double rainbow meaning in buddhism
Laura Clark Reply:December 26th, 2013 at 8:01 am. Thanks. Comment by debbie clark — January 22, 2014 @ 8:15 pm, Today for the second time in 3 weeks on a Saturday my son and I saw a double rainbow. What does a double rainbow mean actually and What is the spiritual meaning of seeing it? No doubt that is why we stop to admire it’s beauty. What would the third rainbow mean? I really rejoice in your happiness and good fortune. AND, if you are interested in FURTHER understanding the meaning of Double Rainbows and what these magical symbols in your life mean, Listen to my Presentation  The Beauty & Awe of Double Rainbows Presentation. A parasol is an umbrella which represents protection symbol from the sun, strength, difficulties, and illness in Buddhism. As described in Tibetan literary sources, including, Certain Buddhist meditation practices are meant to alter the gravitational field of these five elements that constitute the body, transforming them into the five radiant lights of the color spectrum. Finally, I went to sleep from exhaustion. Not worring for once what evil was going on around the country. Red Cardinal Biblical Meaning: What does Red cardinal Mean in the Bible? To get enlightenment. Rainbows have symbolic meanings and hold new promises for us. Because relatively speaking, there has to be a self. Laura Clark Reply:May 16th, 2016 at 11:40 am. The double rainbow is the symbol of transformation. ( You can grab the audio and some gifts here: ), Comment by Stephanie — April 8, 2016 @ 1:13 am. Later, Xenophanes found crimson, yellow and blue. Well to my surprise the rain dissipated fairly quickly only to leave a double rainbow that seemed to follow me the rest of my trip home. Signs are always given to us. It is usually an object grasped in the hand, but it can also appear separately as a symbol of the deity that serves as a metonymy. When we sat down, I noticed the people at the table next to us – two women, possibly a mother and daughter. When a double rainbow appears in your life it is presenting you with an opportunity for growth, self- discovery, and evolution. To the ancient Greeks, she was Iris the brightly gowned, winged daughter of Thaumas, god of wonder, and the sea goddess Electra, who was a messenger to Hera, Zeus' lawful wife. I’m most certain it was for both of you and others who were graced by it’s presence. . There were other interpretations found, all essentially variations on the idea of blessings and hope multiplied. In the Genesis account, a rainbow appears right after the great worldwide flood brought in order to remove sinful and evil-minded man from the earth. God is everything! In the first rainbow we see red is at the top and violet at the bottom. When double rainbows appear it means that whatever is coming to you has great meaning in your life and that one good thing will lead to another good thing. I noticed that I hadn’t seen or at least hadn’t noticed such amazing and beautiful clouds in quite some time. I saw a double rainbow shortly after being baptized in a lake in New York. I knew this but was also curious to learn more. A circular rainbow known as ‘glory’, can sometimes be seen from high vantage points, such as hazy mountain summits, forming an aureole halo ring of rainbow light. I really feel this is not just an ordinary thing because that time I had something heavy weighing on my mind I asked for a sign from my Dad. When I heard the news I went outside to cry and then a double rainbow appeared, the brightest rainbow I had ever seen and the first time I have ever seen a double rainbow, the bottom of which looked like it was coming from the family Indian burial ground, we had his services the next day at that spot, My niece Molly passed away at age 2 never met her the day she died there was a double rainbow in the sky i never knew this till a few weeks ago when i seen a double rainbow i was so excited i called one of my sisters and she told me just likie the day molly died what do you think that means. In Buddhist iconography, the five colours: blue, white, green, red and yellow stand for the five Buddha families. Well my husband had gotten a new job in Florida and the kids and I were vacationing….before the big move this fall. WOW! Though rainbows are often explained as the bridge from the realm of the gods to the earth, more often, they are seen as a kind of omen. In her role as Hecate, Iris travels to the Underworld to testify to the oaths of the dying and she also has the power to detain their souls. They need to become balanced. A cultural rainbow may not give People, animals, and Eternal Beings like the Rainbow Serpent are all part of the Dreaming, and everyday life is affected by the Dreaming’s immortals,” – Wikipedia. I shared them to my Facebook page if anyone would like to see it, Comment by Christina Miller — August 17, 2017 @ 7:58 pm, On a late summer evening of 2017 I asked the Lord to show a sign that things are going to be ok and much to my crying soul it was shown to me. Often that nervousness is because you know there will be a message that you must step out of your comfort zone to grab the goodness!!!! This is also a symbolic representation of spiritual transformation. Thanks Laura been stepping out most of my life. Did you grab my audio posted in the blog? Oh I love the puddle play supporting you and the message you received!!!!


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