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They have brown eyes, a black nose, and triangular ears. P Purebred . Peaceful. Towards strangers or other animals, as a rule, Tornjak is not overly aggressive. Because its thick coat protects it so well, it can happily cope with living outdoors provided it has proper shelter. Bosnia and Herzegovina. They need space and will do best with at least a large yard. Mr, Do you want a dog name with meaning? Pages in category "Dog breeds originating in Croatia" The following 7 pages are in this category, out of 7 total. L escape the harsh realities of the world. Tornjak has a calm temperament. R August 30, 2017 Andreja Horvatic.

We made the search easy by providing you with filters, thanks to which you can set your dog name preferences. V T that showcase what being from Croatia is all about. The dog's bones are not light, but nevertheless not heavy nor coarse. Tornjaks learn quickly and do not forget easily; they happily perform tasks and are therefore easy to train. To this day, these dogs are called Toraši (Torashi) in the surroundings of the city of Sinj and on the Kamešnica mountain, whereas the shepherds of the Dinara-mountains call them Dinarci. S Whether you are looking for a pooch to guide your herd or a loyal family pet, the Croatian Sheepdog is a terrific choice.


Dog Names For Croatian Sheepdog We made the search easy by providing you with filters, thanks to which you can set your dog name preferences. ask? Descriptions of Tornjaks from these documents are the very same as they are today, except for the name of the breed, which was Bosanski Ovčar, meaning Bosnian Shepherd Dog.

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The following dog name list contains funny, unique, cute and cool dog names starting for Croatian Sheepdog. Extensive list!

Moderate Shedding: Routine brushing will help.

K From the mountains of the Dinaric Alps to the shore of the Adriatic Sea, there are over 1,000 islets and islands with 48 of them being inhabited. White markings are most commonly found around the neck, over the head and along the legs. The American Kennel Club describes them as intelligent, alert, active, and loyal and they most certainly fit that description with some cuddliness and fun added to the mix. They need to be confronted with all potentially fearful stimuli as early as possible in order to avoid later fear reactions. Ab Her first partner, Chris Willingham, said he knew she was unique the first time he saw her in 2006 in San Antonio, Texas. Similar as the Istrian coarse-haired hound, this dog is well known for it’s developed senses when it comes to hunting, especially rabbits and foxes. Mia 2. For feeding Tornjaks a low protein diet is suitable. After hundreds of intense but effective missions, the one in Afghanistan with Juan is the one that showed everyone what a true heroine Lucca was. The Tornjak is an old breed first mentioned in the 11th then 14th century. The name of the dog should be matching him.

C It needs to be taken on a daily walk. Ac Sara 3. This breed is best suited to a family with much space surrounding the home where it can attend to its own exercise needs. I Towards strangers or other animals, as a rule, Tornjak is not overly aggressive.

Calm. Almost every household in Croatia owns some pet, and most of them are dogs. The tail is especially well feathered, and carried like a flag while the dog moves. TOP 50 most popular names given to girls in Croatia in 2018. all about – unrelenting affection, companionship and love, but it also teaches But that is no recent trend, and Croatian homes have been owning dogs as pets and as help for centuries. their only source of income. Bred as a herding dog, this black doggo with the curly coat is similar to a Spitz and Shepherd with a medium build and curled tail. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, promotes the subject in a subjective manner, "Tornjak - A Breed Resurrected - Dogs and dog breeds and dog pictures",, Dog breeds originating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Articles needing additional references from March 2009, All articles needing additional references, Articles lacking in-text citations from August 2009, Articles with peacock terms from August 2020, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Bosnian and Herzegovinian - Croatian Shepherd Dog (FCI), This page was last edited on 20 September 2020, at 11:26. Because its thick coat protects it so well it can happily cope with living outdoors provided it has proper shelter. And she was the first U.S. Marine dog to get the medal. Compare . Your email address will not be published. C. Croatian Sheepdog; D. Dalmatian (dog) I. Istrian Coarse-haired Hound; Istrian Shorthaired Hound; O. A male dog name [1] The name comes from the local word for a sheep pen, "tor". Of course that is not it. Please make a choice you’re completely out of your depth when it comes to naming your new furry But in the 2012 Afghanistan mission, she was on patrol and had just sniffed out a 30-pound improvised explosive device when she tripped another explosive right underneath her. They wander and roam the Croatian highlands, play in the village Choose from more than 30,000 dog names! Ar They prefer long walks without a leash and a lot of playing with other dogs.

Ak We believe that your dog’s names should be an expression of your character. Apart from the splendid beauty and friendly vibe that your

[2] They are a molosser-type mountain dog[1], similar to other livestock guardian breeds of the region, the Šarplaninac and the Bucovina Shepherd Dog. Life was hard for Hund until Ranko found him and explore every nook and cranny. and women are among the most beautiful and exotic in the world. This breed of dog is best suited to a family with lots of space surrounding the home. Thank you for publishing this awesome article. Because, as the popular opinion goes, Croatian language, culture, beaches However, even though Lucca could walk again, she was retired from the Marines and went to live with her first partner, Gunnery Sergeant Chris Willingham and his family in California. She shares the ancient genetic link of the Shepherd line and displays the same characteristics of intelligence and loyalty found in the Croatian breed. The Croatian Sheepdog is a very good breed for dog sports. Originating from the Dinarides mountain area, these dog’s primal usage is for herding livestock and protection, but their calm temperament and extremely good health make them a great family member and companion, as long as you have enough open space where he can freely run and exercise. So, naturally, your dog could be given a name that incorporates all that – More, which means the Sea in Croatian. The Tornjak is large, powerful, well-proportioned and agile. There is so  much more to it. Featured Famous Dog with a Croatian Sheepdog Dog Name, Croatian variant of Philip, means horse lover, The capital of Croatia and a great name for a pooch, From the Hebrew name Dawid, meaning beloved, Japanese for black, great for your black doggo, The son of Viseslav, ruler of Croatia in 810 to 821, A famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, Igor Stravinsky, a composer and Igor Sikorskly, the designer of the helicopter, The Croatian variant of Alexander, means defender, For that Ace in the hole, perfect for a black dog, The son of King Stephen, was ruler from 1058 to 1074, Son of Klonimir, Duke of Croatia from 821 to 835, The goddess of the night, great for a black pooch, Croatian for Alexandra, which means protector, Short for the Slavic name beginning with Tikhu, meaning quiet, Derived from Croatian word sanjati meaning dream, Milena Vukotic was the mother to Helen of Montenegro, From the South Slavic Neven meaning marigold, A popular Slavic name that means pleasant, Female form of Vincent and means conqueror, Slavic name for Marsha and means Roman goddess of war. 0 .

Below are the top 50 most popular girls and boys names given to babies in 2018 by znacenje-imena. heritage isn’t something you want to bestow on your dog, then we rest our case. His good health and good temperament allow him to be a thankful and loving family pet but also seeks physical activity on a daily basis.

Written documents dating from 1067 and 1374 mention the Bosnianherzegovinian-Croatian breed. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject's importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance.


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