dragon ball super fanfiction crossover

"Just a bit more energy Pan!" She said. Der ganze Zeitfluss der Dragon Ball Geschichte ist gewandelt, so sind Son Goku und C18 seit einigen Jahren miteinander verheiratet und haben auch bereits eine Tochter, namens Caulifla. Fairy Tail 6. Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Though Gohan chuckles from that as he let the energy go. "Alright, remember that Obsidian is the one who learned more then the others so don't underestimate him, from what I remember before the whole Ki control training is that Obsidian knows the Kamehameha technique, how to fly from Krillin, and how to use Ki blasts from Tien and you know how hard Tien trained… still surprised Obsidian didn't learn about Ki control until now but boy I was shocked when eh made a Ki orb bigger then his body." You're even… more beautiful than I remembered." Though Obsidian looks confused for a moment. "Hmmm… probably because you have more Saiyan blood then Pan, maybe the reason she hasn't transformed is because she is a Quarter Saiyan, not a half blooded Saiyan, I mean you explained before you were half Saiyan right?, maybe there is some different trick to transforming and Pan needs to focus more on making her Ki go to her back then you do and make it a habit… can't hurt to at least try right?" "Interesting people. 11 61 ... wende dich bitte mit einer kurzen Problembeschreibung an [email protected] "Whoa!" "Good call." Obsidian said before he had the orb that he had vanish safely as he looks at the others and didn't look winded from what he just did. That's why pops is the Grand Minister." As Cedric left with Bulma when she went to make sure to have the proper supplied gathered, Lillum and the others left while Piccolo dragged Gohan away and long story short… a nervous Goku was with a nervous looking Chi-Chi as they look at one another. Lillum said with a smile on her face. "What are you exactly Obsidian?" "Great, most of them are still learning so… hey Obsidian, want to see what Pan can do?" Emerald whispered while he saw how bashful Bulma looked. Obsidian said before he cracked his neck a few times. Leonel said when she wondered who this guy was. "Anyway… considering what I heard I doubt I need to explain why I'm here, I came here to evaluate a few things because the King of All felt a disturbance from this universe and depending on what I find, the King of all may erase this universe and Universe 6 if this issue will cause other Universes peril, my apologize in advance but I was sent here to observe and judge whether or not Universe 6 and 7 deserve to stay intact." "Well then nice seeing you all. "Great, lets get going, the sooner we get to earth, the sooner we can restock and get to a serious training camp for earthlings." "Did you give Vegeta a concussion before coming here?" Bulma said as she walked away again. "Okay then." Emerald said while Old Kai gulps. "Hey Pan never transformed before now so this is a huge improvement for her, she could be the 5th fighter for us and stuff or are you going to turn away any help that doesn't seem impressive?" "We're gonna be screwed are we?" The trio said with wide eyes as they kept looking at Obsidian's orb. What if during the Shadow Dragon Saga, after Syn Shenron got hit with SS4 Gogeta's Big Bang Kamehameha, the Black Smoke Shenron appeared to try and aid Syn Shenron... but what if something got in the way and instead of getting rid of Goku... he was switched with a different version of himself?, how will the GT and Super Universes deal with their Goku's switching places? Daniel thought as he tries to block out the noises. "Yeah though if we have to search for SOMEONE ELSE after we get back to earth… so help me I'll punch someone THROUGH a planet… Cedric let's get going before I blow up another planet!" Kibito Kai said while Old Kai pales as he moved to force Kibito Kai facefirst onto the ground and bows constantly to the man. Pan said as she stretches as well. Sponsor werden und Werbung komplett deaktivieren. (Chapter 6 finish, Chapter 7 sometime in the future. #% ." She said before giving Maite's ass a good smack. "Long story short… Cedric's dad so pretty much the Angel of Angels… anyway Cedric… lets get going to the world of the Kai's… freaking A having to do this planet hopping… earth better be grateful I'm here to help power up these weak earthlings and % #! Piccolo said as he starts walking towards the students. "Yeah you two need a bath like right now… Pew!" Obsidian blinks when he heard that and looks over as his orb shrank. "Now that is an insane idea… Goku an Angel… granted he is pure of heart but one has to be born an angel to BE an Angel… naive as always… besides Goku couldn't do anything if he was an angel… you know the rules, Angel's cannot act for good or evil and have to be purely neutral and others cannot ask angels for help if its ever in danger, even Lord Emerald cannot force Lord Cedric to act… I mean have you seen Lord Cedric EVER fight unless defending himself?" "Is he gonna do what I think he's doing?"

if I was part alien or something else, I have no clue, for all I know with my knack for Ki control and Ki based things, I could be part alien at least… but as far as I know… I don't know… so please… don't ask again… not your fault for being curious but Gohan and the others in the tower grilled me for a bit so now I get a bit peeved when people ask that question… or would you rather I have ki balls blast in my face or something?" Your hubby here can explain it." "Seriously! Trotzdem verlassen? What if during the Shadow Dragon Saga, after Syn Shenron got hit with SS4 Gogeta's Big Bang Kamehameha, the Black Smoke Shenron appeared to try and aid Syn Shenron... but what if something got in the way and instead of getting rid of Goku... he was switched with a different version of himself?, how will the GT and Super Universes deal with their Goku's switching places? Goku felt egged on by that before grinning as he gets behind Chi-Chi and grabs her hips before Goku aims his cock at Chi-Chi's asshole before shoving it in. The trio were thoughtful after hearing that but knew Gohan was right. Everyone looked shocked while Bulma facepalms. Still a work in progress." Leonel said while she had a fanged grin on her face thanks to her upper canines being sharper then the usual persons. Daniel said though Leonel scoffed. "Yeah, would hate to lose a sexy woman like yourself with a body of a Goddess." Though Gohan jolted at the mention of his daughter going on dates with… boys. "Keep him busy, I have a new technique I want to try." "I believe she's the daughter of Gohan and Videl, which makes her Goku's granddaughter.". Old Kai said while he looked at Kibito Kai to signal him to teleport the duo to earth. Bulma said as she blushes in embarrassment. Once Chi-Chi was done, she licked Goku's cock clean and pulled her mouth off Goku's cock and coughed a few times to clear her throat. "Well Piccolo here had an… interesting time… testing the new students." I'm sure your husband wouldn't cheat on you with anyone.".

GT Dimension/ World of the Surpreme Kai/ Kibito Kai, Old Kai, Gohan.

Obsidian said when he approached Gohan after Obsidian thought back on the fight and how it played out. Father had the same crisis when he had to speak to my sister."

Azure rubbed her head on the crook of Rachel's neck while Lillum giggles as Maite looks amused when she looks at Lillum.


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