daystar lift 4th gen 4runner

(Again if you don’t know what a swaybar/stabilizer bar is stop and call that buddy). It’s important to note that the more you compress the coil, the higher your vehicle will sit, but the stiffer it will become. We'll protect your inbox and send only very select email.). Get a one-time coupon code for 15% off your first apparel order. ". If you feel you need a stiffer spring for either front or rear, due to bumpers and other armor, feel free to message us. Remove the top bolt on the shock, with a wrench and vise grip. Install front sway bar to frame, install and torque links to front suspension on both sides. Reach out, we will respond as quickly as we can. If you are looking for a better ride both on and off-road this is it. Leveling Kits are used to help correct the raked stance, or when the front sits lower than the rear of your 4Runner, this helps keep it from bottoming out with heavy loads. Great product and fairly easy to install with basic tools. (Please replace the cotter pins, when you install it again, so you might want to send the dog shopping for spares). The inner pivots use durable urethane bushings with grease fittings for easy servicing. Again use the tie rod puller to separate it.

Meeting, Trail run and Expedition planning,,

Put nut on and tighten lightly. Insert Daystar kit studs into mounting plate by turning it around positioning deep well socket below hole and hammering it in.

You know the drill, flat surface manual brake, etc. Remove the three bolts/studs from the top strut mounting plate, by just putting the stud top on top of a deep well socket (obviously big enough that the stud top can go into it) and hammering it out. Hoped you paid attention to how the assembly was lined up at the top compared to the bottom of the strut (even better hoped you read the complete instructions before starting). Lower axle till shocks are at full length, remove bolt at lower shocks. Place jack stands under frame just in front of rear wheels. Insert spacers between coil spring and top coil spring isolator. KT09134BK also provides unbeatable ride quality, comfort and excellent articulation on the open trails. Additional benefit besides tire and frame clearance is actual increase in ground clearance at front differential! All of the components on upper control arms are rebuild-able or replaceable to make this product last a lifetime. Continue to check the strut does not get pinched anywhere, nor the XREAS line or any of the braking system lines. Let axle hang by removing floor jack.

If looking for a replacement we recommend KYB. Shipping Info During Covid-19 | Free Shipping Over $99, (For California residents) Cancer and Reproductive Harm, Toyota 4Runner 2WD - 2010 thru 4WD - 2017. Torque bolts and tighten top nuts on shocks. "Daystar" and the Daystar logo are trademarks of Daystar Used by permission.

As stated above you should only do this if it is off slightly, if it is way off it might be better to pull the whole thing out and align it better. (I still can’t figure out how to torque the back nut. If you have any questions don't hesitate to give our expert customer service team a call or shoot them a live chat right on the screen.


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