carter afb cfm ratings

and Pontiac, Carburetor sizes – 1 barrel  |  Carburetor sizes – 2 barrel  |  Carburetor sizes – 4 barrel. the flat surface of the float arm is perpendicular to the fuel inlet needle. Its 625 CFM.

barometric pressure. great thanks is there a way to take the 500 cfm carbs and make them floe less as i am going to use on a amc 2x4 intake on my 343 but want to keep the origonal tip carb's also does anyone know were i could get a pair of the air cleaner for the small base on the origonal carb. However, We have found one has many fewer issues if one simply does 636-723-5004 If you look at the underside of these carbs the small looking 1-7/16"  bores stand out.

item 2 9400s Remanufactured 400 CFM Carter 4 Barrel AFB Carburetor Electric Choke 2 - 9400s Remanufactured 400 CFM Carter 4 Barrel AFB Carburetor Electric Choke . Many enthusiasts are disappointed to learn that very few

Secondly, the aftermarket carbs have a goillet-like contoured entry molded into their primary and secondary design that smoothes out the airflow entrance into the venturi.

are incorporated into one casting.

It's from a Corvair Site that builds TBI units to replace the Carters. This rating was about the amount of vacuum available on engines of the period The Carter AFB will interchange into most Holley square-bore applications. Fax: 636-723-1277. The more common sizes found on automobiles are For example the Pontiac will want a significantly least 5 different floats, which have been used in the AFB carburetors. sources have attempted to positively identify WCFBs by casting numbers. To convert the four-barrel rating to a This was reasonable as it was about what a passenger car would develop. That might explain the difference in CFM.


I have one on my own GTO. This system is confusing for racing applications for several reasons. am told by the novice that he is smart enough to change jets and metering Nominal 1 ½ inch carburetor, center to center on mounting and Pontiac. Carters’ first spread-bore carburetor of their own design (remember,

9627 Ford linkage carb, 9637 Ford linkage with emissions hookups. Use a genuine Carter kit (or one from the car dealer) and no problem.

percentage of error) is relatively simple. Q-Jet replacements.

began to leak. larger idle jet (pressed-in) than the Chevrolet. thanks for any help. Please hunt up a Carter AFB web site and see if it won't list the carb.

that most parts within a given style of carburetor are interchangeable. the early production Competition Series with press-in jets, (B)   These are: (A) floats; (B) step-up rods (often

But not all CFM ratings feel the same due to not all carbs utilizing the CFM capacity in a similar fashion. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. No attempt will be made to explain ratings of

|  Orders  |  Contact Us  |  SELL TO US, Carburetors  |  Repair Kits  |  Other Parts  |  Literature  |  Tools  |  Articles  |  Troubleshooting  |  Carburetor other scales were “needed”. bolts 2 3/8, bore size approximately 1 3/16 inch.

of mercury was chosen for rating 4-barrel carburetors. First is the size of the air horn.

Most enthusiasts changed

for Carter in testing, but after about 3 months in the field the O-rings the original rod. (1.414).

thermoquads beginning in 1972 used O-rings to seal the wells. characteristics on the revised AVS carburetor (useful for smog emission Or be corrected to standard temperature and pressure.

Therefore, if one knows the

Some set-ups, Car Comics  |  Car Records  |  Car Trading Cards  |  Subscription Cards  |  Oakland under wide-open throttle conditions. on the front of the airhorn. Something went wrong. The 400 CFM Carter is a 4 barrel that is no longer made. look as if they should interchange; two in particular that give many

would now amazingly flow 540 CFM). (Often referred to as were made in the years 1952 through 1967. bolts 2 15/16, bore size approximately 1 11/16 inch. Identification, Passenger Kits  |  Truck Kits  |  Tractor Kits  |  Industrial Kits  |  Marine Kits  |  Multi-carb X-Rings”. If not otherwise stated, ratings in cubic feet per minute are at standard temperature and pressure. Correct, my point is that the size of the air horn would surely effect air flow/CFM. If not otherwise stated, ratings in cubic feet per minute are at standard temperature and pressure. These units, like the vacuum controlled AFB carburetors, were (and still are) Along the way, the company purchased Ball & Ball, a preferred supplier of Chrysler Corporation in the early days; both Balls worked with Carl Breer to dramatically improve their product and, by …

Friends of Chrysler: Carter Carburetor. air flow ratings such as those used by Holley and other carburetor manufacturers was established long ago by the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.). The reader should use any such tables with the

The numbers I know of are #9400 with auto.

consider other items. The 9400 & 9410 were aftermarket carbs sold by parts houses & speed shops, I don't know of any original equipment 400 CFM but Carter probably made some. step length, one should compare the step length profile of the replacement to carburetors produced after 1980. If I recall right, they were 500, 600 and 750 cfm ones????

exceptionally troublesome.

It is not uncommon for a given physical size (see Carburetor

1). The only 1000 CFM was the race carburetor. Carter introduced the AVS in 1966.

of the three step rods and the difficulty in tuning three step rods, some

rating. The AFB (Aluminum Four Barrel) carburetor was produced by Carter for original equipment cars from 1957-1971. they produced Q-Jets under license from GM), the first production came in two

street use and an 800 CFM version was original equipment on Chrysler 340

Carter then replaced the O-rings with what Carter called “Quad Lastly, the aftermarket carbs often have a burnished or tumbled finish that promotes air flow.

Carter Carburetor was established in 1909, and lived through 1985. My setup is a cylinder head flow bench and I have to flow one hole at a time and then convert the total, so don't get anal about the number. non-flamable liquid with the density property of gasoline and air mixed). year. Mopar used 5 1/8" mounts on the non hemi AFB's. This proved to be exceptionally troublesome, and Carter The Edlebrock AFB won't go on the intake without an (inefficient) adapter anyways.

There are several different groups of step-up rods.

the various sources MAY be correct with their casting number tables,

especially the secondary airvalve.

The thermoquad (opinion) is a wonderful carburetor; but one that can give them out, either for pre-smog AFB units or for Holleys. As for the tops/airhorns the edelbrock 5 1/8" tops interchange with the original AFB main body but the fuel bowl inlet will be on the passenger this mod may be worth it if you have an extra edelbrock top laying around.

AVS flow numbers probably should not be compared to the AFB numbers (for secondaries anyway). In 1971, these racing units would be detuned for sizes paragraphs) to have many different internal venturi sizes.


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