des moines wa power outage today
Hopefully tonight’s issue will be fixed by tomorrow.

@CenturyLinkHelp @CenturyLink Still getting this message, "My Billing Statements: We are currently experiencing issues with billing. So I’ll maybe get an update on Thursday but with my luck no one will call me. #CenturyLink. Anyone else having issues with @CenturyLink internet?

@Johnny05974161 Folks streaming college gameday were clearly putting a strain on the Centurylink infastructure in Alabama. We are currently experiencing issues with billing. Fix it. CenturyLink serves homes and businesses in 37 states.

I'm talking to my 15th representative trying to get an tech appointment for slow internet that only occurs in the evening.

Work hotspot isn’t working either. @CenturyLinkHelp hey guys/ gals, I’m having some weird issues today. -Trey. Shameful!! @CenturyLink I need help. I now owe almost $600 for shitty phone and internet service (35 for internet, $85 for phone). Learn about DMWW's voluntary program to assist low-income households in the Des Moines metro. You guys have been great, especially with customer service. @CenturyLinkHelp @AbigailWise Aaron, it's been an issue FOR A LONG TIME. @centurylink can you help?

I have lots of choice words.

Occasionally, this means water service may be interrupted for periods of time without prior notification. No internet since morning and took hour long call to realize your issue and say you CAN NOT fix till Monday? @CenturyLinkHelp Thanks for contacting the tech supervisor in my area. Anyone know how to get assistance from @CenturyLink in Columbia, MO?? [email protected] -Trey. @Xfinity An explanation as to why you are down would be the respectful thing to do at this point and not a generic response from a bot. @CenturyLinkHelp @CenturyLink @CenturyLinkHome Goddammit!! Neighbor’s Invention Helps Indianola Man Breathe During Power Outage News / 2 years ago. I was told I would be getting my internet back 2 hours ago @CenturyLink. Twitter -No you don't, @fluumpy90 Egg pounce: jump on the ball and then off again while it is rolling Serious national security issues parking law enforcement! And nobody will talk to me or fix my internet. @CenturyLink my internet has been out all day AGAIN! Heimlich squat: put the controller down and poop in your bedroom No outages in my area. Added to earlier - actually no, doing that didn't help, our internet still blows chunks @CenturyLink, @brad3831 Still no internet and nobody will help me! Hopefully more will dump you too. Also called @CenturyLink.

Under-snatch [email protected] @Xfinity fixed the issue on Monday by mid day Tuesday. The water may be cloudy at first due to air in the water or particles that dislodged as the pipes filled with water. Also:"My Billing Statements.

Your techs are horrendous, until you get one with a brain. My internet is currently down by the way. On the phone with CenturyLink because I still have no internet. My info says this was a cyber attack Level 3 internet outage @CenturyLink, @Zappkk @MrCarterClarke The internet always sucks but today has been a cluster! @CenturyLink has the worst service ever. Television service is offered through satelite provider DirecTV or over the internet (IPTV) under the Prism TV brand. I have a vastly superior internet provider called Cox communications.

@FCC you should look into @CenturyLink and how they know about issues for their customers but do nothing.

I keep losing my connection every now and then. CenturyLink is the WORST service provider in North Carolina.

So this means Biden should win tomorrow, right? @RyanMartin_7 No issues here. @CenturyLink worst customer service in the industry - they use covid as an excuse saying they are trying to keep their employees safe when in fact their customer service is always atrocious covid or no covid, @centurylink You started upgrading the tech/software and your didn’t gave heads up to customer and you screw up the very customer. *sigh* Its another one of those nights. . East Side Des Moines Residents Without Power Monday Night News / 3 years ago. Is it us?

#poorservice. #Fooked. You get my money for years and I get this kind of customer service? Qwest disconnect: lose connection to the internet, @fluumpy90 Egg pounce Centurylink dsl is 4 Meg in my area and Imon stops service at my neighbor's house. @NYCRovers Still no internet and nobody will help me!

@JustinBrady @MediacomCable Interesting, I am just starting back with them later this week. Last I was told there was no eta for a fix but hopefully back up tonight. @aMoustacheRider @VriezerX @CenturyLink Spent about 2hr on chat with @CenturyLink, with the conclusion that they wont do anything until today's tech closes the ticket, which in a sane world he wouldn't BECAUSE ITS STILL BROKEN! Erik Lentz via Outages. Nope!

I had a question about adding another line.. 1. On the phone with CenturyLink because I still have no internet. No working fiber internet after 4 days, nobody can help when calling in, no local office open & keep being told they are coming back & time keeps getting pushed back! Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) is a regional utility that protects public health by delivering outstanding quality water in reliable quantities. KCCI 8 News is your source for the latest local headlines and live alerts. Fix it. @CIA Capgemini, Savvis and the pita below collecting my information. Jet reset

RT @NetGeezus: @Dirk_Dane @waEMD Historically it is probably @Verizon or @CenturyLink. That’s the max speed @centurylink will provide in my area.

