ceres in pisces
You are very sensitive, and may have very sensitive feet, so massaging your feet would make you feel cared for. A post shared by REBECCA M. FARRAR, M.A. In astrology, Ceres rules food, agriculture, transitions in a female’s life, nurturing, motherhood, and family relationships.With Ceres, there is a love of what is simple, natural, and good for you.

This doesn’t mean they were absent from you in childhood (though thats possible with this placement), but you may not have fully known the personality and/or anything about one of your caregivers.

They love anything imaginative.

The house that Pisces rules in your birth chart is the issue here. Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach, and motivational speaker.

Being near the sea, hearing the sound of the surf, and smelling the salt air will also do the trick. You can follow Stephanie @seeingwithstars and ask her questions there. Nothing to do with your partner or mother. They want to understand and help people through emotional crises. With Ceres Retrograde Occurring Until October, Themes Of Motherhood, Nurturing And Emotions Come To The Forefront. Your hidden self and your body. The cycle is over on 20th November. On September 27th, as Ceres moves into Aquarius, we will find ourselves shifting towards being able to make decisions from our healing versus our wounding, which ends up making all the difference in our lives. We will be asked to look more deeply at the mothering we received as children versus the mothering our inner children wished we had, providing a deep and powerful opportunity to reparent those inner children, giving them the love, security and protection we didn’t feel we received. Because of this, we may also see themes arise around self-destruction or the value of time during the next few months.

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Ceres in Pisces: Romance, and love Imagination and fantasy make you feel comforted. Find me on Twitter @jessicacadams for updates and a conversation about Astrology. Part 3 and 4: Venus and Jupiter, Top 4 Wealthiest Signs (Billionaires Research Study) [video], Youtubers, Streamers and Online Personalities, How To Use Your Astrology in Day to Day Life to Help You [Daily Astrology], How To Use and Make Free “Zet 9 Program” Sidereal Chart Astrology Reading, Astrology Appearance: What are the Nakshatra’s affect on the Face?


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