delonghi ec702 steam wand not working
What is the reason that allows this coffee machine to remain in demand with lots of users? Fill the jug/cup with cold milk. This unit mixes milk and steam into a creamy and velvety froth, which will be a perfect addition to your cappuccino. If you have other questions or problems concerning the maintenance of the EC702, contact the DeLonghi customer service center. Most users become scared of decalcifying; however, this is an essential procedure if you want to prevent the inner mechanism from calcium deposits.

last time I used my Sacco poemia espresso machine, which isn't that often, I turned the steam wand and there was absolutely nothing coming out of it. It is able to hold 44 fl oz. The DeLonghi EC702 looks like a professional coffee machine, and it is used by many coffeehouses. A good question. The ground coffee is too fine.

© 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — The water pump works fine because I can get some water out when it's in Hot Water mode. If the pump is clogged, descale the machine by using lemon juice. Clean them with a pin if necessary. Wait for hot water to drip, do this during the green lights for 1/4 of the water tank. When the necessary amount of coffee is obtained, push the Coffee button again to interrupt the liquid delivery. Part number 7313285849 and 533216. As I held the filter to the light I could see more and more holes opening up. The problem is the diagram in the quick start guide doesn’t show the portafilter so I was following the picture.

Table of Contents, If you don’t like to froth milk with a frothing wand because you prefer a hands-free operation, see this selection of, Are you making the first steps in milk frothing? There are also internet-trading platforms like Amazon and eBay where you can get this coffee machine. This model boasts multiple functions and features, which make it so recognizable. Turn the knob located above the wand counterclockwise. It should give - this is what lets the coffee out of the holder and maintains the pressure to give a good crema. I called the tech support and they told me to try it with grains of coffee. Some parts of the machine don’t require daily cleanup. However, the quality of coffee beverages created by the EC702 is very high.

This device is ready to brew coffee in no time. I finally got it to work; had to leave it running for 12 solid minutes for the pump to prime and for coffee to brew. The container is easy to remove from the side with no need to move the whole unit. 10/21/2018 by Yet no espresso. My espresso maker does not work. Thank you so much for this! While I haven't found any maintenance suggestions for the Poemia, there are some YouTube vids and other online resources (Google) that can guide you through maintenance for the others and you can pretty much use the same procedures for your Poemia. Yes No. Take a larger vessel as the milk will increase its volume by 2-3 times. Anyone have any idea? Take ground coffee for espresso machines. It brews 2-3 oz./60-90 ml of coffee. Thanks, 01/09/2019 by Fill the water tank with 50% white vinegar and mix with 50% of tap water.

When I put it together and try to make espresso the water back flushes and runs out of the bottom of the machine.

Put it back. Add more coffee. When I take it apart, remove the spring, the water runs through.

Where to Buy Manual EC702 Maker by DeLonghi? Dominique Gauthier. And now nothing is working. In addition, it is well-built, has a metal housing, and makes amazing froth. This coffee machine is designed to prepare Italian espresso. The most common is a clogged coffee basket; on this machine the basket can be disassembled for cleaning, do so and hold the metal screen up to a light to check for clogs. Usually, pods are advised for users who are not serious about the coffee brand or type of grinding. Piston Gaskets O-Rings/Seals. Press the ON/OFF button and wait until the device heats the water. Terms — Then I tried using my single filter (that I dont usually use) and espresso came out fine.

If you've done all of this and the issue persists then you probably having a failing pump; very common in this model as well as most other Delonghi semi-automatics. Will not brew. Otherwise I don't know what it is that you have unscrewed. This model is not new, but 90% of its internal parts are interchangeable with modern models of DeLonghi coffee machines. The De'Longhi EC155 is a Pump Espresso and Cappuccino maker. The steaming doesn’t interfere with the brewing. This is a manual Pannarello steam wand able to swivel up to 180°. I am having the same problem!

The daily and periodic cleaning routine is easy and allows the machine to stay in a working condition.

Make sure that all its holes are not blocked. Repeat these steps several times until the water container is empty. The floating ball shows when the amount of water has dropped, and the container requires a refilling. Run the whole reservoir of pure water through the system and repeat this cleansing procedure one more time to eliminate the descaling residue.

Dose the ground coffee into the portafilter, distribute it evenly, and press it down with a built-in tamper. To clear this, you need to burn the blockage away.

This means you can brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously. Wayne Seltzer This post will tell you.

There is too much ground coffee in the portafilter. There is also a helpful user guide and a bottle of a descaling solution in the box. There are three switches – ON/OFF, Coffee/Hot water, and Steam. Terms — The water reservoir and catch tray are dishwasher-safe but they can be easily washed by hand as well. This is to wash off the descaler from steps mentioned above.

Its light indicator will illuminate. DeLonghi is the only brand that still produces boilers from stainless steel, while other manufacturers have already switched to aluminum ones.

This coffee maker works best with extra fine and fine ground coffee. Thank you HLC!