And my employer probably isn't too happy that I can't work right now either. RT @GossiTheDog: After a 50 hour outage at 15 datacenters across the US — impacting cloud, DSL, and 911 services — CenturyLink say the outa…, @whoacialist I would be happy to help you with any and all CenturyLink issues you are experiencing if you DM us. We are in WA and we have centurylink... we also have no internet.

@CenturyLink @CenturyLinkHelp Another outage in Minneapolis area.

@CenturyLink your service is an absolute joke. Looks like the @CenturyLink website chat service looked into my issue. I dumped you after you wouldn't provide what you promised. TIP: If anyone has an Internet issue w/@CenturyLink & tries to make you wait 5 days for service, contact @CenturyLinkHelp Team- they’ll get in contact with area tech to come quicker.

@Xfinity An explanation as to why you are down would be the respectful thing to do at this point and not a generic response from a bot. Bathtubs and hosed bibs are good candidates. I have a Verizon hotspot as an automatic fail over when Mediacom has issues. MidAmerican Energy 2_1467741092597.jpg. New customer 8/2020.

This makes the 3rd time I’ve had to use PTO due to poor service.

Vsauce Are you okay?

While my son might appreciate the break from school, I sure don't. No appointment was set. @SkinonSkin17

@KTAR923 Yeah, mine is still down. @marklsq @CenturyLink.

Service has been down in our area all morning (some of my neighbors for longer).

@CenturyLinkHelp @CenturyLink No responses! @CenturyLink internet has been down for over 20 minutes. @RonBurnsFL

I no longer live at said location I just want to cancel my service. Seriously? and the inconvenience of having to wait for them to close the ticket and open a new one . ©2020, Hearst Television Inc. on behalf of KCCI-TV. I loath the company from previous customer service issues. @fit6life @CenturyLink @CenturyLinkHelp @CenturyLinkHome Can you believe they charge me 45/month for 2mbps? If it wasn't an infrastructure outage caused by a pr…, i see centurylink is working on yet another FCC fine. @CenturyLink Internet is down in the Portland Oregon area. Login | Create an Account | Forgot Password? Can afford to pay a massive dividend on there stock, but refuse to fix issues they know about - which now prevents me from working. @Korbonite @CenturyLink Apologies for the delay on getting you connected. Time for a new provider since @CenturyLink obviously doesn't work, @DonZirpolo And my employer probably isn't too happy that I can't work right now either. @CenturyLink Our internet’s been out for hours for no reason? NO LOCAL TECH NUMBERS, NO EMERGENCY TECH- IT’S INSANITY!!!! Also:"My Billing Statements.

put on hold until offices closed so NO HELP, web site not working properly. @CenturyLink #Centurylink #Internet, I have to go sit in a frickin restaurant w/WiFi to even use my phone bc calls keep dropping!!!

No, I'm not going to send you a DM. We are here to help you out.


* CenturyLink outage led to a 3.5% drop in global web traffic | ZDNet - #test. I think it's a political thing against @realDonaldTrump . @CenturyLinkHelp. I no longer live at said location I just want to cancel my service. . @CenturyLinkHelp Still waiting for your [email protected] @CenturyLinkHelp Still no Internet, @StrengthOfSpear Anyone w/@CenturyLink should DROP IT! @CenturyLink, why have we had such slow speeds and down again in Prairie City? @CenturyLink I need help. @CenturyLink - disconnected my internet service today.

Called U 3x waited over 45 min, got hung up each time! Like what else could go wrong haha. @CenturyLink it’s a daily occurrence my internet goes out. I keep losing my connection every now and then.

@CenturyLink. We placed a disconnect notice for Nov 2nd today is Oct 27th and the internet is off. Seriously? Like what else could go wrong haha. Paying for 3 mps which is fastest offered to my community when there 80+ all around us and getting less than .5 mps. Leading, advocating, and investing today to deliver water you can trust for life. 14 hours and counting. Heimlich squat: put the controller down and shit in your bedroom Cities with Recently Reported Power Outages. @CenturyLink #embarqmail is not working. It goes out when it rains. @PlantainHF Also called @CenturyLink. Is it us? Made 2 tech appointments but there's no record of either! We been transferred to over 20 reps with no answer still. @MGLeStage @CenturyLink is there an outage in Lake City Mi?


#Internet #Centurylink #CustomerService, @CenturyLinkHelp Thanks for contacting the tech supervisor in my area.


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