consequences of not paying italian traffic fines
Might I face a problem with the Italians if I arrive to Italy? Your action or lack of action might take account of whether or not you live in the EU and how much you fear a negative credit rating in the USA. 5 kph or 5% of the posted limit, what's best for the offender. According to the Italian Traffic Code, the police have only 360 days after receiving identification of the driver of the vehicle (that is, the date that Hertz handed over your UK address) within which to notify foreign drivers of the fine. Given the amount of effort involved in the process and the responses I received from the Justice of the Peace's office, I question whether appeals would have been successful. New Topic Reply to Topic. You must present evidence that it was not you in the car or that you were driving to or from your hotel. BE SURE TO CONFIRM THIS BY SPEAKING TO A PROPERLY INFORMED PERSON AT THE COMPANY YOU USED. Solves the problem, surely? These fines, while unpleasant to receive, are exactly the same as traffic fines the world over.

Please provide your name and nearest town and, if your query is about a dispute with a travel company, your full address, daytime telephone number and any booking reference. Note that this means that the traffic authorities can and will trace offenders who were driving their own cars. These days we have been looking for flights to Rome and the thing came up.

Tourists in cars who need to travel within the ZTL to reach their accommodation facilities or a garage can obtain a temporary access permit, although they should still pass through the authorized ‘access points’ only, excluding the lanes reserved for public transport and the pedestrian zones which may not be used at any time. The fact that it took them over 10 months to cite me also seems odd. We do not know whether they will assist in collecting the fine. Italian authorities tend to take a while to issue speeding fines – but if they do so more than 360 days after the offence, you need not pay Credit: GETTY Numero verbale: —> number of the notification (solo il numero senza lettere) —> just the number without letters Anno: —> year Targa: —> number plate Data violazione (gg/mm): —> date of the infraction (dd/mm), To check photographic evidence for Bologna, go to this web page:

In the area prohibited to load / unload things. It is possible that some car rental agreements might allow the rental company to pay the fine and charge your card for the fine, but this is usually not the case – see the example below – and indeed might never be the case. Everything you need to know about booking a trip this winter, How travel can make you happy – even when you're grounded, Travel latest news: Ryanair refuses to refund November flights, Police escorts and hotel lockdowns: How the pandemic has killed the glamour of being a pilot, What the new lockdown rules mean for your hotel stay in England, 'How will I survive winter with no income?' Example: the Europcar contract General Conditions number 3 states: ” The client undertakes: c) to directly arrange to pay any fines raised against the hired vehicle during the period of the rental and to refund the Lessor any costs incurred in this respect, in addition to any payments made by the Lessor and the administrative charges quantified in the information sheets available at rental offices.” This suggests fairly clearly that at least in this case the car rental company will not charge your card for the fine, only for the administrative charges.

If the tourist refuses to pay both the fine and the deposit, the car can be blocked by the authorities and the driver … it has become less credible that tourists don’t realise they are entering a limited traffic zone. If you rent a car and get fined on this trip they will send an agency after you and there will not only be the fines and the fees from the rental agency but also late fees as well making the fines much more expenisve. Centre-right councilors in Florence argue that the city issues much too many traffic violations. Not to pay a fine that is sent directly to you at your home outside the EU (as opposed to having been paid by the rental car company and then charged to your card)?


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