csgo nuke smokes

First made by Jo Bieg for Counter-Strike, Nuke has been around a long time and has seen multiple changes over the years. Nuke is a small map with limited space in the rooms which does mean different strategies can be used here. Both Bombsites are inside enclosed buildings and there is a Vent system that runs most of the map providing a connection pathway between the two Bombsites along with Secret. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Delve into our continuously updated archives for unbelievable videos, in depth articles and the very latest in gaming and entertainment news. However, the area Outside of the entrance to the Ramp also needs to be dealt with. Heaven overlooks a lot of the Outside area including where Secret is so Counter-Terrorists can keep an eye on that entrance. The second Bombsite of the map can be found down the Ramp which is on the opposite side of the map to the Main entrance to Site A. The T Spawn is close to Bombsite A and players also have the chance to rush towards the Garage where Secret can be found. The size of the map and the rooms allow players to explore different techniques and methods with all the throwables in the game.

Once down the Ramp, it leads onto the Bottom Ramp area with some cover at the end so those coming down aren’t immediately killed by any player on the site.

Not affiliated with Valve, Psyonix, EA, Epic Games, Activision, Mojang, Rockstar Games, Microsoft, Riot Games or Ubisoft in any way. It’s also possible to use Secret outside for another path into Site B. The Bombsite B double Doors only open when a player is within the range which is something that Defenders can use to their advantage. It also connects to the Radio Room and the Control room that leads to the Ramp going towards Bombsite B. It’s common for Terrorists to attack Site A from the Lobby side of the building which means they will enter the room via Squeaky which is a long narrow room. For attacking Site A, there are many different potential strategies including rushing the site with smoke grenades. For Site B however, they need to g through the Lobby and through to Control which leads to the Ramp area outside. For the Hut, a player on Rafters can watch that area and can rotate around the area using the barrels on Site A for cover also. The first left inside Secret also leads to the Back Vents where the Vent leads out onto and also the Decon room with a single door connecting to B Site. Hell has a door leading to the Ramp area which means the Defenders can get to that area first as well. There is another potential entrance to Site B via Secret which is a staircase that leads from Outside down into the Tunnels of Site B. A player at Headshot would be the most tricky one to catch with a flashbang so at least one Attacker should be dedicated to spotting and killing a player there. CS:GO - Nuke ALL SMOKES Tutorial (60 Smokes) [2020] - YouTube Having a player on the Silo would provide some cover for a player to run in through that entrance, however. The other entrance/exit for Secret is on the opposite side of the map behind the Garage and is something both teams want to protect. The middle of the site itself has some cover that players can plant the bomb behind. Ramp Smoke from Trophy. While fighting is expected here, Outside is also vital for movement and travel across the map.

It’s a good idea to have a player watching the Vents once the team has control of the space to prevent a grenade wiping out the team. A Defender can rush to the Secret entrance behind Garage and hide in the Back Vents or in the cubby hole behind the Doors to kill any Attackers who try to use Secret to enter Site B. Instead, there’s a box next to the Main door which a player can hide behind and also peak into Squeaky from as well. 1.1k. It was tons of fun to make this video since it contains so many awesome lineups. Nuke is one of the smallest maps in CSGO and it’s unique due to the map being set around a building. One player can rotate the entire space and protect it without needing someone else on the site as well. Like with most places called Heaven in CSGO, this one is positioned on top of Hell where the ladder doing up to it is. Different trick shots can be made with throwables to surprise the other team. Ramp Area Flash from Trophy. The original map was an abandoned facility guarding a nuclear missile where the security was breached by terrorists. Browse our large collection of nades for CS:GO.

Another player could also be set-up at the Headshot point to grab a quick kill or they could be using the Big Box instead. Throwing a flashbang through Squeaky is a great idea, if aimed correctly then it can also flash any Attackers near the Squeaky room in the Lobby. Alternatively, grenades are also very useful on this map due to the close quarters and are perfect for either killing Attackers on Site B or forcing them to retreat. The entire outdoors area can be called this so players normally need to expand on it a bit further to say what they’re close to or what their callout means. SMOKES AND NADES TUTORIAL #7 - NUKE - Professor apEX - CSGO During the Beta, a pro player called Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo created his version of the map and called it “de_nuke_ve”. There are different strategies for Attacking Site B but having a player on the Silo is beneficial regardless of strategy.

It had reused the desert textures and sky from Half-Life but when it was added to Counter-Strike: Source, the desert theme and textures were replaced with concrete. You can use this video to learn new smokes or as something you can always come back to when you need to remind yourself a certain lineup. The player at the Boost point could throw a Molotov, smoke, or flashbang towards Control when they hear the Attackers push, it delays them and should allow for a quick kill or two. Valve removed one of the vents between the two bombsites and re-opened access tunnels to Lower B which was removed earlier in CSGO history. B Site itself is set in a large empty room with very little cover. Dark allows a player to hide there if desired and makes it easy to throw a Molotov at the entrance to delay Attackers approaching then run through the pre-smashed Window to reposition somewhere else. There is also the Lockers room that connects to Hell and a door into the Site A room. This is also a map that doesn’t include a designated Mid area due to the size and layout. HOT NEW TOP. Smokes can also be very useful for running across the Outside areas to stop headshots from the enemy team. Coming from the Main area might be tricky depending on how the Counter-Terrorists are defending the Outside area. Having players positioned in different places such as on the Silo and Heaven gives some control over the Outside are which is necessary for restricting the other teams’ movement. It does go inside and the cramped conditions mean close-ranged weapons are prioritized on this map while snipers are a rare sight here. Most defending work will be done Outside around the Ramp instead of inside. Despite this, it can still be a good idea to have a player on Heaven to watch over the B Site Ramp and so they can also quickly peek inside and help when Terrorists start to attack in earnest. If you want to get a better look at other CSGO Map Callouts: Site A is inside the main building on the map and the center of a large room.

While Site A is part of the largest building, the room itself is connected to some other smaller rooms with doors to the outside. While most of the map is set outside, the main area known as Outside is the front of the building where the Garage area is. 64 128. PRO.

It’s different to the other maps in the game making Nuke unique in Counter-Strike: Global … Find and learn the best smoke, flashbang, molotov and grenade spots for Nuke.

The March 2015 update saw Nuke be removed and replaced with Train for some time before it was re-added during Operation Wildfire. Similarly, Attackers could use them to their advantage for surprise attacks such as using Secret to reach the Vents then coming back through it towards Site A. ADVERTISEMENT. It’s a good idea to expect there to be at least one player guarding the area though they could be rotating a lot. Smokes can also be very useful for running across the Outside areas to stop headshots from the enemy team. From the T Roof, it’s possible to get onto the Silo which then gives wide oversight over the Outside area. SORT. They also moved Toxic to the side of a ramp, blocked access to an area of Upper A, added easier access to Silo, and tweaked the CT Catwalk slightly too. The spawns are on opposite sides of the map to the other and are in small corridors with immediate access to the Outside area and the main building. Therefore I recommend you to like this video or save it to your favourites so you can easily come back to this video.This video includes exactly 60 smokes on de_nuke. Having this information allows the team to prepare and rotate better since teams should then have a better idea of where attacks will come from.


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