corsair 37 trailer

Current, Baltimore, The Corsair 37 Carbon Offshore Cruiser Racer is the most technologically advanced Corsair yet. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! The new Corsair 880 will also be within that number.

You don’t have to give up comfort when you’re cruising exotic locations or blasting across the racecourse.

The next one with spaces available will be the weekend of October 14-15.

Enhancing your fine control over the sailing performance, this option includes: © 2020 Corsair Marine International.

We use single axel up to the Corsair 760, and any models above that size use a double axel.

The Corsair 37 features a shallow draft with retractable daggerboard and rudder for exploring those shallow waters, hidden coves and also allows for easy beaching. NMEA0183 OUT for AIS Distress + polling calls function Sophisticated Wireless Handset with unique inductive charging. The V50 is a full Featured VHF with DSC function, suitable for any user.

Corsair took their experience over the previous 16 years building the world’s most popular folding trailerable trimarans and brought it to the next level.

She was a special order from the 1st owner, who wanted a fast boat even when wind is missing. It also has the speed, safety and unsinkability of a Corsair Trimaran.

The boat is available in two versions – Corsair C37CR and Corsair C37RS (racing series). États-Unis, The Corsair 37 offers all the comforts of a cruising mono hull and the flat sailing of a big catamaran. We use a brake washing system, and stainless steel brake systems so they are well protected from the salt water. PA/Hailer Horn output with Listen back feature LOA 11.27 m/37 ft. Width 7.8 m/26 ft. Portugal, Corsair Marine 36 TrimaranThis Corsair Marine 36 was built in 2006, the last (or one of the last) built in California.

Easy access

3 port lights and one aft access hatch, Electrical system with breaker panel, test meter, 12V accessory outlet and dual battery selector switch; navigation, foredeck and cabin lights (does not include battery), Tinted polycarbonate cabin windows and hatch boards, Pulpit and stern rails with custom seating, Main cabin galley area with pressure cold water.

Beam (overall)          25 ft 7 in         7.80 m, Beam (folded)          9 ft 10 in         3.0 m, Draft (hull only)          1 ft 8 in         0.51 m, Draft (daggerboard down)          6 ft 0 in         1.83 m, Mast Length:          47 ft 6 in         14.48 m, Weight approx          5,500 lbs         2495 kg, Mainsail          516 sq ft          47.9 sqm, Seawind Catamarans is Australia’s largest and most awarded sailing boat manufacturer, with 29 years of innovation and excellence in the field of performance cruising catamarans. Always spent more than half of the year on the trailer in the back yard. General Laminate: Vacuum formed polyester resin laminate with extensive use of carbon laminates. US$224,196 * 37 ft / 2017.

All International, CANADA, USA Channels

Tacks like a monohull, draws 1.5’ with the board up, extremely fast and moves in light wind. Clearly it’s up to you.

Mooring Country Sweden. Other brands might just stay within the width, but you can still have a big problem if you have an accident and your length was illegal. États-Unis, Cool nimble trimaran, light weight, trailerable (has trailer) fun boat. Water Resistance – JIS 7 Dual AIS receiver: Receiver Frequency: 161.975MHz, 162.025MHz Corsairs are especially weight-conscious, and sit low on their trailers meaning they have excellent trailering characteristics.

If you have their breakdown service its worthwhile notifying them that you have a boat on trailer. In 2008/2009 the Corsair 36 was upgraded and improved further and became the Corsair 37. CORSAIR 37 CRUISER STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS AND EQUIPMENT 1. Selectable 25/1-watt Transmit Power (conduct)

Tractor trailer with cradle adapted for the boat Conventional deck equipment / ropes fenders etc...Read full description. It is an ideal craft for shoal water cruising, club racing and its folding beams also make it possible for the occasional tow to a new cruising ground.

GPS Input for Automatic Time and Position Update, AIS FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY Copyright© 2007 by Donald Wigston. In 2004 Corsair Marine has introduced the largest trailerable trimaran on the market, the Corsair 36. It comes down to how you load your boat on the trailer.

The boat is available in two versions – Corsair C37CR and Corsair C37RS (racing series). CLEAN, NICELY EQUIPPED AND READY TO GO FOR SUMMER 2020!

With blistering speed provided by her class-leading power to weight ratio, the Corsair 37 makes no bones about being a "sailors' boat". The Corsair 37 is the perfect answer for experienced sailors who want the comforts of a cruising monohull, the flat sailing of a big catamaran and the speed, safety and unsinkability of a Corsair Trimaran.


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