cows and plows payout treaty 6

We are frequently contacted regarding a Cows and Plows Payment to members. For more information, contact AANDC BC Region main reception and ask to speak to a representative in the Community Development unit. Alvin Moostoos from the James Smith Cree Nation, said he thinks the first peoples should go back to the lands to harvest.

Agricultural Benefits Claims stem from the Treaty Promise to provide Agricultural Benefits to First Nations. “A lot of people are buying stuff, fixing up their house, paying off lots of debt. The community has been trying to decide how to share the money ever since. Since Alberta’s Sunchild First Nation, which is also part of Treaty 6, already began … The Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) continues to work with the federal government on the Cows and Plows Treaty 6 adhesion agricultural benefits. Martel said most of the money will end up in a trust with a small amount left over to help pay for immediate needs related to education.

“If there’s no money in farming, why are they still farming?” “They say there’s no money in farming,” Moostoos said. These may be one time communal benefits. A lot of kids are putting money away and some are travelling,” she said. That’s according to LLRIB Chief Tammy Cook-Searson, who said the band filed a claim in October 2018 but has yet to begin negotiations with the federal government. Treaty 8 was one of the few historical treaties signed with First Nations in BC during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The clause is called the cows and ploughs clause by some in Treaty 6. On July 12, community members voted that each member would receive a $30,000 pay-out from the “cows and plows” money that was awarded as part of a settlement with the federal government in 2017. If the research validates such a claim, the First Nation will submit it. Ultimately, before any claim is settled, the First Nation will have to hold a referendum on the settlement agreement.

Eight Bands in BC have adhered to the treaty: Blueberry River, Doig River, Fort Nelson, Halfway River, Prophet River, Saulteau, West Moberley Lake, and McLeod Lake (which adhered in March 2000). The treaty, which was originally negotiated with Alberta First Nations, was extended to cover part of north eastern BC in 1899. The Sawridge First Nation has not submitted a Cows and Plows (Agricultural Benefits) Claim and therefore there is no payment available to members. © 2020 Sawridge First Nation. By denetha April 6, 2018 No Comments. All of this is still years away.

The treaty, which was originally negotiated with Alberta First Nations, was extended to cover part of north eastern BC in 1899. In the end the community voted overwhelmingly for the first option, with 302 votes in favour. The other two options received 12 and two votes respectively. Publisher of seven weekly newspapers and various specialty publications circulated throughout Northwest Territories (Yellowknife) and Nunavut (Iqaluit). Treaty 8 Agricultural Benefits Claim update 2019. “We have to look for someone that will take care of that trust money,” she said. If it is proven that the benefits were not provided when required or in the amount required in accordance with the terms of Treaty #8 then the First Nation would have a claim for such benefits. Treaty 8 requires the Crown to make annual treaty payments (treaty annuity) to individuals who are registered as an Indian and a member of a band that signed the treaty.


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