door jamb detail
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When ordering a door frame, several details about the jambs must be determined, starting with the throat size of the jamb. The throat is the back portion of the door jamb that wraps around a wall for installation.

Industry helpline: 0800 80 80 85 The material used to make a door jamb is largely determined by where it will be used. Open Type RlRVAKh4WG9AdqVrirY8pzlVc3tqqMEPqFnCVlJCAMVHKvF/sVHwnvircnlG4jtJbl7+0UQglo3M ZsZIlmupYYb+bgzySB+L21rPGSAgJDUO9T25KoPyp+Z+v395bRa1oL2sF84itJbODU5TzdkAaUTW /wAjo/64q79OaJ/1cLb/AJHR/wBcVd+nNE/6uFt/yOj/AK4q79OaJ/1cLb/kdH/XFXfpzRP+rhbf


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