted. You know that we haven't been needed in a long time", A long, awkward silence settled until the usually cheerful parrot spoke " I had a vision, Donald", " José, maybe it was just a nightmare, just like Lou-", "Merda, Donal'! You know when he's happy, when he's sad or angry, the most common one. "I have too much work to do.".

", The eleven year-old duck wiped tears from his face with the sleeve of his hoodie.

Louie spat out the last words of his monologue. They're always full of energy, and so brave. The triplets eyes brightened, and he couldn't blame them, he'd always avoided any mentions of his sister and never gave a clear answer to them. Donald braced for the impact, and caught the energetic duckling. He didn't know how much time had passed, but he finally managed to relax himself into a restless sleep. After recovering from his painful loss and fighting off depression, Drake just wants to move on. Dewey swallows his pride of going back freely to help the one person who means the most to him (Webby) but as soon as he gets there he knew something was wrong. "Misfit" Donald Duck sat on the couch, bandaging Louie's leg. Donald on the other hand was just letting himself go, succumbing to his injuries, his breathing getting slower and slower until it stopped all together.

Scrooge realized something was wrong, very wrong with his nephew.

Monsters were banished underground with no hope of escape. Remember the promise we all made after Magica's defeat. BUT, and in his case there's always a BUT, he has a tumbling sensation on his left arm. Jealousy eats your heart away, until it is completely gone. Uncle Donald, please, uncle Donald, I know it's late but I really need to talk, uncle Donald?

You are grounded!". Takes places directly after "Beginnings and Endings". "Donald, please, tell me who did this to you? Startled, he looked up, but it only served to confirm what he feared, his dearest un coolest uncle was gone, His eyes have lost their sharp edge, and for a moment he looks lost like the little boy of the portrait back at uncle Scrooge's parents castle. Their little argument stopped at the sound of a shattering glass, Scrooge and Bentina whose whole attention were into the kid's affair they completely forgot that they weren't the only occupants seated the table. he asked softly. She, thankfully stopped, hand already around the doorknob "Beackley, I- I'm sorry if I insulted you about trust.

Crossover - DarkWing Duck & DuckTales - Rated: T - English - Angst/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 740 - Favs: 1 - Published: Negaduck has been broken out of custody. Huey and Dewey woke up when they heard his younger brother's shrieks, they stared worried at the thrashing duck on the bed.

He paused, Oh, maybe I should pack my swim shorts! A gasp scaped his lips, his tears now falling free down his cheeks, unable to do or say something due the horrifying scene before him. "Boys? Ugh, I cannot believe my sister!

"All the time.

This isn't just irresponsible but it's also stupid! But Dewey and the others were watching him, and he was already a dork, so he didn't want to ruin his reputation anymore. Now, suddenly realizing this, the more she thinks about more sense gets, maybe the mask Donald wore his entire life was so good, so perfect that not even his own family never knew he was wearing it. And again, the duck gave her that stained smile.

Dewey! It was pretty good job, a decent salary for a job as a security guard in a mall.

He just didn't have physical strength like Dewey.

"I've always thought you believed me an hopeless idiot all along.

I don't get how Dewey and Webby do it.

Something very frequent during McDuck's breakfasts, which is the most important time of every day. "Louie called. The McDuck/Duck Family and associates have been finding their new normal since Della's been home and, for once, things are going smoothly. Don't poke it! " Grinning, he remembers when Tempest came to him to sit down for a break around 3:45 when she noticed, she grabbed his wrist gently, and with one look she said it everything, you need to rest. And I'm proud of you. Concern, Not annoyance or anger for being disturbed so early, just plain concern. He opened the door with his key, as he came inside he gladly noticed the lack of noise. He learned an important lesson today: It's okay to be different. Donald tried to speak, but he could no longer move his tongue as blood flooded out of his side. What do they have planned? He couldn't fight back against the ethereal force that enveloped his body, it was an oddly comforting and yet chocking sensation as he sank further and further into the eternal oblivion of perpetual blackness. She didn't like him. Donald, Della, and the Duck/McDuck family have plans to make this the bets birthday Daisy ever had.

They thought.

She cursed softly, she wanted to speak with Donald in private. "What's wrong? He walked into the empty kitchen, towards his second trip to the fridge of the day, opening it, searching for something light to eat, the he noticed a double hamburger on one of the shelves, and a carton of chocolate milk. "Llewellyn Duck, I cannot believe you! This is stupid, he knows the rain can't hurt him, even one this bad.

Probably, but let's see what happens anyway. He pointed out. She stops, but doesn't turn.

"Donal', please tell me you're not doing, as the Americans say " any funny business" without Panchito, Xandra and me?". Annoyed, he moved to his side, but due his usual luck he put a little bit more strength than necessary. Sweat and a little bit of blood scent lingered in his whole bed, and it was irritating, he wants to showers, but he couldn't bring himself to move now that the three of his boys are cuddling against him.

I stand out like a sore thumb. Are you ill? " Infact, he was the most important Duck on the team.

"However... you must understand there's things I can't tell, not because I don't trust you, but because not only for your own good, but also my family's.".

Donald snapped his fingers, "You're different, but special. ", "I'm sorry, Dewey. Louie and the others then hoisted the two ducks on to the ledge.

Donald sat down on the floor next to him. "You don't know how much I hate those vultures!". His wife Hortense did survive the impact, but was pushed so hard into the side window, her head slamming into the glass, she didn't make it to the hospital, joining her husband in his eternal journey.

Deep in thought, the maid returns her attention to his wrist but Donald keep his pained gaze focused on her, trying to figure out the puzzle that is in Bentina's mind, does she knows already and just wants a confession.


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