cobra walkie talkie frequencies
FRS has 14 channels, numbered 1-14 below. Please note that the use of American FRS and GMRS walkie-talkies in the United Kingdom is not legal, and could cause interference to licenced radio users. UHF radio signals are those on frequencies from 300MHz - 3000MHz. 446.043755. View all licence free (pmr446) 0.5 watt radios; Cobra MT975; Kirisun PT558; Lynx PT400; CPS Telecom CP183 Range (miles): 16. Cobra ACT220B Hands Free, Wearable Walkie Talkies The Cobra Chat Tag Rock two-way radio is our smallest walkie-talkie to date.

VHF radio signals are those on frequencies from 30MHz - 300MHz. Secure shopping made faster. Copyright © 2012-2020 MOOZ Themes | Categories | Advertise | Privacy Policy | Site Terms & Disclosures. Shop without retyping payment details. AC Adaptor/Charger. "Marine band" VHF radios used on ships and to communicate between vessels and harbours, bridges, locks etc, use frequencies between 156 - 162MHz. 462.61254. ... Cobra NEW 8 CX112 16 Mile 22 Channel FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radios (2) Model# 4 x CX112 $ 103 69. Digital display. Licence free (PMR446) 0.5 Watt Radios.

Buying Walkie Talkies. Radio frequencies are expressed in units of Hertz (cycles per second). 462.71258.

View all licence free (pmr446) 0.5 watt radios, Hytera PD405 Analogue and Digital Walkie Talkie Radio, Tesunho TH289 Basic Network Walkie Talkie Radio With GPS, Tesunho TH388 Display GPS Network Walkie Talkie Radio, View all walkie-talkie earpiece/mics, headsets, View all walkie talkie batteries & chargers, Kirisun PT558 PT4200 Six Slot Multi Charger, Tritan Business Lite Walkie Talkie Battery, Hytera PD7xx Battery BL2008 (formerly BL2006), Walkie Talkies in Different Countries - Legal Issues, Replacing Rechargeable Batteries In Cobra Microtalk Walkie-Talkies, Analogue versus Digital Walkie-Talkie Radios, Hiring Radios For School / College Events, Binatone Walkie-Talkie Earpiece / Microphone Accessories, Same Day Walkie Talkie Hire in London Area, Walkie Talkie Hire - Nationwide Coverage In the UK, Hand-Held Metal Detecting Security Wands For Hire, Lockable PTT (Push To Talk) Switch for Headsets & Earpieces. You can use VHF if you set your walkie-talkie to anywhere between the 136 MHz to 174 MHz range. I continuously explore new stuff about web design and photo cameras and update MOOZ Blog on a regular basis with the useful content. UK Business UHF Radios use frequencies from 400 - 470MHz. FLASHLIGHT: The LED/S.O.S. 446.006252. 446.056256. *****Connecter: 2.5mm 1-pin jack. Automatically records the last 20 seconds of incoming audio, BUILT-IN LED/S.O.S. Within the UHF band lie the eight "licence-free" (PMR446) channels, these are as follows, in MHz: 1. All rights reserved.

Recommendations are independently chosen by MOOZ’s editors. SCORE. The units used are usually KHz (kilohertz) and MHz (megahertz). 462.58753. 446.031254. Clip this hands free earpiece onto your shirt and begin using your radio device to communicate discretely and easily, whether you're in security, retail, or hospitality. There are many "combination" FRS/GMRS walkie-talkies on the market that have all 22 of the channels listed below, in MHz: 1. UK Business VHF Radios use frequencies from 136 - 174MHz. 164.0500164.0625169.0875169.3125173.0500173.0625173.0875, 449.3125449.4000449.4750458.7875458.8000458.8125458.8250. GMRS uses the same channels as FRS 1-7, and then adds a further 7 channels numbered 15-22 below. 5 Crucial Web Design Tips for a Professional Website, 15+ Brilliant WordPress Themes for a Pet Care, an Animal Clinic or Veterinarian Center, 35+ Clean Design WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers, Creative Artists & Agencies, VIBRALERT & CALL ALERT: Your microTALK radio can alert you to incoming signals by sounding an audible call tone only or both with vibrating, LONG RANGE UP TO 37 MILES: Provides an extended long range signal up to 37 miles with 2662 channel combinations & 121 privacy codes to minimize unwanted interference, FLOATING & WATERPROOF (IPX7 standard): Never lose your radio. We use cookies to enhance and personalise your experience with us by collecting information about the pages you visit and actions taken on the site. Not sure where to start? This small but mighty two-way radio is a full functioning two-way radio that is compatible with all FRS radios on the market, has voice prompt programming for hands-free use, 22 channels for privacy and provides a range of up to 12 miles under optimal conditions.

Waterproof. 9.7. Get your message across! Check Price on Amazon.

462.66256. 462.68757. No matter what kind of event you are organising, we have walkie-talkie radios to suit your needs for short and long term hire. Range (miles): 23. 462.60018. 467.612511. © 2020 Amherst Walkie Talkies. 467.712515. Fanatic web designer & photographer specialized in clean and modern Bootstrap & WordPress theme development. 446.081258. 467.687514. 446.018753. *****30 Days Free Return, 6 Monthes Warranty.

