clear odorless puddle around my dog
I have ared nose pitt that will be 1 on sept 11th 2010. he weighs around 65lbs. She then had a droopy eye. she takes fits blood tests show no epilepsy she has taken epiphen, gabapentan, epilepsy, and now she takes 6 epiphen a day 60mg and 2 500mg keppra she started keppra 3 wks ago she has started taking fits again 3 in two days waiting to hear from my own vet he appears to think this could be a space occupying growth in her brain she is a healthy looking dog other than these fits the only other thing is when she fits one of her feet tends to drag when she walks do you have thoughts on this. I don't see them. was normal at 101.1 Should I be worried? Can u please help me? Was told its painless for him. What could cause this problem? how do i know if she is now in congestive heart failure or could it be something else like phnemonia? I don't know what to do. It is nice that they are in position to tell us immediately what the urine analysis is. My 15 1/2 year old Lab mix developed a cough about a month ago. Any suggestions? 12 year old yellow lab. We got a new puppy and ever since the pup came home about a week ago our older dog has been a sniffing machine. & what do i do? Never happened before....yet does vomit on occasion but quickly passes. My dog occasionally has a facial twitch that looks like a snarl. My 4 1/2yr old GSD started yelping every time she gets up from laying down. Pls help Wayne i am retired and cant afford the expense of a vet. He has not been neutered yet. We have been having a lot of hot weather, so I always keep her fresh water & she drinks a lot. Please help my poodle. What's wrong with him? The skin that surrounds a dog’s vulva can develop rashes just like any other area of the body. is the world's largest online destination for care.

We have now supplemented it with chewable vitamins.

He will also drink the pool water.He has a swollen, painful anus, and he won't let me touch it.

He acts as if something hurts him, but I cannot tell what. Talking to your dog sitter. I was thinking that she may have worms, but I'm not sure, I haven't been out with her to check. She is a survivor of a puppy mill. What would you recommend? He is healthy now but he has what appear to be pimples but they are puss filled directly on his anus and the base of his tail. Is this part of DM? Knowing what color is a normal, healthy dog’s urine is important so to early recognize signs of trouble.

Any advice on what to try next?? What do you think this is? My dog was at the vet and diagnosed with larangeal paralysis, My dog has a cyst inside her mouth should I get it removed, Our 11yr old dog has been loosing weight and muscle mass rapidly. What does it mean when my dog suddenly loses mobility in his back legs? Our dog ate 1 10 mg tablet of prednisone. Then, after a week, he could not get up. We are thinking about getting rid of her because we can't make her better. Please advise. It doesn't seem to bother him unless you try to part his fur to see it. What can this be a sign of?

Thank you very much for your kindness. This morning he woke up again in the night sounding like he was hyperventilating. He would turn his head to the left as far as he could and whine.

The past few days on and off, my 6 month old kitten Chloe has had a rectal problem, looking like a red doughnut and seems to be pussing, but nothing solid. My puppy was born with an umbilical hernia. Check out our page on holistic veterinary medicine and homeopathy. Surgery can also be considered but should be reserved for those cases when medical treatment is unsuccessful. These are the only symptoms displayed.

help please, My pitbull has suddenly not been the same he is salivating heavily and cries a lot he also doesn't like to move much or listen he also acts as if he is My dog has a sore back leg.

This has been going on for about two weeks now.

Doesn?t have diarrhea.

He's always been strong willed but in the last 6 months has occasionally become aggressive to the point of lunging at us. My puppy (7 months old), has been throwing up, breathing hard, not really wanting to eat and lethargic. Her blood work from the Vet came back normal.

What could be the possible causes and does he need emergency care? Her vet asked us to return next week to discuss doing more tests. Is an 11 month old lab too young to have puppies? She asks like it is really itchy and it has a scab on it. She is no pain, and the goop coming out of it is not stinky (blood mixed with clear pus), but close to old scars from being fixed about 3 months ago and she had split her stitches and had to get restitched then, and just seems too close if you see what I mean. Dog stool often has mucus. My dog is a golden retreiver who is about 9 years old. The twitching has lasted for 20 minutes to 12 hours.

She is 7 years old. When he does move he's pretty much using only three legs. The vet said 1.7 is the normal point of treatment. He has been licking his legs a lot the past few days too. Hi Dr. i have a 1 year old lab. Can you please tell me what this could be? We call the vet and he told us that is normal and is just the vomiting reflex but I'm very concerned, Is it really normal?

What could it be? My cat has a large tumor on her back and was recently diagnosed to be cancerous. Symptoms are him crying for a while, licks his penis and goes on crying.

What's wrong with my puppy? (Sacramento, CA) Large view of how far do... by Coleman I have a puppy 3 weeks old and when it stands it shakes and staggers alot. Right now she can hardly stand we have to carry her out side to potty but she has had times she cant help her self. My bassett/coon hound had severe swelling on mouth. have a 7 year old toy poodle and he is acting very strange the last 3 days. Hi my 18 month old german shepard Sasha has started coughing like she has a sore throat.

Will it hurt her? All of a sudden he wants to stay under my bed, which he only does in the winter.

What are dog poisoning symptoms from easter lillies?


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