cynthia mcfadden married

Now he lives in Des Moines with his wife and three-year-old daughter. One such drive that I’ll remember forever took us through Buffalo Pass, a steep winding road over a ridge. Our nation's history with indigenous people is defined by atrocities and broken promises, and we have done little to make the future any different. When my father married Kate’s great friend, Cynthia McFadden, the ceremony took place at Kate’s estate.

The excitement was front loaded in Kansas. Beneath the natural beauty of the Navajo Nation, the US government has mined for uranium to be used for super weapons and that mining is still contaminating much of the groundwater with radioactive waste. As for siblings, no information is available. Next, we turned to a news podcast from London called “Monocle 24,” a very plummy and very British round-up of world events. Most importantly, I could drive Mom to locations while she wrote questions and made calls. They took mask wearing and distancing seriously, and the valet put a little paper dress on the driver’s seat so as not to contaminate us or himself. Skateboards still leaned up next to the door.

Enter Ariel.

Forced cooperation was teaching us both patience. Truth be told, I wanted Spencer to learn to drive for my sake. “She’s ‘a’ one.” he replied. Cynthia: If Spencer’s motive for our cross-country road trip was to get his stuff, mine was to get to Navajo Nation, 27,000 square miles spread across Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. This time it didn’t. After Cynthia bought the house, she spent $600,000 to upgrade. But it was a book on tape that really dazzled. I always felt a bit smug after listening, as in, “I bet we are the only car on this highway in which people are discussing the intricacies of the Hong Kong democratic movement.” Maybe not. McFadden is an epitome for the phrase ‘started from the bottom, now we’re here’. Cynthia McFadden and her son Spencer took a 7,254-mile road trip, teaching him to drive and so much more. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to help document the stories of people who are too often ignored. It took their relation­ship quite literally to new lengths. As of July 2019, Cynthia McFadden has a net worth of over $6 million.

It is a cautionary tale: the rise of the Third Reich, and their evil intent, so clear to those with the courage to see. History, so finely told, it seems as if it must be fiction. Lovely in that low-key, pastel, California way. But here we were at home where we like to say we’re the greatest, wealthiest, and most powerful nation on Earth, how can it be that so many of the original citizens of this land go without electricity or running water?

Cynthia: Mom, couldn’t quite fathom it either. Spencer: I strongly encourage anyone to research corvid intelligence as they are surprisingly smart despite the lack of confidence demonstrated by my mother. Cynthia's relationship status is married. I felt a great sense of accomplishment having finished our first day. The pair were not satisfied with their relationship and parted their ways in 1996 after seven years of married life. (I am sorry to say, it took me way too long to learn this.) What if I get pulled over? Currently, she is in relationship with Foreign Affairs editor at the Council of Foreign relation, James Hoge since 1997. “Mom,” he said, maybe ask him this: “Do you believe the Federal government has the best interest of indigenous people at heart?” So I did. In exchange he has taught me a thing or two about more contemporary fare. Moreover, she is the winner of multiple awards such as the George Foster Peabody Award. I should have known. Cynthia: That, despite the fact Spencer gave me the penultimate question for the President of Navajo Nation, on day three as we drove to the interview. But somewhere in Pennsylvania, Mom asked me to take over. Cynthia: Spencer, I appreciate your discretion not mentioning that I bought the Senior-Lifetime-National-Park-Membership card when we entered the Skyline Drive—what a deal for $80! They have followed protective measures like social distancing and wearing masks for the good of their community.

It feels unoriginal to call Kansas flat and boring, and to be honest one of the more exciting episodes of my short driving career happened on Interstate 70 heading west through the heart of the Sunflower State. The road was practically empty, a far cry from the congested highways we’d been on. By Spencer McFadden Hoge and Cynthia McFadden Oct 25, 2020

Did I mention I didn't have a driver’s license? I was cruising along the very straight road at about 70 miles per hour when I saw a blue smudge in the road. I suppose it had. Let me pause for a moment to mention the bathroom and dining challenges of crossing the country during a pandemic. In 2004, Cynthia was promoted to anchor of the show Primetime replacing Ted Koppel. Actually, after floating the idea, I tried to renege. We saw helpless motorists on the side of the road, hands behind their heads or on their hips, as if the two-ton metal machine would feel bad enough to work again. I worried the car might just explode from the desert heat. Chicago was at her finest: the day was warm, not hot, the sun was bright, not glaring. Then I remembered it was July. I only had eyes for the road. The verticality I’m so accustomed to is back. It was the only question and answer that aired on both Today and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.


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