dbgt theme piano
[9j] Q e [yH] G [*f] 0 e u adgHHJHhgDh w | [tfs] o f [fpq] t f [dsw] i [ga] [fsue] | f s f s f s f s f s f s a o p I o u I y [%is] 0 [Wrkc] 0 [Wrx] h [bi] v v c v [xu] s h j k l l z l k Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [5a] 9 [ws] r [yd] r [wf] 9 h l k l | f h j j h g h | [uIuyr] [eryuy] [uIuyr] [eryoI] [6s] 0 w t [usj] [sh] f [j^6] qwty hsdh hGds 9 e u y I [7a] Q [rS] y d [*f] W [Tk] O

s h s h s [es] h s h s [hl] w s d s f s [qs] h s h s [hl]

p O p O p O

! j [9g] e y [ef] | s [ws]d[yd] o p | os [oa] y o s | [qh] t i o | p q t i g | [3s] 8 0 w [tsj] [sh] [7a] Q r y 0 [rp] [yI] 0 p t a p o [8wtuo] w t y

9 G e [dy] [afo3] 7 0 r G [uh] r u G [rf] [5oad] 9 [wkz] r [yk] r [yj] [rh] [j2] G 6 9 [efh] j [sh] z [fk] l [sk] h f j [sh] z [fh] j [sh] z [fk] l [sk] h f j [sh] z

wtY oo ii Y y i 7 [9i] [ef] y [9d] e [ys] 3 [7u] [ya] y [tup] W [ya] 0 [6us] [6h] [0o] [es] [0o] [ta] [0o] [es] [0o] [4h] [8o] [qs] [8o] [ea] [8o] [qs] [8o] [$Sj] [a*H] [pQG] e [Of] [pTS] Q e T [rp] [yd] [po] f [yp] [od] y [9p] [ep] [yd] I f [yp] [ed] [*S] [*T] S a S [5ad] 7 9 w [*TS] [9yd] Dragon Ball Gt (english Theme) Dragon Ball Gt (english Theme) Dragon Ball. l z [k0] j j H [je] u p [8qd] s a [8qp] o [9wrp] o [9wr] d [6pf] 0 r t y r t 0 [6pj] 0 [eak] T [SL] [pf] T e 0 [8o] p o d a s a o p o d o p o d a s a o p o d Key: C / Eb [Intro] Gsus C G/B DAN DAN Kokoro hikarete 'ku Am Em E Sono mabushii egao ni F Em Am Bb G Ab Bb C Hatenai ya-mi kara tobidasou … [etup] 6

Y r T E r W E Q T T u Y T T r W r o d h z [6tl] z x [3l] w t o [4o] [th] [5rh]

e I u y T r r T T E [sg] d [8f] w [uo] [ts] [of] [sh] l v [hx], [fhx] [fn] [hkn] [hkb] [hkz] [jzv] [jz] C [tosf] [ypd] G [uf] a [fk] [zo] a d [dk] h [yj] [dp] h G gh [sH] g [tJP] P [tpd] S [ruOa] [eyip] 0ruOa, T T u Y r T T u Y r i[5y] 9 w e | wt [5wr] | w u i u [4t] 8 q o | 8 [4qe] 8 q u i u [3t] 8 0 o | f G S h G [6f] [0d]S[ra]S udo [rf]u [oh] [QG] y I pd y I [wj] y I oG y I o

[rh] j [dh] z [hk] l [dk] h h j [dh] z h j [dh] z [hk] l [dk] h h j [dh] z [5o] p o d a s a o p o d o p o d a s a o p o d [4s] 8 q e [ts] [th] [uf] [og] [ud] [ef] [ts] [ud] [tp]i [qo] [ei] [to] [ej] [wh] r y r [5d] 9 [wo] r [ya] r [wd] 9 Q [6f] 0 e * [0d] 6 [*S] 0 [3od] 7 S0 [wod] [3od] 7 S0 [wod] [pd] *SQ [pd] [pd] * [pf] e 5 [9f] w [9d] 5 8 5 [7a]s[6h] [0o] [es] [0o] [ta] [0o] [es] [0o] s d [qf] h [wg] f [0d] s [qf] e [tyips] [30ryuoah] 7 0 Piano once noticed the puns of Piccolo's sons' names, when, Piano briefly appeared in the second opening of. u t i u t i u t i u t [t] w [wt] [yp] O p [ua]

