does tsuruko like yukiatsu

In fact, she is the one who asks Jinta if he loved Menma (probably to be sure). I loved how Anjou grabbed in the spoiler Anaru knew he’d get embarrassed and run away, but didn’t expect everyone to chase after. ( Log Out /  As for Jinta, though, it is harder to determine whether he still thinks the way he used to as a child. On the one hand it is possible that Jinta is jealous of the boy, because Jinta knows that he (Jinta) and the girl he loves – Menma – will never be able to talk about things like that.

Before I dive in to the characters, I didn’t realize how common it was for kids to make nicknames out of an amalgamation of their first and second names (a la Kazuto Kirigaya’s ‘Kirito’ from Sword Art Online).

Well he did not say that but it was in that sense. Yukiatsu and Tsuruko are on their way home. Minato divide chakra com Naruto - Tobirama e Sasuke surpresos com Naruto e Madara fala de Kaguya ! We see Jinta playing games in his room, and he overhears a conversation by a boy and a girl who are walking outside. ( Log Out /  Actually, IIRC, I think it was Yukiatsu's idea in the first place. She's below Menma, and I love Menma to death. I'm sure, just like the others, there's much about her character that has yet to be revealed, but as of now I find her very cold. shes got a superiority complex, as demonstrated by talking down to anaru. Anaru has been in love with Jinta ever since they were children. I was a little confused about it too, but yup, that's my understanding of the childhood events as well. Popo is left feeling guilty because he saw where menma fell and didn’t jump in to save her. What did Anaru tell Menma before the meeting? However, Anaru got jealous and instigated the whole “inviting Jintan and embarrassing him in front of Menma” plan.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. She harbors a deep affection for Yukiatsu, but knowing his attachment to Menma, she does not pursue him and remains as nothing more than a friend to him. When Poppo gets impatient and goes to the door to look for the others, Tsuruko, Yukiatsu and Anaru come by, bringing food. Maybe Jinta might have wanted a relationship like that, where the two lovers can talk freely about anything they want.

He doesn't quite mean it in a bad way. It finds its roots in one of the flashbacks that are often shown during the anime. Loved her in the latest ep, so bad. The boy talks about the girl’s breasts, and Jinta gets annoyed, mumbling that the boy is a sex-addict. Menma chases him, Yukiatsu chases her and offers her a hair clip, she keeps running and falls in the river. The opening scene opens up another perspective for me. June 27, 2011 in Blog | Tags: ano hana, interpretation, relationships. P.S.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In any case, this is a wonderful post ^_^. I thought this to be a rather awkward relationship. Really liked how she called out to him so he would come out of the hiding. I might be over-analyzing, but I think there are some points of view that are interesting enough to at least consider and take a look at. The characters of the anime series Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day: 1 The Super Peace Busters 1.1 Jinta "Jintan" Yadomi 1.2 Meiko "Menma" Honma 1.3 Naruko "Anaru" Anjou 1.4 Atsumu "Yukiatsu" Matsuyuki 1.5 Chiriko "Tsuruko" Tsurumi 1.6 Tetsudo "Poppo" Hisakawa 2 Other Characters 2.1 Atsushi Yadomi 2.2 Touko Yadomi 2.3 The Honmas 2.4 Mama Anjou 2.5 Aki and Haruna Voiced by: Mutsumi … He needed time to cope with the situation, but in the end he’s ready to admit (both to Menma and himself!) So I was surprised when it turned out that they were only friends. Me iko Ho nma becomes ‘Menma’, Naru ko A njou becomes ‘Anaru’ and so on.

He’s even shedding his tears and their talk is finished in the end. Why didn't Menma want Jintan to come? She wanted to surprise him. This would show in the fact that the relationship that Jinta and Menma share is purely platonic. You have been warned. Her calling out Yukiatsu on his strange "hobby" was a step in the right direction, but not quite enough to win me over. Characters L-R: Tsuruko, Yukiatsu, Menma, Jintan, Anaru, and Poppo.

I give her two thumbs up for calling out Yukiatsu, She solidified my love for her on episode 4. Yukiatsu stands up and tells her that he needs her to do something she can do only. She is one of those typical characters [you] hate initially but end up liking after [you] figure her out. I would like to do it myself, but frankly I start sobbing even trying to remember this scene. I’m glad that by the end of the series we finally got to know what Poppo was feeling guilty about and what he wanted to talk about with Menma. Well it was damn manly of him and like Yukiatsu last episode he becomes Anjou's hero. Climbed so fast and high up on my list in just this ep. I really think that she has a thing for Yukiatsu... even though I don't like him right now, he better come around and somehow respond to her feelings. She's my bias on the show. that he really is in love with her. I like the ending scene of these two characters, because that scene is free for interpretation. They are not sitting next to each other in that train.

