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Nineteen eighty-two saw Metropolitan Airways, a subsidiary of Alderney Air Ferries (Holdings), take over Dan-Air's Bournemouth–Cardiff/Birmingham–Manchester–Newcastle schedule. Dan - Air reduced the number of flights to three a day, then one and finally it withdrew from the route. AE announced an operating profit of £35 million. This made their aircraft more valuable. On 27 November 1992, the company's name was changed from Dan Air Services Ltd to British Airways (European Operations at Gatwick) Ltd. By now as 1991 approached it and it looked like the war was almost at it's conclusion. The successful launch of Dan-Air's transatlantic joint venture led to the acquisition of a second 707-321 from Pan Am in 1972, and both aircraft continued to be primarily employed on transatlantic charter flights between Britain, Canada and the US until their retirement in 1978. Furthermore, all of their office space was rented. [42][127] This was the first time the airline had operated a scheduled service out of Heathrow.

Not all of these airframes saw airline service; … The additional exits were needed for having the aircraft certificated for an increased maximum seating capacity of 150. It carried 500,000 passengers in one year for the first time in 1969.

Nineteen seventy-one saw more than 1 million passengers. [96], In 1973, Dan-Air added Teesside as a stop to Link City and inaugurated scheduled services between Teesside and Amsterdam.

James announced that this was a ". It had benefitted from routes taken away from British Caledonian and British Airways at the time of their merger.

Through all of this the company carried on as professional as it always had been in the eyes of the public. The short answer is ', Some time after the event is was disclosed that British Airways was set to inherit a tax credit of between £50 million and £100 million. Sir Ian Peddar and Captain John Mayes. the company had contracts with 130 Tour Operators many of whom did not charter a full aircraft. He would have the freedom to choose who he wanted on the board. This formed part of a London–Paris coach-air service, which Skyways had pioneered in 1955 with DC-3s. Dan-Air's examples featured additional emergency doors each side of the rear fuselage as well as a stall-protection system known as a "stick pusher". It had timed its flights not to be in direct competion with BA. Neither did the group hold the titles to the freehold of any of the properties that housed its offices and other facilities that formed an integral part of the business. [67][110][115] Furthermore, in November, Dan-Air withdrew its application to the CAA to take over British Airways's Highland and Islands scheduled operation. Meredith was formed in 1952 as a small ad hoc charter operator and flew a single Douglas DC-3 out of Southend Airport, where it also had its head office. [17] To emphasise that this was a British rather than a Danish company, the airline's aircraft displayed the suffix "London" with the Dan-Air name on both sides of the fuselage. In addition to that in November, Dan - Air withdrew its application to the CAA to take over British Airways's Highland and Islands scheduled operation. 1977 Dan-Air Boeing 707 crash: a Boeing 707-321C freighter on the last leg of an international cargo flight from Heathrow crashed near Lusaka Airport on 14 May 1977. The last retired in September 1971 after its final Jersey–Gatwick scheduled service. Four million was reached the following year, the silver jubilee. It also laid claim to be the first to introduce disposable catering equipment aboard its aircraft in 1969. Consequently, the Dan-Air fleet was costlier to operate and maintain. From 1960, BEA awarded Dan - Air additional contracts to operate its freight services from Heathrow to other destinations in the UK and Continental Europe.

Various attempts were made by BA to strengthen is position at London's second airport. To replace board members with people from none aviation sources was a great risk.

It let the airline expand its fleet, leading to introduction of the One-Eleven, Boeing 707, Hawker Siddeley 748,  Boeing 727, Boeing 737, BAe 146 and, eventually, the Airbus A300. Scottish Ailines had a passenger-configured DC-3 and a seasonal route linking Prestwick with the Isle of Man. The final stage changed stationery, ticket wallets, timetable covers, airport signs and baggage tags as well as its logo in advertisements and public relations campaigns. Dan - Air had always been far sighted and cautious about expansion. As a consequence, HS 748s replaced the Nord 262 Dan - Air had acquired from Air Ceylon in 1970 as a DC-3 replacement to operate Bristol – Cardiff – Liverpool – Newcastle. Firstly the company would have to have a new Chairman. The main base transferred to Gatwick in 1960 when Blackbushe closed to commercial airlines. It was an astonishing decision. The aircaft flew around Gatwick burning fuel before being diverted to Manston. In addition to scheduled services on its own account, Dan-Air was also contracted by other airlines to operate scheduled passenger and cargo services.

[24] Dan-Air continued this service until the early 1980s. The company also purchased a large number of the British built BAC 1-11 jet.

Talks between BA management and some of Dan - Air's board took place in October with a view of using Dan - Air as a franchise airline similar to what had been tried with success with Manx Airlines in the Isle Of Man and Loganair in Scotland. The first of three former Japan Airlines Boeing 727-100 series[188] was introduced on 13 April 1973. Dan - Air began with five flights a day each way. [44][66][91] As a consequence, 748s replaced the Nord 262 Dan-Air had acquired from Air Ceylon in 1970 as a DC-3 replacement to operate Bristol–Cardiff–Liverpool–Newcastle.

By the time British Airways took over British Caledonian, Dan-Air had become Gatwick's second-largest slot holder, accounting for 16% of slots. Subsequent changes included extending the service from Bristol to Plymouth, and replacing Doves with larger Herons and DC-3s. Sintes flew One-Elevens and Comets until her retirement in 1980.

