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Filming took place between September and October 2014, The series began airing on 24 November 2014 for 20 episodes, 3 days after the tenth series concluded, concluding on 19 December 2014. [3][4] The series was renewed for a fourth series in July 2017. Celebrity Coach Trip 3 was the third and final celebrity series of Coach Trip which aired from 16 to 27 January 2012 before series 8 started airing. stephen bailey coach trip. [8] Brendan later said in June 2013, during a telephone interview to Paul about his 2 new shows, that "Coach Trip has been rested at the moment – it's not the end of the programme, but we decided that we’d experiment with two new formats". Morning Activity: Icelandic pony ride

This is a new format, as it consisted of 40 episodes and followed the "Road to..." format. Tour guide Brendan Sheerin, coach driver Paul Donald, narrator Dave Vitty and the coach with registration number MT09 MTT all returned for this series, which was aired on Channel 4 with a similar start to series 2 and a similar end to series 4. The winners of the fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth series received another coach holiday as their prize. MT09 MTT was the coach registration number plate.

Chantal entered the coach on Day 1 with Hollye and was Yellow-carded on Day 8, Hollye left the coach on Day 12. Coach Trip returned for its fourteenth series, consisting of 30 episodes, on 25 July 2016 moving from Channel 4 to E4, Filming took place between May and July 2015 and the series is known as Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza. In 2018, it was announced that Celebrity Coach Trip would return for a fourth series after a seven-year hiatus. Since the 14th series (Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza) in 2016, the show has aired on weekdays at 7:30 pm on E4. On 24 June 2013, a replacement show called Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour began on Channel 4.

The coaches used in the show are decorated with a Union Flag design on the outside, Series 14 entitled "The Road to Ibiza" introduced a new beach design with #COACHTRIP on the coach roof. It has been suggested that this article be, Voting alterations and vote cancellations, Series 15: "Road to Marbs" (January to February 2017), Series 16: "Road to Zante" (July to September 2017), Series 4: "Road to Benidorm" (January 2019), "Channel 4 sends Brendan on another Coach Trip", "Exclusive: Coach Trip gets 10th series on Channel 4: Brendan will be back", "Coach Trip is coming back to E4 for TWO new series", "Coach Trip host to play Cupid for C4 on luxury liner", "Coach Trip is coming to E4 and we're being promised twists, hooray!

Filming took place from 4 to 18 July 2011. In series 3, an omnibus edition was also shown on weekends but was cancelled part of the way through the series. The travellers are accompanied by tour guide Brendan Sheerin, who appears in every episode. In the first two series, the winners received an extended stay in the final destination of the trip as their prize, while in the third and sixth series, the winners received a holiday voucher. The pair went on to win the series. Coach Trip 6 was the sixth series of Coach Trip in the United Kingdom. Yellow cards have been occasionally awarded to couples due to timekeeping issues; Red cards have also been presented to couples on occasion, although when this is done it is normally the result of certain travellers' bad behavior, vote refusals or canvassing for votes.

Jackie Clune was the narrator from series 9 to 13, with Clara Amfo taking over for the 14th series. The series aired on weekdays at 5:30 pm from episodes 1 to 15, however was moved to 5:00 pm from episodes 16 to 29 due to Superstar Dogs: Countdown to Crufts. Location: Hell Itself Day 22 of Series 14, entitled "Road to Ibiza" saw the voting rules again being amended after the announcement about the double yellow terror whichever two couples receives the most votes will both receive a yellow card which is somewhat similar to when two couples received a yellow card from tied votes from not only earlier series of Coach Trip but also from day 12 of the same series. Coach Trip 3 was the third series of Coach Trip in the United Kingdom.

Afternoon Activity: Curling. Shortest stays on the coach on a 50-day series, Joined on Day 11 and red-carded off the trip a day later for fighting with Tam and Jayson, Longest time couples spent on a 20-day series after receiving a yellow card, Lasted the entirety of the series as originals after receiving a yellow-card on Day 10, Longest time couples spent on a 30-day series after receiving a yellow card. On Day 21, partners, Bradley & Kevin, got engaged during the flying activity. Entered coach on Day 1, all couples lasted entirety of series (Day 15). Applications for the new series opened on the same day. Entered coach on Day 1 and red-carded off the trip with 4 votes later that day, lasted 12 hours in total.

