caring for an elongated tortoise
banana, melon, papaya), washed hibiscus exposed to full-sun for periods of time as short as 15 minutes, so be water every other day. two years of life and once every week for the rest of the animal's

UVB is necessary for vitamin D3 production. If they are kept too cool they can't digest their food. Is a tortoise the right pet for you? In the wild, I. elongata typically occurs in teak forests where the humidity is high, although it is also found in hot dry conditions. The elongated tortoise (Indotestudo elongata), sometimes called the yellow tortoise, is a personable and curious medium-sized tortoise.Found across a very large natural range that spans Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, western Malaysia and southern China, it is called the yellow tortoise by many in Asia because of shell coloration. Elongated offspring are generally put outside after six months to a year of age. To see what may be hidden in your tortoise first six months to year of life. to learn how to select a "healthy" tortoise) the stress of being brought home and placed in strange surrounding may cause a hidden problem to surface. For those that live in colder (or warmer climates) refrigerator hibernation is a great option. Spider tortoises Pyxis sp. Here is a great article by Shelly Jones.

Babies have been know to drown if standing water is kept in their enclosure.

A water dish should be large enough and accessible for your tortoise to walk into and drink or defecate when needed. Outdoor enclosures should offer shelter from heat, a secure place to rest and a water source, as these tortoises enjoy soaking and drinking from shallow pools of fresh water. Change the water daily or as needed to maintain cleanliness. This is only partially true.

For young Elongated Tortoises, it's important to keep them hydrated. Skin color is also variable, ranging from a creamy yellow to pale gray. Male elongated tortoises reach sexual maturity much sooner, and smaller, than females. Too warm and they stop eating and aestivate (sort of like suspended animation). A popular choice is the of the enclosure should never be 'hot' to the touch.

shallow Its really not worth the risk if you are unsure of what you are doing. If you want to learn how to start caring for this incredible creature, see Step 1 to get started. This light promotes vitamin D production in the tortoise, which helps to metabolize calcium and strengthen bones. But be warned a tortoise might bite or scratch if it feels threatened. If it doesn't specifically say "UVB" it doesn't have it. Red-foots and yellow-foots are no exception. During the cooling period, I open a large bale of grass hay in their enclosure, and they spend the three months hiding inside, only venturing out once or twice to get a drink of fresh, clean water.

Deck Box Photos, More ideas can be found at Also request a fecal to check for parasites. of the enclosure. careful! a daytime basking temperature of approximately 95 to They will eagerly consume thawed mice, earthworms and commercial tortoise foods produced for forest-dwelling species.

Then On the cool side of the enclosure provide a hide with some moist sphagnum moss or moist eco earth in it. from predators and the elements. I add large pieces of curved cork bark, large banana leaves, piles of hay or grass clippings for the tortoises to use as shelter. I do keep them in the 60- to 65-degree range for December, January and February. Follow your veterinarian’s advice on supplementation and feeding to maintain a healthy weight. water dish. This falls under the umbrella of CITES … As in the wild, peak activity is often seen following heavy, warm, summer rain. In December they start digging in.

In the typical indoor pen, with basking lights, air conditioning and dry substrates, humidity is often extremely low. In the wild, they usually hibernate through cooler winter temperatures. This size enclosure could house another female, but if you want to add an additional male tortoise, you will need to enlarge the enclosure to twice this size and add lots of logs, bushes and shrubs, and areas for the males to keep away from each other.

Dehydration is a very real risk. our You can get one at Radio Shack for 20 bucks. This behavior can be stimulated in hot weather by lightly spraying the tortoise with a garden hose. They can eat small amounts of fruits, such as chopped raspberries, strawberries, or apples. In the wild, fallen fruits are believed to comprise a high proportion of its diet. Deli cup lids work well for small babies and the base The following should help. It is very Greek tortoises stay fairly small but still need ample space to exercise. The 100 watt flood is

However, because these pet tortoises have a lifespan in captivity often of 50 years or longer, prospective owners should think long and hard about whether they want to commit to caring for an animal that could easily outlive them. They can be kept and bred successfully in the 70- and 80-degree range, but I like the break from constant care and the tortoises tolerate the cool, resting period quite well.

In winter, daytime temperatures can be reduced to 24 °C (75 °F) . endive, escarole, red-tip leaf lettuce, tomato, small amounts of green beans, yellow squash, small amounts of Supply, All material herein © 2000 -2020 ", Joe Heinen DC". Of course, as the tortoise grows, it will need a larger enclosure. You might even want to have your veterinarian run a fecal exam for you.

Many tortoise owners prefer using large plastic storage tubs or building wooden enclosures instead of using fish tanks for housing.

Only a small amount of low fat animal protein (such as rehydrated cat pellets with added vitamins and calcium) is provided on an irregular basis to the Elongate tortoises in the Tortoise Trust collection. As elongated tortoises are really only available as captive-hatched babies these days, a keeper should not be concerned about internal parasites. soaked monkey biscuits and canned cat/dog food (once every four to six Handling is very stressful for tortoises, and it can have a negative impact on their health. Others have used peat moss....but it tends to be too dusty.

In a captive situation, many tortoises are not provided with a microclimate and easily become dehydrated, especially when water is not provided for drinking. Sand alone makes a very poor substrate. Once elongated tortoises reach maturity, a keeper may wish to try to breed them. Tortoise Table. They don't understand the concept of glass and will continually try to go through it. At night, the enclosure temperature can be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the breeding season, males have a very attractive pink color around their nostrils. Russ is the author of many books and articles related to the captive care and breeding of rare turtles, tortoises and lizards. healthy It is very important to keep in mind that Russians are escape artist. An enclosure that’s at least 3 feet by 6 feet with walls around 18 inches tall is adequate, though bigger is always better. Food can be supplemented by plantings of some of their favorite grasses, fruits and vegetables within the enclosure. enclosure. Humidity: The TTPG also hosts an annual conference on captive care and breeding in November each year. However the goal is to provide them with optimal environments. Fresh water must be

Also, bury the pen walls around 6 inches deep to prevent your tortoise from digging under them and escaping. They will roam quite a large territory in the wild. collection is as follows:  Our food items are dusted with Rep-Cal they are additionally called the yellow tortoise, may be a personable and curious medium-sized tortoise. They spend a great deal of time in the leaf litter and buried in piles of leaves or at the bases of large tropical plants. The outdoor enclosure for a pair of adult elongated tortoises should be 6 feet wide by 8 feet long and with walls that are 2 feet high (to discourage climbing and to hopefully discourage any predators). Young tortoises can die when Hibernation Journey , She is a member of the Russian Tortoise YaHoo group. I keep it damp but not waterlogged, and the tortoise spends quite a bit of time buried in this damp substrate.


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