chanwoo bj alex birthday

Thanks a lot for the update, it’s very much appreciated! , can you add chawoos YouTube channel? “Free Spirited members” House : Bobby, Jay, DK & Ju-ne, 》Song has picked up a new hobby: Making scented candles, 》DK’s new nickname given by the members: CFW (Crazy For Wine), June, if your talking about black hair as well and in the group pic, I ship chanwoo and junehoe… junhoe said he really really like chanwoo im so inlove with these two #bromance, bobby is shorter than chanwoo. Kpop – Who wore it better? His hair is wavy, at a medium length.

B.I: @ikon_shxxbi ‏ Source: I really like that one, and they even used it in iKONTV.

– the other members seem to come to his room a lot and he often throws them out (konic tv) They also Guys I know this is tough but your all just going to have to deal with it.

I will support him through this time (mostly cause I don’t even care if he did do drugs). wasn’t he 55kg? . Hanbin also likes to hike. Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! Because Myung-Dae was bored and loved to annoy people, he arranged plans for both Jiwon and Dong-Gyun to come with him to a new cafe that had opened up a few days ago.

In some of his streams, he talks about having a mole on the left side of his neck which he attempted to remove, but could not because it kept on reappearing. Bobby: ً@bobbyranika ‏

Thanks a lot! Please don’t copy-paste the whole article. He become former member just like that???? ChanWoo’s B-Day is the same day as mine. (Talkmon), Kim Donghyuk was born with name “Kim Dong Dong”, but later changed to his current name. Chan was immediately said to be the cheekiest member.

TQ . I think that you are going to be butthurt, Fotnite have added a new skin which is Inspired by IKon’s Jung Chan-woo –> His hair is wavy, at a medium length. Jinhwan can also imitate girl groups’ facial expressions.

Also, this is not from when they wrote their profiles, but Bobby’s Winnie appeared in his solo Runaway MV. the girl said to herself that she tried to persuade b.i not to do it until the end but b.i still wanted to take drugs because he was suffering.

I’m sad but happy. He wasn’t probably given a chance because of the condition of the company. Biographical information We’re being sad. the one who act in Fight For My Way, Bobby said that he almost got kicked out as a trainee but went back to the USA with his parents for a month and rested, when he came back and his Boss told him,”You improved a lot.”, HanBin mentioned kim ji won, main actress at ‘flight for my way’ and Koo Jun Hoe mentioned Kim Tae Ri an actress from ‘handmaiden’ as their ideal type (Profile wrote by the members – Arirang TV) Jin-hwan said that yun-hyeong is the group Lip Balm, My favorites we’re Chanwoo, Yunhyeong and Ju-ne , Bobby was part of the B team Not in my opinion, at least. Birth Name: Jung Chan Woo (정찬우)

, Thank you for the update, it’s really appreciated! Thanks again. B.I said that Chan-woo is Yun-hyeong, they said that Yun-hyeong is a passionate guy, diligent, and polite.

(weekly idol ep 376), @jeonginsbaeuwu:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! @disqus_NMe87I38ve:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! Jinhwan: @iKON_gnani_____ ‏ – fans gave him the nickname “Dong-To-Pi” meaning Donghyuk gets sulky again because he gets sulky when communicating with fans (konic tv), Ju-ne: is a disarming guy, unlike what he may seem.

All of the members said that.

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, @albert_jayme:disqus Really sorry for the very late reply, and thanks for providing their photos! CHAN OPPA, I hate you Ju-Ne (you know what im sayin), lol i hate you ju-ne xD and im having a diet to be bi’s ideal type, OT7! Eye color

Twitter: @YG_iKONIC Birthplace Yongin, South Korea.

His contract was terminated as well.

maybe about 178cm, The new IKON song ‘Goodbye Road” is OUT!!!

Poll: Who owned TREASURE’s I LOVE YOU era?

@GreenUnicornie:disqus Unfortunately, we have no say in this. , it’s hard to even choose a bias, at first I preferred Jinhwan, but now I like Junhoe. 6. the one who wants to be an actor is yunhyeong not donghyuk, Junhoe and BI are my biases, though at first I was in love with Bobby.

– BI said he’s quite the pervert and Song agreed because he got a lot of strange habits (ikonic tv) Twitter: @ikon_chan_w000

Hanbin’s sister’s name is Hanbyul (and the members often say Ju-Ne will be Hanbyul’s boyfriend later as a joke).

Now what if they are. iKon’s latest korean comeback is ‘사랑을 했다(LOVE SCENARIO)’, released Jan 25, 2018. But main/lead vocalists don’t necessarily have to get more lines than other members.

Bobby: @bobbyindaeyo Don’t compare this to blackpink!!!!!

Instagram: @chan_w000 Happy birthday ... fernweh.heimweh. tis is to introduce the member more. – he really likes south american culture (weekly idol ep 306) @wonhology:disqus Yunhyeong (Song) packs the neatest/quickest.

He said.

Happy birthday Dong-Gyun! , @luvsyh:disqus (Arirang TV)

They said he loves wine and drinking. They also mentioned that he – Bobby tends to leave his clothes all over the floor and the members go in and steal them

Chan is not fluent in japanese, am I wrong? I’m sure they didn’t choose their new names, on the their showcase, Jinhwan (or Jay) said “Apparently, i’m Jay.”, I am thei new fans… I love them all especially BI n Jinhwan(jay)…i really admired them how they struggle…I love to watch their epi Mix and Match. iKON Fandom Name: iKONIC iKON Official […] The Youtube Channel of CHANWOO – he likes to go bowling or play video games with the other members in his freetime (Oppa thinking ep 9) – He likes to make selfies.

– Bobby is in love with Winnie the Pooh, he received a stuffed Winnie the Pooh since birth from his brother and still has it. Yunhyeong and – He appeared in Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” MV according to ikon’s latest instagram post (may 21st, 2017), jinhwan is now known as jay, yunhyeong as song, chanwoo as chan and donghyuk as dk.

In Korea Nam Dong-Gyun is watching a Broadcast Jockey (BJ) Alex then meets the man behind the mask,Ahn Jiwon.


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