co2 and fiber laser combo

Therefore, considering the power consumption of the laser cutting machine, the fiber laser cutting machine can be operated with about 1/3 of the power consumption of the CO2 laser cutting machine, which can be said to be a very energy-efficient laser cutting machine. Comparison of CO2 lasers and fiber lasers - Basics - YouTube There are still some challenges to be solved when it comes to ensuring the quality of cutting with fiber laser cutting machines. The original concept of the fiber laser was recognized because it was a laser that could propagate through fibers. Therefore, no matter how fast the machining speed is, if the kinematic performance of the XY drive axis, which determines the shape to be machined, is low, it is hopeless to shorten the cutting time.

The processing quality is one of those items that are difficult to put a numerical value on, so many customers don’t pay much attention to it when choosing a laser cutter. This is one of the reasons why there has been a recent proliferation of manufacturers manufacturing and selling fiber laser cutters. In general, fiber lasers have many advantages over CO2 lasers. In addition, in the field of cutting highly reflective materials such as aluminum and copper, the fiber laser has an advantage over CO2 laser cutting. Your email address will not be published. Conclusion. The high absorption rate refers to the very short time it takes for the laser to convert light energy into heat energy and then melt the metal material after it has been irradiated, making it possible to create a cutting process at a very fast rate. With capacities up to 152mm diameter and maximum lengths up to either 6500mm or 8500mm (on demand), the LT722D laser cutting system offers the following features: Standard Artube CAD-CAM software control packages specifically designed for single and assembled tube programming allow extremely high exploitation of the system. If you’re looking to mark metal, what you need to buy is a fiber laser.

However, it is necessary to make a cool judgment before making a decision based on the materials of the processing.

The CO2 laser is a gas beam obtained by excitation of carbon dioxide molecules, and its wavelength is 10.6μm, while the fiber laser is a solid laser obtained by placing a crystalline Yb (ytterbium) compound as a medium in optical fiber and irradiating the crystals with a light beam, and its wavelength is 1.08μm. Briefly, fiber laser light is created by banks of diodes.

Available with an automatic bundle (capacity 5.000 Kg) or step loader and an automatic single bar loader, or with two automatic loaders.

At the heart of each laser machine, there is a laser source: the most common are CO₂ and fiber laser markers. Maximum flexibility with two laser sources in one laser system . One is a CO2 laser cutting machine that was converted from an industrial laser about 25 years ago, and the other is a fiber laser cutting machine that was officially converted from an industrial laser about 10 years ago. A true laser cutting machine manufacturer should have mature technology and the ability to design and manufacture CO2 laser cutting machines, as well as the processing technology accumulated from the production of CO2 laser cutting machines that can be used to design and manufacture fiber laser cutting machines. The advantage of using optical fibers for propagation is the long life of the optical components and the high maintenance performance.

Endless application options. For instance, a high-power CO2 laser and chiller will consume roughly 70 kW when operating on maximum power.

After the laser cutting process, if there is a subsequent process such as scum removal, the total processing cost is about the same as that of a CO2 laser cutting machine. This is due to the physical principle that quartz glass absorbs the wavelength of a CO2 laser, but does not absorb the wavelength of a fiber laser and penetrates it. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CO2 AND FIBER LASERS.

This means that you need to pay more attention to the quality of the processing by the laser cutter. You can also use CO2 laser to cut various non-metallic …

The focusing lens, unlike on a conventional CO2 laser machine, is sealed in the cutting head and thus not a consumable item. Complex productions such as cutting different pieces on the same bar or batch changing among bars with different sections, are managed in automatic. Equipped with a tilting head, it allows 3D cutting on all sections (open and special profiles included). In the processing of CO2 lasers and fiber lasers, there is a significant difference between the two due to the difference in their respective wavelengths. With capacities up to 152mm diameter and maximum lengths up to either 6500mm or 8500mm, (on demand) the LT823D laser cutting system has the following special features: Standard Artube CAD-CAM software control packages specifically designed by ADIGE for single and assembled tube programming allow extremely high exploitation of the system. ... High-power lasers, such as those used for marking identifiers on metal, can be embedded in enclosures.

In 1987, TRUMPF presented the first ever flatbed laser cutting center with a TRUMPF TLF laser. However, this one will last several times longer compared to the reflectors used in CO2 laser cutters. Handling speed is variable and automatically selected according to tube weight.After being fed into the loader, the tubes are singled out and arranged by a set of conveyors into the cutting line one at a time.The tube is clamped by the rear carriage at this time and released at the end of the machining operations.The carriage moves the tube along the track and supplies two working spindles.The carriage and the spindles shift and rotate the tube along the track, specifically in the working area, so that the 5-axis unit can processes all parts - before, between and after the spindles.The programming and the movement of the most important modules of the LT JUMBO take place through the operator console, on which it is displayed a scheme of the all devices conditions.A technological database allows a high-quality laser cutting up to thicknesses of 16 mm.

How to Move the Marking Operation in the Casting Plant, Laserax Launches Inline Laser Marking and Laser Cleaning Solutions, High-Power Laser Marker Embedded in Conveyor Enclosure. In addition, if the transmission path is above the minimum curvature of the guiding fiber, the path can be freely determined, so it is easy to adjust and maintain.

However, from the point of view of processing area and cutting quality, it can be said that CO2 laser cutting machines are superior.


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