coonhound sense of smell

Cons – Like other hound dogs, this canine is stubborn. Not only are the dogs from these facilities often kept in cruel conditions, but they are likely to be irresponsibly bred too. Although the American Coonhound is indeed loyal and good-natured, their exceptional sense of smell can sometimes distract them from what they are supposed to be doing. Why Are Dog Harnesses Better Than Collars? Pros – It would be a tough search to find a fur-baby as easy to train and as loving as a Labrador Retriever. They are very muscular, allowing them to run fast and hunt efficiently. Similar in looks to a Poodle, the hair of Irish Water Spaniels helps them in their favorite pastime – swimming, hence their name. The Irish Water Spaniel can track, point, retrieve, and hunt. ALSO SEE: 12 Types of Hunting Dogs and Which One You Need. Cons – While happy and friendly with everyone, their size means that they could hurt a small child without even realizing it. This strong, independent working dog can use its nose for many things in the field, including sniffing out bombs. They even like other dogs. But, you should not take off its leash in public places as it has high hunting instincts. Cons – This is an outside dog. Positive reinforcement using treats as incentives should be effective. German Shepherds are known as the world’s leading police and military dogs. English Coonhounds were traditionally used to hunt raccoons throughout the night and American red fox throughout the day. Defects or exaggerations in conformation can result in health issues and disabilities.

Second in popularity only to the Lab in America's rankings, the German Shepherd (or “GSD”) is a great all-around dog that proves itself by sniffing out bombs and drugs, and playing the family dog. They are great for families with children of all ages. Raising a puppy is a huge responsibility and it may seem overwhelming at first. The English Coonhound’s ancestry can be traced back to dogs belonging to early settlers of the Eastern Hemisphere. Get Pippa's free dog training tips delivered to your inbox, Your email address will not be published. The breed as we now know it developed from Virginia Hounds. They used a single group of wolves, and three different groups of dogs: Using five difficult levels during testing, scientists were not surprised by the results. English Coonhounds are popular working dogs with sweet temperaments and an amazing sense of smell. Luckily, there are tests that can be carried out to reduce the risk of getting an unhealthy English Coonhound. This makes them a viable choice for potential owners who have other dogs in the house. Cons – This is a rare dog. The Bloodhound has long been famous for its keen sense of smell and determination when on the trail. Pros – Friendly and outgoing, the Black and Tan Coonhound is a great choice for a family pet. You can read more about crate training here. Cons – The fur-babies in this breed shed a lot and need frequent brushing. Yes, and no. In a 2013 poll, the English Coonhound was voted the 7th most talkative dog breed by American veterinarians. Here are some you may be interested in: If the English Coonhound isn’t for you, you may want to consider similar breeds.

The Belgian Malinois is a popular military working dog that uses its keen nose to detect explosives. This combined with their high sense of smell, agility, and obedience make them another favorite as a tracker in search and rescue, and a locator of bombs and drugs.

Will My Dog Stop Barking If I Ignore Him?

This skill has been bred into them to aid hunters when racoons manage to escape up trees. It helps to reduce fearfulness and aggressive tendencies in the future. They also make great companion animals. Cons – Like other working class dogs, this four-legged family member like to be outdoors staying active. But hunting isn't their only occupation, as Beagles are finding their way into more and more homes and jobs being one of the dogs with best sense of smell. If you want one, plan to wait for a while on a list.

English Coonhounds are generally responsive and cooperative. Pet stores and puppy mills where puppies are mass produced are not recommended.

The Black and Tan Coonhound is a determined, persistent hunter that will stay on a track … no matter what the terrain or conditions are.

As they are a deep-chested breed, they are also at risk of experiencing bloat. They make a good watchdog as well. These were a group of dogs bred in the United States from three packs belonging to three hound enthusiasts. Size doesn’t affect this compact breed and their ranking among the dogs with best sense of smell. Golden Retriever. To make your English Coonhound’s arrival as smooth as possible, you should get all the necessary products beforehand. Basset Hounds are fantastic working dogs and have many traits which makes them a perfect job companion. Golden Retrievers use their sense of smell in a variety of detection work, and they excel as Search and Rescue and allergy alert dogs.

It may seem odd but allergies are more common than you think in our canine best friends. Pros – Hardworking, this pooch is great for competitions and sports. Pros – The Border Collie can be trained to do anything. It can be a challenge, but we have a puppy training guide with plenty of tips. American Coonhound Interesting Facts and Features. Labs excel at all types of detection work because of their noses.

Today, they still prefer the hunting life in a pack with other dogs. Collies aren't just great dogs for kids and families, but they have the ability to sense what is needed and then act accordingly. (The ability to love us unconditionally, no matter how many times we may get angry when they poop on the carpet as we’re housetraining them, is definitely one of them. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see this breed on a list for best sniffers as the breed is one of the most well known best hunting dogs out there. They require a lot of exercise, making them unsuitable for someone who can’t provide long walks, This is a fairly large breed so might take up too much space in a small apartment, They need lots of love and attention which might not suit someone who isn’t home much, If improperly socialized, they can be aggressive and give nasty bites, Their strong predator instincts can be uncontrollable and won’t suit a family with small pets, If properly socialized, they have naturally amazing temperaments, They would be a great match for someone who’s active due to their high energy levels, This is a generally healthy breed and rarely suffer from serious health complications. When the German Shorthaired Pointer, or “GSP” was finalized, they stopped as their work had been fulfilled in this versatile dog breed. To this day we still have no standard test to know breed's olfactory capacity, and it hasn't been studied yet. Its work with law enforcement has been so accurate that evidence trailed by a Bloodhound has been accepted in courts of law. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Interest-Based Ads Chewy Careers, Copyright © 2020 Chewy, Inc.

Basset Hound (Photo Credit: Shutterstock) Beagle.

Their dependability and trainability make them the leading dog for guide work and search and rescue.


They are rugged outside dogs that still need human companionship. There are many “fakes” out there, so do your homework before forking over the cash. German Shepherd (Photo Credit: Shutterstock) Labrador Retriever. The breed has the unusual ability to climb trees. Even if you have the calmer variety, they still need to get outside frequently to play. They are notorious for housebreaking difficulties. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Cons – While the excellent sense of smell is great for hunting vermin, it is also great for digging. Like most hunting breeds, Bluetick Coonhound dog loves the outdoor activity. The Harrier is known for its strong nose, which was used to hunt hare.

While the German Shepherd is the most popular dog for police work, the “Mal” is fast taking its place. The breed has excellent tracking ability, and is a dedicated hunter. They are active and enduring which make them a great pet for parks and hikes. The Bloodhound is one of the oldest dogs that hunt by scent. Pros – The Bluetick Coonhound is a rugged, healthy breed that loves the outdoors. But, they are only the 175th most popular breed in the US. Unlike a lot of sporting and most active breeds, the English Springer Spaniel is eager to please and easily trained. The Belgian Malinois breed is one of the dogs with best sense of smell and is being trained for police work all over the world.

This behavior is quite common and not a problem if it... White is one of the most popular colors in the world because it represents positivity and innocence, and well, because it is beautiful. The nutritional requirements of an English Coonhound depends on its age, health status and activity levels. It uses its nose to locate game fowl and flush (spring) it out, and majority of other Spaniels it's one of the dogs with best sense of smell.


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