chas smash wife

[4] After Madness broke up in 1986, he formed a new short-lived band The Madness in 1988 along with Suggs, Lee Thompson and Chris Foreman. Given that his overriding proviso for the project was not to hurt her, it is her reaction that must count the most. [13] He also spent time in rehab in Arizona[17] and moved to Ibiza in 2008. Now, … The label also released material by dance and rap artists Autamata and Border Crossing. “For I love you and I have to set you free / Are the children happy without me? He must have had some inkling, surely? He ended up at Cottonwood Tucson, a rehabilitation facility in Arizona, and emerged a month later convinced he was more able to deal with his anger and hurt, and more capable of processing acceptance. I was still very much in love. Madness was all about him jumping up and down like a maniac, he says; where he is now is all about stillness. “I went into another world where a family member was. After separating, Smyth wanted to disappear. He was initially an occasional songwriter, but became a more regular contributor over the course of Madness's career and was credited as co-writer on the band's major international hit, "Our House". He is out on the terrace when I arrive, on his second espresso and third cigarette. That’s why it feels so awkward talking about all this now, here, with you …”, I start to apologise, but he brushes it away. “Beautiful things are happening there. I was never the sort of person to fall into another relationship. Then came bereavement, excess and the break-up of his 28-year marriage. Frank William Chase (born September 12, 1970), better known by his stage name Will Chase, is an American actor and singer, best known for his work in Broadway musicals and in his role as country superstar Luke Wheeler on ABC's Nashville Not so in the case of Cathal Smyth, formerly Chas Smash of 80s pop legends Madness. Instead, I am greeted by the most gregarious 54 year old, hair fashioned into a Tintin quiff, neck wrapped in a Bertie Wooster-ish scarf, eyes shining with life. He was 45. And it’s a process Smyth has worked hard at. [13][14] In 2016 Madness released Can't Touch Us Now, the first Madness album since One Step Beyond to be recorded without Smyth being credited as a member of the band. In many ways, it had been a long time coming. / How I wish we could have spoken honestly.”.

I don’t want to embarrass her, cause her pain.”.

He is at peace, content, single, “and celibate; it’s easier”. “The woman who meant everything to me wants to be free, free from me,” he sings in dolorous capitulation. The result was him kicking his 35-year hash habit, then emailing members of Madness saying he thinks he wants to quit, despite looming December tour. • Cathal Smyth will be playing at Wilton’s Music Hall in London on 8 and 9 October. Smyth, whose face is normally so easy to read looks suddenly enigmatic, his smile mixed in with something more vague. [5], In 1990, Cathal became an executive for Go Discs where, at his suggestion, the label signed The Stairs. I felt a duty to reach out.


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