[33][34], In 1966, Dan-Air introduced its first pair of ex-British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) de Havilland Comet series 4 aircraft,[16][35][36] which made it the second British independent airline after British United Airways to start uninterrupted pure jet operations. They were relatively unused as many previous operators had replaced them with the larger and more economical Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8 after only a few years.

The aircraft landed safely at Sofia.

One of the two daily round-trips was operated under Sabena flight numbers. Initially, it operated cargo and passenger charter flights from Southend (1953–1955) and Blackbushe airports (1955–1960) using a variety of piston-engined aircraft[5] before moving to a new base at Gatwick Airport in 1960, followed by expansion into inclusive tour (IT) charter flights and all-year round scheduled services. During the 1970s, IAS Cargo Airlines sub-contracted Dan - Air to operate Zambia Airways's weekly scheduled Heathrow – Lusaka all-cargo service with a small fleet of 707 freighters in hybrid Dan-Air/IAS Cargo Airlines colours. The airline purchased a second DC-3 in 1954 resulting in Dan - Air moving its main operating base from Southend to Blackbushe the following year. Meredith was formed in 1952 as a small ad hoc charter operator and flew a single Douglas DC-3 out of Southend Airport, where it also had its head office. [12][136], At the start of the 1988–1989 winter timetable, Dan-Air became a two-class scheduled airline when, under the stewardship of Vic Sheppard,[137][138] it introduced its Class Elite business class between Gatwick and Paris and between Gatwick and Nice on three refurbished One-Eleven 500s. Dan - Air's original eight Boeing 727-100s, which entered service between 1973 and 1978, differed from overseas-registered aircraft.

They had financed their fleet through lease arrangements and had little in the way of assets. Arthur Larkman, a senior board member who had recently retired was not impressed with the business class name. Dan-Air Boeing 727-2D3 Adv. It has been lovingly restored and is now on permanent display in Dan - Air colours. In June 1972, the first direct scheduled air link between the UK and the Swiss capital was started . The debt had now risen again, this time to £11,250,000,  although this included the £8,750,000 arrangement fee that Lloyds had arranged. Had a wider network and had met challenges that the Gulf War had presented. Dan - Air operated ex-Pan Am Boeing 707–321, registration G-AZTG (ex-N722PA), out of Berlin Tegel Airport during winter 1974–75. The Comets' low acquisition costs also enabled Dan-Air to offer German tour operators with flying programmes from West Berlin keener rates than other Allied charter carriers – chiefly, fellow British independent Laker Airways and US airline Modern Air. These were operated with DC-3s and Airspeed Ambassadors. One aircraft was based at Gatwick, the other at Newcastle. Horizon Holidays was one of the first tour operators to contract the airline's aircraft.

These debts were widely known to be secured against the group's assets, of which there were many.

This became effective on 5 April 1971 and enabled the airline to operate regular transatlantic affinity group charter flights between Britain and the US. British Airways paid a nominal £1, in return taking on financial commitments of £50 million which included debts of £37 million. British Civil Airliner Collection At Duxford. [22]:27 For most of this period, Dan-Air had more than 50 aircraft,[22]:30 employed about 3,000[22]:28[22]:29 and by the end of the 1980s carried 6 million passengers annually, almost one-third on scheduled services.[12]. During 1981 and 1982, Dan-Air leased three HS 748s to British Airways to supplement BA's 748 fleet on Scottish internal routes. This meant an injection of £49 million of additional working capital into Dan - Air's parent company from a successful share issue in 1990 was insufficient to fund the airline's needs. When Meredith's onl… [104], In 1976, Dan-Air commenced a year-round scheduled service between Newcastle and Stavanger. Operating out of West Berlin let Dan-Air redeploy capacity left surplus in the UK due to sterling's devaluation and exchange controls which limited passengers to £50 a trip, and to obtain better rates than in the oversupplied UK charter market. [46] The same year, the company started scheduled Gatwick–Zürich flights, the second time it had launched daily scheduled services on a European trunk route. 1975 furthermore saw the acquisition of two former Zambia Airways One-Eleven 200s, the first time the firm had acquired jets to be exclusively operated on scheduled services. The second stage gave the fleet widebody look interiors as each aircraft underwent maintenance. It was simply a fact that Dan - Air did not at that time have financial muscle or flexibility to expand in this way.

Operating out of West Berlin let Dan-Air redeploy capacity left surplus in the UK due to sterling's devaluation and exchange controls which limited passengers to £50 a trip, and to obtain better rates than in the oversupplied UK charter market. Despite that, an investigation was ordered to carried out on the airline. Whatever the rank of staff and whatever the job a person had with the company held no discrimination. Luckily no one was hurt.

When Meredith's financial problems worsened and the debenture became due for repayment, Davies & Newman took over the aircraft together with a six-month contract to operate a series of charter flights between Southend and West Berlin's Tempelhof Airport that formed part of the second Little Berlin Airlift. A releatively late customer of the jet the aircraft became a late part of the company with serveral 200,300 and 400 joining the airline. A full emergency procedure was put in place but the aircraft, a British Aerospace 146, managed to land safe.


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