[uIuyr] [eryuy] [oIuI] [uy] [eyuy] [oI] u, j k [le] u k l x [kw] y o

[6o] p o d a s a o [wtuo] p o d o p o d [70ra] s a o p o d

osDllkkJH 5 [9f] w [ed] r o s d [6f] 0 [ep] [rs] t [up] s d [9p] Q e y Q [eG] [yf] Q p [uk] r [zw] y o [ko] h [j9] [zp] [yh] e G [6S] 0 e T p a [TS] f [8dj] p [dj] p h G h s a s 8 [wd] t [ys] u s a s [if] s f s f s f s f s f s [5a] 9 [wh] r [yd] r [wf] 9 t u p a [29tyipsj] 6 9 [qyip] w [yd] o s [4of] 8 [qod] [es] [tod] e q 8 [0dj] p [dj] p h G h

All contents are subject to copyright, provided for educational and personal noncommercial use only. e e e w e wE W [4c] 8 [qex] 8 [qel] [5od] 9 w [rod] 9 7 7 [9i] [ef] y [9d] e [ys] 3 [7u] [ya] y [tup] W [ya] 0 [6us] | [gi4] [ts] [dy] [gi] [ho] [jp] [oh] [5gi] [sl] [ig] [18dj] 5 [8p] [0dj] [wp] 8 [th] w [0G] 8 [5h] 3 O p [ua] u u [6p] 0 [ea] [Tp] [uS] [Tf] e 0 [pj] Piano is a short, diminutive, mutant Namekian. Y r T E r E W Q Characters with on-screen deaths who remain deceased, Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, Unnamed fusion of Piccolo and Dr. Mashirito, https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Piano?oldid=1914809.

i 9 e y g f | s[w s d] y o p | os [oa] y o f g f [qs] t i [oh] | e 6 [5a] 9 w [5ps] [9ad] [wsf] [4pj] 8 [et] [4efx] [9p] Q e y I [yG] [ef] Q p He is also very intelligent. [tv] [oh] [sl] [dh] [fk] h l z [wx] y [oc] [pz] a | jl [tosf] o s d f s h e y [ed] e [yh] [$QSG] [QI] [rp] [uf] [7ad] Q r y Q [TS] [yd] [5ry] 9 w r 9 [wf] r G Q e [yd] Q [eh] t y u u o o t yu i u y t e [6S] 0 e T 0 e T 0 a p O p S S S [6yd] 0[ts]e [0tp] 5 [0e] [wu] [0o] [4to] 8[tp]e [8pf] 4 [8e] [eu] [8o] oh I S O p p I S O p a p I O u y u I y T y a p O I Y i I [$p] [*O] [QI] e S [TS] Q e T [4o] p o d a s a o [8wt] p o d o p o d [7ra] s a o p o d

5 [7d] [9d] [ws] 9 [5a] 5 5 [6s] 6 0 [ef] t u [pf] g [29dj] [9p] [dj] [9eyp] [9h] [29G] [29] h p s d [ys] [uO] [Ip] The sleeves of his robe are lavender in color, and the ends of his sleeves are purple. e t u t q e t e w r y r [5wryo] 9 e 9 [ryu] 9 [ryo] 9 5 [yd] 5 [9wts] [9wep] [7ts] [5yd] [6upsf] [6ep] [0ts] [0ts] [8yd] [6upsf] [qf] [es] 5 9 [wd] [ra] y r

[fh] j [dh] z [fk] l [dk] h f j [dh] z [fh] j [dh] z [fk] l [dk] h f j [dh] z s s h 8 [wg] t [yg] u f

Organ, King Piccolo's personal aide in Daimaō Fukkatsu. [tsl] i t e 5 7 [9ak] w r y [wsl] r [yhkz] | [1sfhl], [ij] f [id] [f d S d] s d [if] h [og] f [ud] s [if] 6 [0s] [ep] 0 t [0p] [ep] [0f] 4 8 q [8f] [eh] [8f] q [8d] 4 [8d] [qs] 8 [ep] [8o] [qp] [8f] 5 9 w [9d] [rd] [9s] w [9a] o o i i Y i [jp] [^PJ] [pj] [ho] [4gi] [gi] [oh] [gi] [cg4] [ls] [pj] [ig]

[8osf]wu h [6sgj]qw j [7adh]w[yk] [%r] [6tf]0e [uh] d h d h d h d h d h d [60] e T 0 e T [Qe] y 0

s [$2] p [$2a] yeyIIuyu ueTuoIuIuy apy apy yTyuI [6ruos]0t0[tu]0[2eti]9[qs]edf[5iod]9w s [qd] e [5s] 9 w [ra] y r

dD [Iaf] a [eup] u [0uos] [Eyupd] Te


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