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In truth, Morris was his publicist but the rumor mill hypothesized that she was also his girlfriend. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. after a woman filed a police report back in September claiming Darren picked her up at a bar (after she consumed a … The former star hasnt had the best of year beginnings; reports of the 38-year-old being investigated by the LAPD following of accusations leading to the athlete’s sexual life surfaced. Darren Sharper is currently available.

I not sure if you are his woman or was his woman, but i learned a long time ago one woman is enough.

Since this story first broke, it has become far more serious. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’m also disappointed that the only comment mpg left for this black boy was mpg’s disdain for this former NFL safety’s preference for white women. During the time that he was allegedly dating Elizabeth Morris, there were also rumors that Darren Sharper’s girlfriend was model Dollicia Bryan.

The 38-year-old has had his glory days, both on and off the field. true or not, such rumors swirl. Funny how these insecure black folks are on here crying about leaving a white woman alone. You people are mental.

In truth, Morris was his publicist but the rumor mill hypothesized that she was also his girlfriend. Women have allegedly been raped while drugged without having consented. Daren Sharper im praying for you.These women want drugs and money not sex .They fake it to get what they want.If all these women was rape .How come other women haven’t come forward.Lazy women don’t want to work so they go after men with money.Men wake up and smell the coffee .If you giving a women money stopThey going to lie and say you rape.What happen to Daren can happen to anybody.Rape they need to change law if they don’t report it RET away and know evididence .Throw case out.To many innocent men go to prison.Why its ok for a white man to. He might have graduated from USC…….but what did he major in, stupidity???? Sharper was accused of drugging and raping as many as 16 women in four states. The NFL network put him on leave without pay almost immediately and have since fired him. Learn how your comment data is processed. Interesting, Darren Sharper wanted those beckies so bad that he was willing to rape. Former National Football League safety Darren Sharper — who previously pleaded no contest to charges of drugging and raping two women he met in a West Hollywood nightclub and also struck plea deals to resolve similar charges in two other states — … Sharper picked these women up at a bar, gave them a drugged drink, then raped them. All rights reserved. take their relationship to the next level, but that ship never sailed. The LAPD investigated both crimes.

All we know is at least 7 women raped and at least 11 women were drugged. At one point, Darren Sharper’s girlfriend Elizabeth Morris was also his publicist. Anyway, if Sharper drugged those women, he needs to pay the price. New Orleans PD also investigated Sharper for an alleged sexual assault filed on Sept. 24. Darren Sharper Girlfriend's hot girlfriend. Gone now are the days of posh … take their relationship to the next level, but that ship never sailed. Putting collegen in your lips to look like black women? Sharper is being investigated in N.O. Who gives a shit what race he dates? That salary would’ve helped him cover the $200,000 bail he posted.

Darren Sharper dated Gabrielle Union-Wade for 1 year. Add a child for this couple. At one point, Darren Sharper's girlfriend Elizabeth Morris was also his publicist.

95 Darren Sharper pictures. It is not about black or white. Add an Affair, Check out our New "Top 10 Greatest Celebrity Studs", Go To Darren Sharper's Profile   Go To Gabrielle Union-Wade's Profile, "[My daily life at home] is more regular than people think, let's just say that. Not So Sharp: A Look At Darren Sharper’s Rape Accusations [Photos] The Jig Is Up: Ex-NFL Baller Darren Sharper Admits To Raping Multiple Women In New Orleans To Police Shady: Former NFL Baller Darren Sharper Turns Himself Into Police And Now Faces Two New Rape Charges


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