duck goose hybrid
So.....I have an African goose, and a Mallard drake, thats all the waterfowl I have. 9 times out of 10 the bird they are looking for is in fact a domestic variant of Mallard. Cosmetic Dentistry Meaning, I've changed my mind more than once about the identity of this hybrid - each time I have been uncertain and it still remains without a positive ID. ___________________________________________________________________. Get Out Of My Dreams And Into My Car Movie, Chino Fire Update, domestic Mallard x Yellow-billed Duck hybrid, Porthloo, St Mary's (Scilly, UK), 3rd October 2007, possible domestic Mallard x Yellow-billed Duck hybrid, Porthloo, St Mary's (Scilly, UK), 6th August 2010, probable domestic Mallard x Yellow-billed Duck hybrid, Porth Hellick, St Mary's (Scilly, UK), 9th August 2010, captive Mallard x Spot-billed Duck hybrids, possibly backcrossed with Spot-billed Duck, Blakeney Collection (Norfolk, UK), 16th April 2011, captive Mallard x Spot-billed Duck hybrid, Blakeney Collection (Norfolk, UK), 24th November 2013, captive possible Mallard x Spot-billed Duck hybrid, backcrossed with Mallard, Blakeney Collection (Norfolk, UK), 7th December 2015, Mallard x Pintail hyrbid, Whitlingham Country Park (Norfolk, UK), 6th December 2015, captive possible (Mallard x Pintail) x Pintail backcrossed hyrbid, Blakeney Collection (Norfolk, UK), 30th October 2015, Mallard (probably domestic variant) x Red-crested Pochard hybrid, Cleethorpes Boating Lake (Lincolnshire, UK), 7th April 2012, possible Yellow-billed Pintail x Laysan Duck hybrid, Stilring (Stirlingshire, UK), 29th December 2013. Ralph Thorson, My assumption would be that your Goose has a lovely wild migrant lover. possible intersex Wood Duck x Pintail hybrid, Holkham Park (Norfolk, UK), 4th February 2012. Piebald Pony Crossword Clue, The Indian runner duck is more upright and looks more goose-like. Carlos Miranda Age, x diving duck (Aythya sp.

Now we would need some more evidence for the goose x duck hybrid to be certain. JavaScript is disabled. Hybrid Ducks Canards hybrides Anatidae Information, images and range maps on over 1,000 birds of North America, including sub-species, vagrants, introduced birds and possibilities. Reactions: WannaBeHillBilly. I have seen the duck breed her almost daily, he is quite aggressive and determined to breed, almost hormone enraged. (Anas sp.)

The following pictures give more views that show the range of appearances, and in the last picture, a more close-up picture of what I thought might have been a duck-goose hybrid. Hsbcnet Net Banking, captive Anas sp. A pair of birds that don't seem to be quite right for pure Rosybill - for more photos and comment, click here. Regular visitors to this page will notice far fewer photos than before - it was getting unwieldy so I am now only showing examples of each hybrid here, with links to separate pages that contain more details and more photos of each type of hybrid. You must log in or register to reply here.

Such hybridization is very rare (though hybrids between mallards and other kinds of ducks are common). Duck/Goose Hybrid. How To Watch Fyter Fest 2020, Enter Bird's Name in Search Box: Life, Habitat & Pictures of Hybrid Ducks. Mallards and African geese have the same incubation period,  so I wouldnt think it would be different.......Muscovies have a longer Incubation period than mallards....thats why its messed up, I am sorry if I am misinterpreting you, and I don't mean to say this offensively or anything like that.....But all domestic geese have the same incubation period....I am not sure if you are thinking a muscovy is a goose (Its a duck) or you thinking of a wild breed of goose. Yellow-billed Teal (Speckled Teal) x Marbled Duck, probable Yellow-billed Teal x Marbled Duck hybrid, Rollesby Broad (Norfolk, UK), 24th January 2016, Shoveler x Blue-winged Teal hybrid, Titchwell (Norfolk, UK), 7th April 2001, captive presumed Shoveler x Blue-winged Teal hybrid, Blakeney (Norfolk, UK), 7th December 2015, Teal sp.


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