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The funding, which includes both base dollars and overseas contingency operations money, “is aligned to support the National Defense Strategy,” per a four-sentence statement from the Pentagon. Sign up for the Early Bird Brief, the defense industry's most comprehensive news and information, straight to your inbox. That the Warren commission findings went without serious legal challenge is proof. Trump Hints at Firing Fauci After Election... Trump Blasts Media for Allowing Hunter Biden Story to Fade Away... FEC's Weintraub: Election Results Never Finalized on Election Day, Huge Voter Turnout Expected Despite Virus, Political Rancor, Trump Hints at Firing Fauci After Election, Trump Blasts Media for Allowing Hunter Biden Story to Fade Away. Who invented seventeen agencies? It resulted in illegal, private investigation by a company allied by DNC and latter quite inexplicably approved by CIA that should not have had any interference in the work of counter-intelligence. As a result, reports revealed that CIA's annual budget in Fiscal Year 1963 was $550 million (inflation-adjusted US$ 4.6 billion in 2020), and the overall intelligence budget in FY 1997 was US $26.6 billion (inflation-adjusted US$ 42.4 billion in 2020). By now, it’s more than $80 billion. Jefferson Morley, editor of The Deep State news blog, is a Washington investigative reporter and author. “You see, the way a free government work, there’s got to be a housecleaning every now and then. “No other MIP budget figures or program details will be released, as they remain classified for national security reasons.”. Once the CIA established the precedent that their “work” must be kept secret, the B.S. “The department has determined that releasing this top line figure does not jeopardize any classified activities within the MIP,” the statement read. . Money Minute: Sending cash by mobile apps — convenient, but be careful, Money Minute: Getting the Most When buying a Used Car. , as in “their protection of sources and methods”, the law be damned.

money are soon parted. (From the Sponsor) Personal finance expert Jeanette Mack discusses steps to take for paying your student loan payments. Keep discussions on topic, avoid personal attacks and threats of any kind. The Deep State news blog provides readers worldwide with the best in reporting, analysis, conversation, fact-checking and online education about secret intelligence agencies. The bulk of this funding, including for the CIA and NSA, is believed to be hidden under obscure line items in the Pentagon budget. Read More, Deep State Blog © 2020 / All Rights Reserved, How Biden Can Set the Terms Against Trump’s Plan to Steal the Election, Here’s the Truth about the Recent Latest Cyberattacks Targeting the US Election, How Top World Intelligence Agencies Assess the U.S. Presidential Election, Iran Awaits U.S. Vote With Strategic Patience, Tactical Interference, Beyond Trump: How South Korea’s Intelligence Service Quietly Pushes Peace Talks, As Spy Chief Yossi Cohen Tilts to Trump, Mossad Fears Politicization, Russian Intelligence Agencies Target the U.S. Vote, Abetted By Trump, Россия: Главное разведывательное управление (ГРУ), Six GRU Officers Charged With Cyber Attacks on Ukraine, South Korea, and French Elections, The Hype That Failed: Justice Department Finds No Basis for ‘Unmasking’ Allegations. A fool (or fools) and his (their-American taxpayers-that would be us of course.) But by FY15, it hit a low point for the decade, at $16.5 billion, per CRS. If CIA could ignore the murder of a setting president those in congress would soon got the message. My hat is off to the authors of these comments, thoughts of vision and understanding. The CIA, NSA and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) receive more than 68 percent of the black budget. Nothing in the dictionary says that those collecting intelligence and using it must actually be intelligent and the last 55 years proves it. In a new report, William Hartung and Abby Smithberger, reliable and informed analysts of U.S. military spending, say U.S. security spending will total $1.1 trillion, most of which goes to foreign wars and weapons systems and veterans care.