We have sold and hired radio equipment to thousands of schools and colleges from small primary schools up to large secondary schools, colleges and universities. Buy 2 Two Way Radio Earpiece for Motorola Talkabout Cobra Radios 1 Pin 25mm Covert Acoustic Tube Walkie Talkie Earpiece Headset with PTT Mic 2 Pack with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. 462.55016. 462.67521. flashlight located at the base of the radio provide enhanced functionality to keep you on the go when the sun goes down, VOX - VOICE-ACTIVATED TRANSMISSION: The user's voice is detected and the radio transmits without the need to press any buttons, freeing hands for other tasks, 18 HOUR ULTRA LONG RUN TIME: Included rechargeable batteries provide an ultra long runtime of up to 18 hours (90% Standby, 5% talk, 5% listen). 462.62519. 467.56259. Please kindly contact with us first if you have any problem with the order. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ 467.637512.

462.725. Radios transmit and receive messages on any of millions of possible frequencies. 462.56252. Requires (3) AAA batteries for operation (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED). These radios are often bought by British holidaymakers in the US or Canada or the Caribbean, or on cruise ships, and then brought back and used in the UK, with the buyers not knowing that they are breaking the law. On the other hand, if you will be using your walkie-talkies indoors or in situations where you will have obstructions between you and the other party, then you should set your walkie-talkie to an ultra-high-frequency range between 403 MHz and 470 MHz. We have megaphones / loudhailers / bullhorns for hire. For many events attended by the general public, a megaphone is a useful tool to address and control the crowds. 467.662513. Uniden. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Specific channels are used for particular purposes, including for emergencies, ship-to-shore communications etc. *****Ideal for demanding covert security applications where sound clarity and earpiece durability are of paramount importance. 446.09375, LIST OF CTCSS CHANNEL NUMBERS AND AUDIO TONES. Also includes micro-USB doc charger, LONG RANGE UP TO 38 MILES: Provides an extended long range signal up to 38 miles with 2662 channel combinations & 121 privacy codes to minimize unwanted interference, WATERPROOF & DUSTPROOF: Designed to IP54 waterproof & dustproof standards, ROGER BEEP TONE: Conformation tone indicates the completion of the user's transmission, and signals to others it is clear to talk, 10 NOAA WEATHER CHANNELS & WEATHER ALERT - Be prepared for storms and emergencies with the built-in NOAA radio receiver providing coverage of all government operated weather channels, LONG RANGE UP TO 16 MILES: Extended long range capability provides up to 16 miles range, HEADSET & MICROPHONE ENABLED: Easily connect headset or microphone for enhanced functionality, Up to 35 mile range -Provide extended signal range with 3124 channel combinations, Waterproof - Designed to IPX4/JIS4 waterproof standards, VOX - Voice-activated transmission frees hands for other tasks, 10 NOAA weather channels - Be prepared for storms and emergencies with built-in NOAA receiver, 3 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries per radio (included), RECHARGEABLE BATTERY SAVING TECHNOLOGY: Includes rechargeable Li-polymer battery & micro-USB charging cable, LONG RANGE UP TO 12 MILES: Extended long range capability provides up to 12 miles of range, UP TO 10 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE: Built-in Li-polymer Battery enables Up to 10 hours battery life per charge, TURNABLE BELT CLIP: Clips onto lapel allows you to talk and listen without holding radio, VOICE PROMPTS: Provide audio feedback on operation (power on/off, channel selection), Up to 37 mile range providing you with extended signal range, Rewind Say Again allows you to replay missed radio calls and automatically records the last 20 seconds of incoming audio to help you recall important information, 2662 Channel Combinations available when the 22 channels are combined with the 121 privacy codes (38 CTCSS/83 DCS) which helps to prevent interference from other radios, 10 NOAA weather channels and alert so you can be prepared for storms and emergencies with built in NOAA radio receiver and alert in the event of weather or other emergencies, Floating design and orange core makes retrieving the radio easy if dropped in water, Included Components: 3 Radios, 3 Belt Clips, 1 User Guide, Front panel push-buttons provide easy access to all 22 channels (7 GMRS/FRS, 7 FRS, and 8 GMRS), Unique circuit extends the life of the batteries, Ideal for storm and emergency prep with built-in weather radio receiver providing coverage of all government-operated weather channels, UHF/FM ultra-clear long distance reception, CALL ALERT WITH 5 SELECTABLE TONES: 5 selectable tones distinguishes between different parties on oncoming calls, LONG RANGE UP TO 25 MILES: Provides an extended long range signal with 2662 channel combinations, RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES INCLUDED: Includes rechargeable batteries and a micro-USB charging cable, MICRO USB RECHARGEABLE PORT: Requires (3) AAA rechargeable batteries for rechargeable operation (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED), POWER SAVER CIRCUITRY: Unique circuit extends battery life.

462.57517. 467.587510. 462.63755. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Cobra PX880 Pro Business 2-Watt Walkie Talkies with GA-SV01 Headsets (6-Pack) Model# CBAPX880BC3SV01 Cobra Walkie Talkies . Walkie-talkie radios have many uses around schools, colleges and universities. Purchases from these Sellers are generally covered under our. 462.70022. Floating design and orange core makes retrieving the radio easy if dropped in water, NOAA WEATHER & ALERT: Be prepared for storms and emergencies with built-in NOAA radio receiver and alert in the event of weather or other emergencies, REWIND-SAY-AGAIN: Replay missed radio calls. Cobra RX680 2 Watt Rugged Walkie Talkies - Waterproof & Dustproof, Rechargeable, Long Range up to 38-Mile Two Way Radio with NOAA Weather Alert & VOX (2 Pack) Altis. 462.65020. 446.068757. **********1 Pin 2.5MM Clear Acoustic Tube Covert Earpiece Earphone Headset PTT(Push To Talk) with built-in line mic microphone for Motorola COBRA Talkabout Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio Bodyguard FBI Security Door Supervisor. *****Excellent for use in police, military, nightclubs, bars, paintball, security, restaurants, hotels, bouncer, warehouses, and noisy environments.


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