drowned farm bedrock
Zombie villagers also spawn occasionally, and can be killed immediately because they don't drown. Running water allows for some breathing space; you want to avoid that. If you have expanded the room and the water doesn't cover the whole floor, you may need an additional water block on each side wall, or build a stone structure in the far corners for the water to cascade down and spread more. All creations copyright of the creators.

Place slabs on the top of the wall to prevent mobs from spawning on it. Break the torch on the mob spawner. Upon locating a dungeon and breaking into it: Take note of the coordinate location of the center block along the wall with your opening. The drowned fall into this room from the spawning platform above it. Baby zombies occasionally spawn, but they don't drown because they're too short. Go down into your collection room.

This is a small room at the top of the drop shaft. First, the drowned should be attracted to one location. The legs of the mobs are exposed to you. The slabs under the glass blocks prevent them from escaping, and also prevent them from attacking you (although they can still hit downward if you get too close).

The simple survival-mode flooded-dungeon farm described here is still useful for gaining a quick and easy way to harvest experience and zombie drops without requiring significant construction or materials.

This works fine if you are the only player in the world, but if there are other players in the Nether, they need to be within the despawning radius of the killing platform to prevent the drowned from despawning in the Nether. However, getting a turtle egg requires a tool enchanted with Silk Touch, which may not be readily available to a player in survival mode. The best bait is a villager, but in a survival build, it is impractical to transport a villager high in the sky to the spawn platform. The walls of the shaft need not be solid for the whole distance, it's enough to close off the sides of the shaft and leave 6 blocks of space open in the front, if you want to view the drowned falling. If you fall, you just have the inconvenience of climbing back up. Drowned farms on the ocean floor are more complicated because they function similarly to a mob farm, capturing naturally-spawned drowned. The turtle egg doesn't hatch when not on sand.

In Bedrock Edition, mobs spawn in the range of 24-44 blocks from the player. In Java Edition, mobs spawn in the range of 24-128 blocks from the player. Make the ceiling completely from glass blocks, with at least six blocks between the floor and bottom of the glass. The bottom of the pool must be glass.


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