[3] The sixteenth series has the title Coach Trip: Road to Zante. Afternoon Activity: Location: The Arctic Circle Part 1

Afternoon Activity: Amethyst mine tour. On Day 4 of Series 2, the vote was changed after first John & Irene's early departure, due to their ill health; then Paul & Heidi receiving a red card later at the previous day's vote and on Day 14 of Series 2 the vote was changed again after first Clare and Kat received a red card at the previous day's vote then Alan & Lorenzo refused to get out of bed followed by stationary traffic with an accident in front. Original 7, Yellow-carded on Day 1 and lasted till final day, making the whole 15 days of the series, Longest stays on the coach (30 day series), Entered coach on Day 1, lasted entirety of series (Day 30), Longest stay on the coach by a solo traveller paired couple (30 day series), Entered coach on Day 14, lasted entirety of series (Day 30), Shortest stays on the coach (30 day series), Longest time couples spent after receiving a yellow card (30 day series), Both couples were Yellow-carded on Day 12 and lasted till final day, making 19 days of the series (Day 30), Longest stays on the coach (40 day series), Entered coach on Day 21, lasted entirety of series (Day 40), Longest stay on the coach by a solo traveller paired couple (40 day series). Coach Trip 13 was the thirteenth and final series of Coach Trip. Filming took place between July and August 2014. Leading the cast … On 9 April 2014, it was confirmed by Digital Spy that the show would return for a further four series (80 episodes in total).[2]. The length of this series was longer than the previous instalments, increased from 30 days to 50 days for a tour centred on European, Mediterranean, North African and West Asian countries on a coach like series 1, 2 and 3 attempting to vote off the least popular couples. The twins were my favourites so far and I'd much rather watch the pair of them than the others. The only difference was in series 7 the voting system started with receiving an automatic red card on the first day where as if you got a red card with the most votes you could be sent home without departing the British isles. Morning Activity: Sauna [23] The series was filmed from September 2012 (visiting Barcelona, Jamaica, Cancún in Mexico and Istanbul) and aired in the 5:00 pm slot, narrated by Tupele Dorgu. Filming started in July 2010 and lasted until August 2010, the series began airing on 14 February 2011 and concluded on 25 March 2011. In the 1st series, the driver was Chris Groombridge who only drove T100 MTT. Shortest stays on the coach (40 day series), Longest time couples spent after receiving a yellow card (40 day series), Yellow-carded on Day 28 and lasted till final day, making 13 days of the series (Day 40), The coach 'MT04 MTT' arrived in Central London to be used for Series 3 only. Location: Luleå Bradley and Ottavio were red-carded later at the vote. I have never lost my love for the north. Share on Facebook. MODEL twins Ruby and Pearl Day, who have set pulses racing in E4'S Coach Trip: Road to Tenerife, opened up about their famous exes. [1] Sheerin and Donald both returned to the show. Afternoon Activity: Ice hockey, Location: Umeå Location: The Arctic Circle Part 2 On 23 August 2016, Channel 4 confirmed that Coach Trip would return for series 15 & 16 in 2017. However, in September 2013, Channel 4 announced that they had renewed Coach Trip for another series in 2014 which has now aired. Coach Trip 11 was the eleventh series of Coach Trip in the United Kingdom. On each series of Coach Trip there are different activities each day for the tourists and celebrities to do and/or have already done by order of appearance. Tour guide Brendan Sheerin, coach driver Paul Donald and narrator David Quantick all returned for this series, which aired on Channel 4. The series was won by Francis Boulle and Sarah Keyworth. Coach Trip series 16 was confirmed by E4 on 14 December 2016. Morning Activity: Reindeer farm The final vote is held on the last (or occasionally second last) day of the trip. Christmas Coach Trip was the first and only series of a Christmas-themed version of Coach Trip. [13] Celebrity Coach Trip 4 has the title Celebrity Coach Trip: Road to Benidorm and will air from 14 to 25 January 2019. Lasted entirety of the series. Coach Trip 2 was the second series of Coach Trip in the United Kingdom. On 6 April 2016, it was announced that Coach Trip will return for a fourteenth series in 2016 on E4. Filming took place from 9 to 23 April 2011. Afternoon Activity: Christmas bauble making, Location: Skellefteå The first day of the coach trip started in Trondheim and the last day of the trip ended in Inari.


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