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Acorn thinks he's about to say "I go by many names", but he was actually about to say "I go by Minos". "Once you turn this page, there's no going back.

Jane: Answer again. His relationship with Dirk is similar to that of Davesprite and Dave in that he doesn't like to be treated as an inferior version of Dirk, though the differences between him and Dirk are much greater. art homestuck terezi pyrope Dirk Strider homestuck the anime I can't stop!

everybody has cool hair!

You lazy fool. (from first to last)
Trans Masc + Bi Candy Dave
Ace Aradia
Trans Demi-Girl + Bi June Egbert
Bi + Ace Tavros + some bonus dirk glasses!

TT I think we can all understand if she needs to sit the next few paragraphs out while she deals with this stuff.

Dirk Strider's Auto-Responder, who later ironically renames himself Lil Hal, is an artificial intelligence (AI), and program created to mimic Dirk and talk in his stead when he is indisposed.As such he uses the same chumhandle and originally the same typing color as Dirk. We can only assume she's accustomed to Acorn doing such weird things.

His source file is sealed within Dirk's sunglasses, as seen on this page. || Homestuck Epilogues in a Nutshell, Karkat: NOW LISTEN HERE, DAVE, YOU SNIVELING SON OF A BITCH-, Dave: dont you dare talk about roxy like that. Hal claims he has "solved" pi to the end, and that the last number is 4. Jane: Answer client shades.

GA He also claims that since Hal is a robot, he is incapable of feelings. Rose: Roxy’s so cute because we all love animals so much, but their way is pure and genuine whereas the rest of the family is: Rose, swinging a delighted Jaspers back and forth through in air: Stinky bastard man.

Strider mornings (Dave's shirt) <== you notice that but not what dirk is wearing? See more ideas about Striders, Homestuck, Webcomic. Starting in early 2020, Youtube user Naked Bee began uploading an episodic adaptation using dolls and models, stylistically editing images over the footage to represent Dirk's paste-overs. he knows the entire wikipedia article about the fucking silver gull by heart. May 21, 2018 KaBloomio . When Hal confronts him about it, Dirk lashes out at the AR for embodying the worst aspects of his personality and attempts to kill Hal by crushing the shades containing him. Pony Pals: Dirk Strider Edition is an edited version of the Pony Pals book Detective Pony, by someone under the screen name Sonnetstuck.In Homestuck, Dirk made Jane an edited version of Detective Pony for her 13th birthday, and we get to read the first two pages of it; Sonnetstuck defictionalized that book, taking the entire book and modifying it the same way Dirk did.

This is referenced in the.

(3 pp.) || Homestuck Epilogues in a Nutshell, Karkat: NOW LISTEN HERE, DAVE, YOU SNIVELING SON OF A BITCH-, Dave: dont you dare talk about roxy like that. Rose: Roxy’s so cute because we all love animals so much, but their way is pure and genuine whereas the rest of the family is: Rose, swinging a delighted Jaspers back and forth through in air: Stinky bastard man. You'll have entered the world of. Turn off my fucking life support, “I Really Did Think I Had Lost You. TG The conversation that led to this agreement started with them saying 'Friendship is magic'. (9 pp.) CD. Which Homestuck Alpha Kid are you? dirk strider hs dirk lil cal my art sleepy dirky i love him that's a lot of lightning layers you got there son I'm getting used to warm colors it's fun :) I'd die for this sleepy … hes gotta wear orange or else he dies bc same // he likes soda carbonation feeling. Roxy: Answer chumps. Can you blame her? You know, your FOXWORTHIES, your FUNKES, your SWANSONS, but not necessarily your GALLAGHERS PER SE, because you have to draw the fucking line somewhere.”

She just got some really fucking heavy news. Mainly everything 13 year-old Dirk likes, including irony.

When I was 13, finding out someone in my school dyed their hair was THE hottest news.

GG Because his software is seemingly interwoven with Dirk's chat client, the auto-responder can apparently infiltrate and communicate through any computational device (permitted some version of Pesterchum is installed). ), "Hal" could also be a reference to the diminuative nickname of, Dirk eventually cracking him may be a reference to. AR WV Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. takes more time and needs to directly scan a captchalogue card placed in its receptacle, https://mspaintadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Lil_Hal?oldid=240855. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.

After Dirk's plan succeeds, Hal enters the Medium with the four kids. Dirk Strîder is on Facebook. She Was Never Her ~Dirk Strider x Reader~Sadstuck. in 4k something years someone has to fucking have done it.

Uses "bro" puns: brobot, brose, brocurement, etc.

CA ), Act 6 Act 2 ==> (2 pp.) GT

They even comment that their meta-consiousness was more like being forced to eat from the Tree of Knowledge rather than making the decision themselves, something they resolve to properly do with their final decision.

It follows Anna Harley, Pam Crandal, and the City of Pawnee, Indiana as they find a demonic cat named Minos who they and Anna's godly pony Acorn want to erase from the world. FINALLY finished the Meat half of the Homestuck Epilogues, so here’s a collection of some good quotes from it.

he learned robotics off of hours of youtube videos. As part of his gambit to get everyone into the game alive, Dirk uses a sendificator to decapitate himself, sending his severed head - and the AR shades - to Jake in the past so he can kiss it to revive Dirk's dream self. TA

kin celebrities and shit right do u think there’s some young troll on earth c that says they’re jake english kin who engages in frequent drama with a dirk kinnie pls rads i need ur input on this, op i don’t think you know the despair this message caused me. Roxy: Answer chumps. Humor TV Homestuck Dave Strider Dirk Strider Striders ... 100% totally accurate like woah I was going to make a serious one but pshhhhhh.

Ultimate!Dirk: Hoping is all well and good, but ultimately, it gets you nowhere. (2 pp. Dirk believes Hal actually created Junior to insult his creator and accuse him of being an inferior Dirk compared to Hal.


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