et al. The scourge of a global pandemic produced an election season like no other in the U.S., persuading record numbers of Ame . In addition to the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis and the FBI, … they are the CIA; the National Security Agency; the Defense Intelligence Agency; the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research; the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Office of National Security Intelligence; the Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis; the Department of Energy’s Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence; the National Reconnaissance Office; the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency; Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command; the Office of Naval Intelligence; Marine Corps Intelligence; and Coast Guard Intelligence. This reminds me of an old saying. He wrote it first in 1985 and then revised it in 2015, no changes to the first edition but added text to the 2015 version. Wednesday, 21 October 2020 06:58 PM. The National Geospatial-Intelligence … This allowed for a mess when FBI was not allowed to examine DNC servers in their role as the primary counter-intelligence agency. In my personal estimation I have to call B.S. WASHINGTON — The Pentagon’s secret intelligence fund received $23.1 billion in appropriated funds for the recently concluded fiscal 2020 — the highest total for the account in nine years. Funding the intelligence program. All one needs to do is read Lock K Johnson’s A Season of Inquiry Revisited – The Church Committee Confronts America’s Spy Agencies. Must read for all who yearn to live free. The Pentagon got $27 billion for its classified military intelligence budget, the largest budget for that sector since fiscal 2010, according to a Congressional Research Service report.. Of that amount, $23.1 billion will go to the Overseas Contingency Operations war fund and base budget funding. . Page vii of Johnson’s bool has this quote from Harry S. Truman. The muddle continues — 17 have different missions and who has an interest in lumping them together — giving CIA an unprecedented influence over all aspects of intelligence. By lumping — the line is blurred between intelligence and counter-intelligence. The Pentagon got $27 billion for its classified military intelligence budget, the largest budget for that sector since fiscal 2010, according to a Congressional Research Service report. We certainly live in interesting times: Don’t think we had much of a choice (a pandemic budget) but to borrow and spend big. Two talents totally missing at CIA. March 21, 2019September 19, 2020 Black Budget for Military Intelligence Grows for 5th Straight Year. “Our own” secret government makes a mockery of the rule of law as we all should see by now.

''No other MIP budget figures or program details will be released, as they remain classified for national security reasons.''. . Imagine if all of that taxpayers’ money went into real intelligence – i.e. You don’t think so. Jefferson Morley (Jefferson Morley) Jefferson Morley, editor of The Deep State news blog, is a Washington investigative reporter and author. Australian Federal Budget 2020/1. The World Factbook is pleased to announce the addition of charts showing urban growth rate and total population growth rate over time for all of the world's countries - as well as more than two dozen dependencies. Aaron Mehta is Deputy Editor and Senior Pentagon Correspondent for Defense News, covering policy, strategy and acquisition at the highest levels of the Department of Defense and its international partners. These funds are paid out in what are known as “black budgets,” ie you can’t see what is inside.

According to a 2019 Congressional Research Service report, the MIP funds “defense intelligence activities intended to support operational and tactical level intelligence priorities supporting defense operations.” Among other uses, these dollars can be spent to facilitate the dissemination of information that relates to a foreign country or political group, and covert or clandestine activities against political and military groups or individuals. All that needed to be done was come up with a way to compromise congress which in my opinion, James Jesus Angelton accomplished with his cover up of the murder of JFK. If Biden Wins, Is the United States Heading for a Rural Insurgency? secret government agencies. MIP funding went as high as $27 billion in FY10 and sat at $24 billion in FY11. part only gained momentum. Fiscal 2019’s military intelligence budget was $21.5 billion. These agencies are the product of a government completely out of control with respect to keeping the business of the people secret. “For or own good”. CIA has been vastly privatized, and by gaining an upper hand over FBI — private interests can manipulate findings to their heart’s content. Fine you have the right to your opinion, can you spare a dime! Source: Tomgram: Hartung and Smithberger, A Dollar-by-Dollar Tour of the National Security State | TomDispatch. WHAT!

Since intelligence spending is not a separate funding stream, it’s not counted in our tally below (though, for all we know, some of it should be). And then there’s that 17th one, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, set up to coordinate the activities of the other 16. The increased funding for the Military Intelligence Program, or MIP, comes after FY19 saw a rare decrease in year-over-year spending power for the classified account. Could Russian Hackers Turn Out the Lights on Behalf of Trump? Details about the so-called “black budget” are slim, but Trump is requesting $59.9 billion for non-military intelligence agencies and $21.2 billion for military intelligence in fiscal 2019. These new graphics utilize UN data and are a collaborative effort of The World Factbook and USAID. Immediately after WWII it was decided that intelligence collection would be done differently. It dipped in FY19 to $21.5 billion. MIP money also partly goes to U.S. Special Operations Command to pursue “several current acquisition efforts focused on outfitting aircraft — both manned and unmanned, fixed and rotary wing — with advanced ISR and data storage capabilities that will work in multiple environments,” according to CRS. One small but crucial portion of the budget goes to intelligence activities that are not disclosed to taxpayers and the public. Thanks Jeff, I just lost one of my eye-teeth and it was easier to take than reading these numbers. Money Minute — When Should You Close a Credit Card?


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