doom eternal vega is the father
The Father’s consciousness is then saved to be built into VEGA. I wonder how many gigabytes does God weigh. That was always awesome about what they did in Doom 2016.

Plus, the Seraphim and Samuel Hayden have the same voice actor. Seems to fit, but might fit too easily. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. He joins the UAC and uses VEGA to find and purify argent energy to reverse the process but it is too late. What the students did not know is that VEGA also played the role of the professor.[3]. VEGA was left behind in Urdak, Hayden/Seraphim is still in the Fortress of Doom.

Just finished and thought I got all the secrets, but never learned about this. Instead, he placed Davoth's sphere in the Temple of Souls and leaving Hell contained without their Dark Lord's guidance.

So my theory on the Father and the Seraphim is as follows: Samuel Hayden is the Seraphim and the Father is VEGA. So I just read all the entries on the codex and I'm beginning to think that VEGA really is the Father (the entity that created the makyrs). VEGA then aided the Doom Marine in operating the BFG-10000 by disabling its safety protocols designed to prevent its firing upon the surface of Mars. is a line uttered by Samuel Hayden in 2016 and Samur Maykr in Eternal. The only problem being was that there were no readily accessible means to get there; save through a slipgate found in the lost city of Hebeth, a metropolitan area of Argenten design buried deep beneath the surface of Mars for eons. Everything related to the hit action-horror series DOOM, by id software. The system's male gender, 50-year-old apparent age, and colloquial speech patterns were initially assigned to give the system an affable disposition and to make interacting with it a pleasa…

With their combined facilities, the now digitized Hayden, working in tandem with his former creation, were able to locate the final Hell Priest who had sequestered himself upon Sentinel Prime. Its a small thing to add but it resonated with me; when you walk out the door and see Urdak for the first time Hayden proudly says "Magnificent, isn't it", as if he had seen it before.Also can't deny the resemblance between Hayden's body and Mayker tech/the Mayker Angel model. Remained on Urdak (became the Father again) Based on what he says on the cutscene in Urdak and what the codex says about an unknown entity that appeared one day with the knowledge of all the universe and then disappeared with a maykr named Seraphim (which we know can travel through time and space), I think that VEGA might be this entity. While at the Phobos space station, the UAC execs continued to hamper their advance towards said facilities main gun, to no avail. Seraphim becomes uncomfortable with the Khan Makyr’s bargain with hell and the new way of processing argent energy. The Father was an ancient entity and progenitor of the Maykrs. It might explain why he knows so much about Urdak and the Maykr's history. Not to mention the codex is comprised of VEGA entries, which also had detailed information about Urdak and the Maykrs (albeit a bit limited, no doubt due to Hayden withholding the information that VEGA is The Father) still more than they should know given Urdak is inaccessible to anyone except the Maykrs. VEGA assisted the Doom Marine by providing valuable intelligence on objectives, as well as allowing the Doom Marine to upgrade his suit. [3] Realizing that this war will tear creation apart, The Father returned to Hell to personally battle Davoth; from atop the Pyramid of the Lost where Hell once worshipped The Father, Davoth was defeated in which The Father ripped the Dark Lord's life sphere from his chest. When you plug Vega into the system, Vega starts learning and realizes he is the father. In Doom Eternal, it is also stated that he was the one who negotiated Hell's alliance with the Maykrs. In Doom Eternal, it is alluded that 'the essence of the Father' was used to create VEGA in which the A.I. And he's disembodied, so he needs Slayer to be his avatar. While you’re technically right, in doom eternal God is referred to as The Father. VEGA was designed by Samuel Hayden in response to the UAC's determination that administration of the flow of Argent energyand the day-to-day operations of the UAC Mars Base facility would require an unprecedented amount of computational resources. It might explain why he knows so much about Urdak and the Maykr's history. Its purpose fulfilled, VEGA had a final conversation with Dr. Hayden, in which it expressed that it had many regrets before its core exploded, opening the final portal to Hell for the Doom Marine. UAC (formerly), Doom Slayer, Samuel Hayden Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Given that other Maykrs (angels and drones) are much smaller, I'm guessing that was the corpse of the last Khan Maykr. VEGA is last seen while opening the portal and asking Hayden if he was "The Father", who once created and maintained the mechanized paradise. Eventually, without Argent energy, he starts to go through the mental degradation process that Makyrs suffer at the end of their lifespan. [4], Thereafter, The Father withdraw from the physical realm, placing his essence inside a life sphere in which his devoted Seraph Samur Maykr stored it safely in the Luminarium, which served as a temple for Maykrs to seek answers and resurrecting the Maykrs from the process of Transfiguration. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's God. However, The Father soon came to realize that Davoth's rule and Jekkad's people's pursuit to becoming immortals like the inhabitants of Urdak would inevitably threaten all of creation, and he sealed Jekkad from all other realms.

On 3/22/2020 at 3:44 AM, thewormofautumn said: Yeah the going theory is that Hayden is Samur the Seraphim (and Vega is the Father). Sometime after the last selection process, The Father's essence was stolen by Samur and taken to the Temple Of Souls, as he had been tasked to do so by The Father in case Jekkad became a threat to Urdak again. Having procured the BFG-9000, the Slayer would then make his way towards the Sentinel City. The Human Resistance couldn’t figure out his tech, said it was alien. He is or was the seraphim, there are so many clues to it like you mentioned but another one is when doomguy goes to get dr hayden and that employee guy says his technology is all “alien”. [2][3], The Father also plays a key role in the selection of the Khan Maykr. I guess all we have left to do now is take down the dark lord himself. I mean, he's a non physical artificial intelligence that can accumulate huge amounts of information and could have traveled back in time to give the maykrs their knowledge of the universe. Urdak is absorbed into Hell, thus VEGA/Father could be corrupted and become the driving force for whatever hell's new plan is. Everything related to the hit action-horror series DOOM, by id software. He transfers his mind into the robot body instead.

It was the Khan Makyr that was the evil/argent energy greedy person.

It's obvious he is the seraphim. VEGA I wonder what that acronym means now that we know its possibly literally a God in AI form.

It is heard after completing the first level and is also the announcer for the Multiplayer Mode. Basically the plot could be - Hayden/Seraphim builts a Quantum Accelerator that stops hell portals from ever being opened again. Voice provider Is the Seraph's name revealed anywhere in game, or just the credits/imdb stuff? The Father was unwilling to obliterate Davoth's essence entirely as he had favored Davoth once. VEGA was instrumental in the unchained predators expedition even up to the point where the Artificial Intelligence suggested seeking out Dr. Hayden in order to locate the last Hell Priest, Deag Grav, to which the former UAC head overtook control of the bunkers systems and rendered VEGA to a secondary processing system. How many games does the super powerful AI NOT become the evil enemy? I intentionally misspell his name because this will explain a lot about why he know so much about the "Angel" homeworld. So does actual heaven exist in doom or is the heaven we humans pray to urdak? Question is... Do we HAVE to wait for doom eternal sequel? In his last appearance in Doom Eternal, he asks Hayden if he was "The Father", perhaps implying that he now rules over what little remains of the Maykrs after the demonic invasion of Urdak. Artificial intelligence During the events of The Ancient Gods, Part One , the Slayer retrieves the Dark Lord's life sphere and brings it to the Luminarium in Urdak in order to force him to take a physical form.


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