curandera puerto rico

The altar was full of bottles of Bacardi, Palo Viejo rum and aguardiente. Gabrielita, la curandera. One thing is for certain each individual has a Patron Saint and a Guardian Angel that is part of the individuals Spiritual Frame and also a Principle Guide.

PURE SPIRITS. Envy, spite, jealousy, and disdain brought in by others stay within the home, and these negative vibrations need to be removed from the home, in order for the person or family to live within the house to feel comfortable, contempt and happy. 3. When this happens, the person shows traits of both spirits. purifico a este hogar. Each element has its own color and offering. “What’s this one for?” I inquired, pointing to each green potted medical vegetable. Espiritus Perturbado: (The Perturbers) Disturbed, disquiet, and agitated spirits. I fumigate every room with the smoke until again I am at the kitchen. Nag champa incense. There are Comisiones also that do harm, bring upon illness, diseases, mental problems, disorder and financial difficulties to name a few of the calamities to a person. As the music played I felt, el toque espiritual surge through my vains as an overpowering rush of spiritual energy took over me, which usually happens when I have a spiritual undertaking. ; Think of the Law of Attraction, Like Attracts Like; but one has to be completely sure without a doubt that this is the case. Medacine and herbalism. 13. ( Log Out /  I pass the brown paper bag through my body, as I recite the Our Father and Hail Mary. Walking along the chalk road, down to the luminous blue waters, west of Ponce, the city-town where my father grew up, there are hibiscus and gardenias to perfume the air and iguanas to stand guard and little yellow flowers with bees buzzing and no deeds to do, no promises to keep…I treated myself to a visit this summer, while the touristas were all invading old European castles, I was sunning in Loquillo, a coral-colored beach, following the tortugas, the turtles nesting and making their way down to the water. Emotions such as joy, love, and happiness also can stay in the home, if the home is clean, but these putative emotions do not seam to linger as long within the house as the negative emotions. 5. I toss the liquid out the back door, and the brown bag I place into a dumpster outside or away from my home. I’d gone down to Puerto Rico, mi Puerto Rico, a Caribbean paradise where Mother Nature defies laws of limitations, to visit my father’s family and dig up some roots. dirt buildup within the home attracts negative and unwanted vibrations. Arch Angels, Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Auriel. 4. Once these people enter your home, they leave a bit of their energy in your home, brought in from the absorbing dirt outside, and not just their vibrations, but the countless vibrations of others who had recently walked those same paths. Florida Water: Cleansing and purification. 2. Use which ever you feel the most comfortable with. Below the statue not one, like my abuelas, but 9 goblets of water one larger which was surrounded by the 8 smaller. Many will say Sanse is an “A.T.R.” African Traditional Religion, but I can not completely agree with this theory. 21. The Journey of a Young Espiritista Chapter 1. In Puerto Rican Espiritismo, there exists various Courts or Gathering Groups of Spirits known collectively as Las Commisiones. Or an adult person has a mischievous nature, enjoys pranks, and often gets into trouble they have an Infantil. The Congo Spirits are that group of Spirits who in Africa where Kings, Queen, of Royal heritage or important nobile figures in Africa but where slaves in the Americas. The room across the altar room which also over looked the back veranda and garage, was a smaller bed room which was to be my sleeping quarters during my visits to my Tia’s house. So much for introducing myself with my heartsong pride of being an herbal practitioner, una herbolaria. Because God lives, and within me he shall bless this home. With Adalberto Rodriguez, Lucecita Benítez, Hector Cabrera, William Agosto. The time of great distress that she fortold came to me shortly after I returned from Puerto Rico to the states in late August of 1978. At first glance and if one was not to notice these figures in the entrance of the house one would not identify this house as that of a Brujas. Offerings – Cigars, Rum, okra, corn meal, tobacco and coffee COMMISIONES DE LOS ANGELES. This is where my Tia Maria performed her weekly Misas and Seanses. Offered by University of New Mexico. COMMISIONES DE PIRATAS Y MARINEROS. They also work in helping a person with the development of their faculties, spiritual work, spell casting,amenities, spiritual growth, bestowing insightful messages, answer and solutions to every day problems, just to name a few things they can do. Sign in with your online account. The veranda led to a connected open area with three steps leading to the garage. El Buddha, Guanyin. Placed on altars to keep bugs away from offerings. But can also be used in protection, fighting Spiritual warfair, and healing. – Los Tainos. Pay now with a credit card and take advantage of our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan. Also look at a teenagers room, usually their rooms are cluttred and messy. Espiritus Falsos: (The False Instructors) This Group of Spirits manifest as all knowing, but usually give false, untrue, and ignorant information. COMMISIONES DE LOS SANTOS. All Rights Reserved © 2012 Raíces Cultural Center, Raíces Awarded Middlesex County Office of Arts & History Program Grants for 2020, Herbal Pain Relief Workshop 11.21.17 – Handouts. 3. No, I’m not talking about your identity or your cultural background; or anything else for that matter, other than what is it that first made each of us biological creatures in the universe. Green and Black. – Juan Minero, Maria Celestina Abdegano, Fransisca Durante. 7., olive oil. Or that the person is spiritually married to a Cacique Indian, or even has a strong Spiritual link with a Congo Spirit. Candles any kind even tee lites. The Sancista / Espiritista work with communicating with Spirits, folk saints, healing, folk magic, brujeria, herbalism, divination, and fortune telling. The 10 Levels of Spirits that a Puerto Rican Sancista Espiritista can manifest. They are the care takers, those that aid in the home, and protection of the family and children. The spanish word for Spiritist is Espiritista and they follow Espiritismo.


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