creeping death diablo 3

Note: Information on this page is based on a level 70 character. 38.

Bone Spikes Sudden Impact. The maximum duration does not change when combined with Quetzalcoatl.

Your Haunt, Locust Swarm and the damage amplification from Piranhas last almost forever. ... A subreddit for questions and discussions related to the Witch Doctor class in Diablo 3. Reapply Curse and Bone Armor as needed, rinse and repeat for each pack. Cursed enemies have a 10% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds when hit. Increase the attack speed of Bone Spikes, Siphon Blood, and Grim Scythe by 15%.

You gain 1% damage reduction for 15 seconds each time one of your minions deal damage. Creeping Death. Creeping Death is a Witch Doctor passive skill, unlocked at level 64. Consume corpses within 60 yards to restore 10 Essence per corpse. Your Haunt, Locust Swarm and the damage amplification from Piranhas last almost forever. Details for the Diablo III Witch Doctor passive skill Creeping Death in patch 2.3. Devour Devouring Aura. Bit by bit, second by second, they consume you. When the target of your Command Skeletons dies, your skeletons are automatically commanded to attack a nearby target.While your skeletons are commanded to attack a target, you deal 400% increased damage. Official patch notes and server changes for Season 7, including new Torment difficulties and a nerf to group buffs. Your minions have a chance to reduce the cooldown of Army of the Dead by 1 second each time they deal damage. Each active Skeletal Mage increases the damage of your minions and Army of the Dead by 1000% up to a max of 10*4*100 When you take lethal damage, you are sustained preventing all damage for 4 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds.

%. Voodoo Gargantuan • Big Bad Voodoo • Fetish Army. Increase the duration of your Skeletal Mage and Revive minions by 25%.

Commanded skeletons go into a frenzy, gaining 25% increased attack speed while they attack the target.

Damage debuff of Pirahnas is not consumed. Cost: 40 EssenceRaise a skeleton from the ground to attack your foes dealing 400% weapon damage as Physical over two attacks. Hybrid. Becomes an aura that consumes all corpses within 15 yards to restore 11 Essence per corpse.The range of this effect is increased by 50% of your gold pickup radius. Consumes all Essence to summon a powerful minion. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Edit. Cost: 50 EssenceActive: Command your skeletal minions to attack the target and increase their damage against it by 50%.Passive: Raise skeletons from the ground every 2 seconds to a max of 7 skeletons. Terror Soul Harvest • Sacrifice • Mass Confusion Reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1 (to a minimum of 2). Cost: 10 EssenceA crippling curse that reduces the enemy units' movement speed by 75% and reduces damage of affected enemies by 30% for 30 seconds. Bone Armor Dislocation. Diablo III Patch 2.4.2 Patch Notes and Hotfixes, Diablo III Season 7 Brings New Cosmetic Rewards. Bit by bit, second by second, they consume you. Spam Bone Spikes to get out the required amount of Singularity Mages (10 for pre hotfix, 4 after to maintain 2,500% damage bonus to pets), using Bone Armor and the proc off Decrepify - Dizzying Curse to keep them stunned, then worry about higher essence Mages to maximize damage. An overview of the bigger changes and additions in patch 2.4.2. Command … Increases the maximum stacks of Bone Armor by, Each stunned enemy within 25 yards reduces your damage taken by, You now raise an additional Skeletal Mage with each cast and they last an additional, Increase damage against enemies under the effects of control-impairing effects by. Server optimizations are being tested on the Public Test Realm, Official patch notes and server changes for Season 7, An overview of the patch that is arriving this week, and bringing Season 7. Generate: 24 EssenceSummon bone spikes from the ground dealing 150% weapon damage as Physical per second. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Getting a good Quetzalcoatl was the hardest part for me, so you're at a good start. Online.

Creeping Frost Occultist is a typical Spell Caster build. Damage debuff of Pirahnas is not consumed.

Lasts for 60 secs.

In addition, all minions are consumed to heal you for 10% of your Life. Vortex is … by Basketius last updated Jul 9, 2017 (Patch 2.6 ) Regular. There are some terrors that cannot be outrun. Creeping Death is a Witch Doctor passive skill, unlocked at level 64. For the Raiment of the Jade Harvester set bonus, only up to 3500 / 10000 seconds will be consumed for the purpose of remaining damage. Decay Zombie Charger • Spirit Barrage • Acid Cloud • Wall of Death • Piranhas I prefer using the Ancient Parthan Defenders for increasing toughness while sitting in the middle of the pack to maximize essence gains though the Devouring Aura; Nemesis Bracers can be used in place to spawn elite packs from pylons. If you do not want to use any off-pieces, you can replace RoRG with CoE in the cube for huge damage spikes on Physical rotations. In-game [edit | edit source] For the Raiment of the Jade Harvester set bonus, only up to 3500 / 10000 seconds will be consumed for the purpose of remaining damage.

The maximum duration does not change when combined with Quetzalcoatl.

The minion's damage is increased by 3% for every point of Essence consumed. I've been clearing 80s with this build with just over 900 paragon levels. Every point of Maximum Essence increases your damage by 0.

You are going to self-cast Creeping Frost mainly, as it's more than enough to take down packs of regular enemies, and you can add Vortex for some extra AoE DPS which is cast underneath you. Decrepify Dizzying Curse. This build works by abusing Krysbin's Sentence damage bonus and keeping your targets stun locked for as long as possible, gaining a 225%-300% damage boost against stunned targets. Defensive Skills Summon Zombie Dogs • Horrify • Spirit Walk • Hex Enemies hit are also stunned for 2 seconds.Bone Armor's damage is turned into Poison. Lasts 6 seconds. Members.

There are some terrors that cannot be outrun. If you don't want to run with Requim Cereplate for bonus essence from corpses, you can use Razeth's Violation for extra corpses and Cannibalize instead of Devouring Aura for extra health regains. Quetzalcoatl has an interesting legendary ability:. Skeletal Mage Singularity.

© 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. Cost: 10 EssenceCooldown: 10 secondsRip bones from nearby enemies, dealing 125% weapon damage as Physical, and create armor that reduces damage taken by 3% per enemy hit up to a maximum of 10 enemies. 12.3k. Secondary Skills Grasp of the Dead • Firebats • Haunt • Locust Swarm Creeping Death is a new Witch Doctor passive that also affects Locust Swarm and Haunt:., Name of the skill may be a reference to the famous. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Max 50 stacks.

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Congratulations on hitting 70! Creeping Death Your Haunt, Locust Swarm and the damage amplification from Piranhas last almost forever.

Skeletal minions deal 50% weapon damage as Physical per attack. Locust Swarm and Haunt now deal their damage in half of the normal duration. A look at the rewards in Season 7, and the journey to achieve them. It says "damage amplification from piranhas" on the Creeping Death description, but is it in the area the spell was cast, or is it on the mobs that were in the area at the time where the spell was cast? The goal for most DoT Witch Doctor builds is to complete the Jade Harvester set, which allows you to use Soul Harvest to consume 30 seconds of the DoT in one huge lump, dealing upwards of a billion damage to Elites and Rift Guardians. Delete Skills.


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