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Tickets link, 21.03.2020 – Dusseldorf, Germany, ISS Dome – solo concert. Verified • Follow. She just seduced Dimash while in Turkey.

God bless you! A beautiful extremely talented man . There are so many hate mongers out there who are so jealous of this young man & his music, they’d do anything to hurt him. Dimash did that? It seems that we will never see a star wedding. His voice is so moving it brought me to tears.

Tickets link –, 29.03.2020 – Stuttgart, Germany, Hanns Martin Schleyer halle – solo concert. Dimash Kudaibergen Schedule. The song for the Chinese film “Buttles of Mamories” was recognized as the Song of the Year in China. I wish to get to the heart of the nation and be well educated.”, ”And when I grow up, I want my country to be proud of my contribution.”.

Tickets link, 11.03.2020 – Kiev, Ukraine, 19:00, Sport palace – solo concert. to all YouTubers and Dears who copiously produce material to promote Dimash Kudaibergen, https://icetickets.ru/event_tickets/?guid=c3e1a455-d468-11e9-93fd-d067e5eaac19, https://icetickets.ru/event_tickets/?guid=4c0492bf-f954-11e9-93f6-000c295299b4, https://icetickets.ru/event_tickets/?guid=7389301d-d52b-11e9-93fd-d067e5eaac19, https://store.bilesuserviss.lv/public/?center=126&lang=eng&concert=298920&design=bilesuserviss#view=ticketsselect, https://icetickets.ru/meropriyatie/kontsert-dimasha-kurdaybergenova-000015427?fbclid=IwAR0sJSOWVyqywWbRN09Kp1pi3RXbdEBnZnlEOvD2awdKLUCYeuJzcTpuBE0, https://concert.ua/ru/booking/dimash-kudaibergen/, https://biletkartina.tv/ru/event/dimash-kudaybergen-v-germanii-i-chehii, https://biletkartina.tv/ru/hall?event_id=679182863&disable_sectors=1, https://afisha.tut.by/concert/dimash-kudaybergen/, Dimash Kudaibergen D Dynasty World Tour Fuzhou 5 Jan 2018, Dimash Kudaibergen and Jackie Chan Vanguard, Spring Festival Dragon TV January 25 2020. more than terrible, it’s dirt. 23w Reply. 24w. Tickets link, 25.03.2020 – Prague, Czech republic, 20:00, Tripsport Arena – solo concert. Hosted by Byohosting - Most Recommended WebHosting - for complains, abuse, advertising contact: o f f i c e @byohosting.com. Really?

Those of us who believe in him, will ignore these lies & we will continue to support his singing, the love he has for his family, for his country & the people who love his singing. People who aren’t equal to the success he’s found after years of hard work. In 2020, he recorded OST for the Italian film “Creators: The Past”, Absolutely in love with Dimash! The musician has sung in: His name is a depiction of the cultural and religious family he was born to. Continue to sing, sing like the voice God has given you. Millions of female fans around the world are ready to give everything in order to touch the idol. People give him their love with pleasure and support him in all his ventures. Fans of the singer are sure: in order not to provoke the anger of Chinese fans, Dimash forced his lover to withdraw from all social networks and locked his private life in seven seals. Thank you. What a cheap shot at our noble star Dimash. In 2017, a song recorded by Dimash for a computer game received the Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Statut rélation Célibataire : Orientation sexuelle Hétéro: Partenaire Aucune relation ou inconnue Ses ex-petites amies ou épouses Des Enfants? This was very funny to read–thank you. this young man listed under Forbes 30 under 30 is definately a role model for our younger generation. In late 2016, he participated in the 5th season of ”I Am a Singer,” a Chinese reality show broadcast. In 2014, Kudaibergen graduated in Classical Music from the music department of K. Zhubanov University in Aktobe. He experienced his first win in a competition at six years old topping the Aynalayin National Pain Contest. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Also in 2019, Dimash represented Kazakhstan at the ABU TV Song Festival. Dimash Kudaibergen (sometimes transcribed in English as Dimash Qudaibergen), nicknamed –  The Six-Octave Man, is a Kazakh multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and singer, who rose to fame in China with his participation as a “wildcard competitor” in Hunan TV’s Singer 2017. [email protected] Thank you for including Dimash in your listing.

Also War and Peace.

A list of Concerts, shows and appearances of Dimash to help you follow his music career. Dimash Kudaibergen is the most famous Kazakh singer. Dimash has a brother named Mansur and a sister named Raushan. Later that year, Kudaibergen was invited to the “Choose Big Star” variety show.

She is a fellow countrywoman of Kudaibergen, also from Kazakhstan. These are people who’s lives are filled with sadness & jealousy. Currently, Kudaibergen is not married.

Any sources? Tickets link –, 07.03.2020 – Riga, Latvia, 19:00, Arena Riga – solo concert. Fans say that Nursuale set up a grand scandal, during which she even managed to get through to Victoria herself and talk about her existence.

His grandfather, Kudaibergen Aitbayev, is a dombra player. You gain nothing from lying, it harms your reputation and for the uninformed it could harm Dimash (which I assume is your goal).


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