Check out whether it is worth your bucks or not. The machine features a stainless steel boiler, which holds 180 ml/6 oz. Rotate the handle towards the right until it locks in its position. This aftertaste may appear after improper rinsing of a descaling solution.

The rest of the housing is silver-painted plastic. Detach the catch tray and wash it under running water with a soft sponge to get rid of a film left by coffee. For instructions on how to descale the coffee-maker, check the user’s manual on page 10. Firstly, press the Steam button and discharge some steam. amzn_assoc_region="US"; I had exactly the same problem, and followed the advice to de-scale (using 50% white vinegar solution) as you also suggested. Rotate the cup slightly to get the best froth. Required fields are marked *, #ezw_tco-2 .ez-toc-widget-container ul.ez-toc-list{background-color:#ededed;} When I press the coffee/water button, only hot water from the steamer is produced while the filter remains perfectly dry (the steamer knob on the top is turned to minus). When I press the coffee/water button, only hot water from the steamer is produced while the filter remains perfectly dry (the steamer knob on the top is turned to minus). Verify that the filter basket is positioned properly in the holder and not loose or off-axis.

Hello Marianne, thank you for your inquiry! Unscrew the frother and remove its nozzle by pulling it downwards. I tried removing the screws on top - no go. So I descaled the machine and it's back, working. This is a good option for impatient users who are irritated that their coffee maker requires time to wake up as well.

DeLonghi Magnifica EAM3200 Series espresso machine troubleshooting.

There are several things that can cause this.

I do know all the secrets of making the best coffee ever in the world!

The EC702 doesn’t take much time to clean, but regular cleaning procedures are compulsory for its proper functioning. The steamer works. Though I have a question. Take finely ground coffee.

Its cup warmer and the front panel are made from stainless steel.

If the inlet to the pump is clogged (or, outlet, since that would have the same effect), and no water is getting into the system, how does the descaler do anything? Thanks to two thermostats, the EC702 controls the temperature of steam and water independently and guarantees the perfect temperature of every drink. I know it’s an old thread but just one more thing to add. Testimonials from other clients will help you know all upsides and downsides of the model. Its portafilter locks securely, and its removable catch tray fits tightly into the base and provides a cup clearance of 2.75’’/69 mm. The steam will be supplied to the milk. Dual thermostat; removable container for water; cup-warmer; compatible with both ground coffee and pods; water level indicator; metal housing; stainless steel boiler. Or anything else I'm missing? If the basket is clear, it's possible that your coffee is ground too fine, you're putting too much coffee in the basket or you're tamping too hard. Firstly, wait for 10-15 minutes until it preheats the water. (100 ml) of milk. This is a … Your email address will not be published. 04/23/2019 by Thanks. Perhaps our model is a bit different. Place a preheated cup or two cups under the spouts. The portafilter of the EC702 is specially designed to use both ground coffee and pods. I think I figured it out. DeLonghi Dedica EC680M Espresso Machine Review (2020), DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3500 Review (2020), Keurig K425 Plus Coffee Maker Review (2020), Black Friday Deals on Milk Frothers & Coffee Makers in 2020. The amount of ground coffee in the portafilter is not enough.

When I pushed hard on the center, nothing moved, tho I saw that I could unscrew the center. It has a built-in tamper, which is not very convenient. Your email address will not be published. I have the same problem too,I bought a coffee maker from a coffee maker appliance store called best brand appliance about 2 years ago.I have not any problem until recently.When I checked online most of the articles stated that the problem could be due to a clogged wand but I clean my wand periodically and yet I am facing this issue. Press the ON/OFF button and wait for 10 minutes. Have the same issue with my brand new ECOV 311 GR Icona Vintage. The machine and wand are always cleaned after use, so shouldn't be clogged or calcified. Per your preference, the three-in-one filter holder allows you to make single or double espresso, or to serve espresso pods. Make sure that it is from the refrigerator. Using this. 08/18/2018 by

Mark, I think you have been dismantling the mesh filter and spring in the main body of the machine. Don’t use hot milk because the frother will heat and froth it at the same time. I pulled my machine out this morning after quite some time sitting in the cupboard, to find nothing was happening with the espresso drip. After doing this with a combination of descaling, it’s like I have a brand new machine. Most supermarkets and stores for household appliances also have their websites and offer the same product for sale – Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, Williams Sonoma, Best Buy, and others. The very manual you linked states this clearly. This model is rather old but this doesn’t mean it is outdated. The machine is on and everything else is working fine, but when I turn the pump on, nothing comes out and I have no idea why. This will allow you to judge each machine and determine which is preferable for you. Let some amount of the liquid run through the frothing system as well.

This procedure takes less than a minute and eliminates the need for buying a separate frothing device. Wash the wand and the nozzle with pure water. The pumps on these machines are completely plastic and thus not prone to clogging from scale buildup; scale only forms on metal surfaces.


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