Yukiatsu: As I’d been living in the past like your wife, I do want to do something for Meiko all the better for that! What did they all want to do? Even though she is so close to him (she even knows his exact height and weight), she cannot be together with him, because Yukiatsu already likes Menma and Anaru. He could have just gone on with his life and found another girl, but instead he still loves Menma, and he can’t forget about her. Or maybe he wants to take revenge on Jinta in a way, because he knows that Anaru loves Jinta, and by saying that they are kindred spirits (they both had to deal with unrequited love, Yukiatsu for Menma and Anaru for Jinta) he wants to show Jinta that he after all can get love, while Jinta can’t (or so he believes).

If you ship both of them together like I do‚ then this is you'll most likely like this fanfic. But on the other hand it’s also possible that Yukiatsu did respond to her feelings, and that they are a couple now. But it is exactly this obsessive behaviour that shows us how much he still likes Menma. discussion) there are other threads for that stuff. You could either think that they are still only friends, and that Tsuruko has come to learn to live with the fact that Yukiatsu does not love her.

He even goes as far as lying that he can see Menma as well. classy or...arrogant? This is wonderfully well-analysed… especially the relation between Yukiatsu and Tsruko, However, I do believe that while there is some truth in the fact that Jinta might want a platonic relationship, if one takes into context the fact that they are aware that theirs is a love where they want to be married, it is a possibility that since he has been a hikikomori they have remained somewhat at the same level of personal maturity. Why did Jintan come to the base if he wasn't supposed to? Note: Please don't use this for the specifics (i.e. In the end this conflict is resolved, however, and I found the final scene with Anaru and Jinta heartwarming. - Duration: 19:21. She's like the Ami of this show, but classier. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. However, later on we get to know that Tsuruko has feelings for Yukiatsu, and she feels envious of Anaru and Menma. So yes, it could definitely be true that they both still are at a stage where they think of love – as Menma beautifully states it – as ‘the feeling when you want to marry someone’. On the other hand I think Jinta might have really meant what he said, and this could mean that Jinta truly prefers a platonic relationship over a physical one. I like the ending scene of these two characters, because that scene is free for interpretation. Doing that would just make her a hypocrite for calling out Anaru and Yukiatsu about how they got affected with Menma.

Throughout the whole series, Poppo really wanted to see Menma or at least be able to talk to her. As for Menma, we are shown that she still acts as if she is a child, even though she looks older.

After that Jinta runs off. Yukiatsu obviously suffers from his unrequited love for Menma, even after all those years. Actually I’d like to think the former point of view, because of one very minor element actually. Also, Tsuruko found out about Yukiatsu and Anaru's plan, and since she was jealous of them, Tsuruko told Menma that they'd told Jintan to come. I wouldn't say Tsuruko loves Yukiatsu just yet, but she definitely cares about him a great deal. Maybe not romantic yet but still strong feelings. Can someone please recreate the whole childhood situation explaining motives? I mean, sure, he does call the kid a sex addict, but at the same time, it seems as if he and Menma have remained at the same level of maturity since the time they were kids – like as if time had stopped for them both. I really like how Jintan, Yukiatsu, Poppo and Anaru look in this movie, better than in the series (Tsuruko looks better than at the end of the anime and worst than at the beginning because long hair is better than short hair 95% of the time) She still likes Jinta, but instead of noticing her feelings, Jinta behaves cold towards her and only pays attention to his own feelings for Menma.

His reaction truly shows that he does, but he denies by saying that no one possibly love someone like her. I immensely enjoyed this anime, and I can’t help but slightly analyze all the character relationships, because each and every character is bound to another in a unique way. She is torn between these two choices: Jinta or Yukiatsu? She learned to watch others and foresee their unspoken feelings, that she tends to keep them to herself, along with her own feelings, to others. It takes a while before he can give in to his feelings and confess them to Menma. I like this other possibility that you added here, because this one as well is possible. So Menma called the team together without Jintan so that they could put something together to make him cry (in a nice way).

I didn't like her at first, but I'm neutral towards her now. I think Tsuruko deserves a chance and so does Yukiatsu.

So basically, (I might be misremembering because I just watched a similar anime) but Jintan’s mother made Menma promise that she would still make Jintan cry after she died. I don't get why people take her as bitchy, I think she's just ~classy~. Yukiatsu looks at her feet, crossed at the ankles and fidgeting against each other, very unlike the Tsuruko he's known for seven years.


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