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And then, it’s like she’s speaking to this specific audience. Because it was so touching to know that somebody survived. Filming has wrapped on a documentary featuring the only survivor of the 1987 plane crash near Detroit.

For those who survive plane crashes, it is a life-long struggle to understand why they made it out alive when others perished.

Other Works One 4-year-old girl survived. Now, almost 26 years later, that little girl is all grown up, and she is speaking out for the first time about the tragedy that forever changed her life.

She was just four years old when she survived the crash that killed her parents and brother. In a small grove just off Interstate 94, a priest reads off the names of the names of 156 people who died her 25 years ago. It’s set to play in film festivals and have a wider release later this year. But in metro Detroit’s Jewish community, they’re trying to keep history alive…through music. She is a sole survivor who took control, and turned tragedy into a life of triumph. Her name is Cecelia Cichan, and this week, she’s breaking her long public silence about the crash. "There is no one seat that is the safest seat on the aircraft.". Another person featured in the film is George Lamson, who, at age 17, was the only person found alive after Galaxy Airlines flight 203 went down in Reno in 1985. The lone survivor was 4-year-old Cecelia Cichan of Tempe, Arizona. “She's the last connection for them. Mourners gathered near Detroit Metro Airport Thursday to remember those who died on board Northwest flight 255. Hear from the families, the documentary director, and sole suvivor Cecelia Cichan. Another monument to the victims (many of whom were from the Phoenix area) stands next to Phoenix City Hall.

It remains one of the worst disasters in U.S. aviation history. Cecelia Cichan was born on April 10, 1983 in Columbus, Ohio, USA as Cecelia Marie Cichan.

“We take our chairs, our cushions, and the whole gang goes, everbody.”. However, I hope that when people see the survivors that there's an element of healing that can come with it.". Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Not easily, but he could make it messy, 'Non-scalable' fencing erected around White House in anticipation of protests, Trump and Biden make final push ahead of election, Law enforcement has 'delicate balance' at polls on election day, SCOTUS to hear case about juvenile life sentences. Her name is Cecelia Cichan, and this week, she’s breaking her long public silence about the crash.

In the documentary "Sole Survivor," Cecelia Crocker talks about living with survivor's guilt. To find the secrets to surviving a plane crash, Ed Galea, a professor of mathematical modeling and engineering at the University of Greenwich in London, interviewed 2,000 survivors of 105 plane crashes. Since 1970, there have been only 15 instances where a commercial plane crash left a single survivor. |  "My wife was there to support me to where I could just put my head on her shoulder and cry. "Being an adolescent and confused, so it was just extra stress for me. When older generations die, there’s always the fear that we’ll lose their stories. "So many things, scars were put on my body against my will, and I decided to put this on my body for myself," Crocker said. She was pulled from the wreckage of the Phoenix-bound McDonnell Douglas MD-80 after it its left wing clipped a light pole after takeoff from the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport on August 16, 1987, and crashed in the Detroit suburb of Romulus, killing 154 people on board and two people on the ground. "How said it was that all these people are gone.

The documentary follows Lamson as he connects with the few people who know what it's like to go through what he went through. Miraculously, there was one survivor — Cecelia Cichan (now Crocker), formerly of Tempe, who now is 29. Twenty-five years after Northwest Flight 255 killed some 150 passengers, Cecelia Cichan is telling her story publicly for the first time. "There is no magic seat on board an aircraft," Galea said.

"When you see the footage of the wreckage, it's just a complete miracle and blessing that somebody walked away from that," said Jeff Krappitz, who lost his grandfather in the crash. Crocker is one of four people, all of whom are lone survivors of airline crashes, featured in a new documentary, "Sole Survivor," which will hit theaters this August. I have visual scars, my arms and my legs and I have scars on my forehead.". “I'm studying to get my masters in art therapy. There is one person who has been in Cichan’s life all of these years. Her mother, father and 6-year-old brother, David, who were on the flight with her, were all killed. Andrey Belenko / Flickr - http://j.mp/1SPGCl0, Documentary wraps featuring Detroit plane crash survivor, to remember those who died on board Northwest flight 255, Anne Frank cantata helps keep Jewish history alive, Fatal plane crash survivors appear in 'Sole Survivor'. Cecelia Cichan, now 29 (pictured), was the only person found alive in the burning wreckage of flight 255 which came down shortly after take-off near Detroit.

She’s speaking about her experience in the new documentary, “Sole Survivor.”. They were killed when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff on August 16th, 1987. Why didn't my brother survive? And finally after being gone so long, and nobody knowing what happened to her, I think family members finally [have] closure to it.”. "So the brace position is designed to reduce your chances of being knocked unconscious during a heavy impact, and you must be conscious, obviously, to evacuate.". But what can you do? And one time, she says she bumped into Cichan by total accident. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. And they’re doing it thanks to Anne Frank, her chestnut tree, and a stressed-out high school orchestra in metro Detroit.

First responders and family members of Flight 255 victims attended a special screenings of the movie in Metro Detroit. Cecelia Cichan was 4-years-old and the sole survivor of the crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 25 which took the lives of 156 people including her parents and her 6-year-old brother. If you lived in Michigan in the summer of 1987, you might remember one news story that was set apart from the others. In memory of the victims, a black granite memorial was erected in 1994; it stands (surrounded by blue spruce trees) at the top of the hill at Middlebelt Road and I-94, the site of the crash. They call themselves the “Flight 255 family.” Twenty-five times now, they’ve gathered at a memorial near the crash site off the expressway. And when I met her, it put that little piece of the puzzle in place.".

People who should really still be here. Cecelia Cichan, the sole survivor of flight 255, describes her airplane tattoo in a new documentary. She says she’s not sure exactly what she’s hoping to hear from Cecelia Cichan.

You only can make the best of it.". Cecelia Cichan was born on April 10, 1983 in Columbus, Ohio, USA as Cecelia Marie Cichan. In 1996, 50 people out of 175 on-board survived the Ethiopian Airways flight that crashed off the coast of Africa. At the time of the crash, Crocker's family lived in Tempe, Ariz., but her aunt and uncle raised her afterwards in Birmingham, Ala., and kept her out of the spotlight. Moments after the plane took off, the MD-80 tilted slightly -- enough for the left wing to clip a light pole, shear the top off of a rental car building, and crash where Middlebelt meets I-94. Cichan talks about the tattoo on her wrist. There’s a name for Friedman and other relatives of Flight 255 victims. It’s the one scar on her body that she got to control, she says. All 150 passengers and five crew members survived the so-called "miracle on the Hudson.". "When we found it and found her, it was just elation," Thiede said. She says for more than a year now, word’s been getting out about her interviews with Cichan. I've just never been happier.".

"When I realized I was the only person to survive that plane crash, I was maybe in middle school, high school maybe," Crocker said. Why me?". The director of the documentary, Ky Dickens, has traveled from Chicago to be at this screening. "I cried like a little baby,” the woman says. 154 people aboard the plane and two on the ground were killed. You can see the documentary yourself. Publicity Listings One hundred fifty-seven people were killed. It's her. The night before the screening, Thiede says, he and Cichan were texting for hours.


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